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Texas Fracking Disclosure Law Will Help Analyze Water Concerns

  January 20, 2012     By Amaro Law Firm
Texas fracking disclosure law goes into effect February 1, 2012. According to reports, on February 1, 2011, Texas drilling operators will be required to begin reporting many of the chemicals used in a process known as hydraulic fracturing. Industry sources say hydraulic fracturing is a process in which a mixture of water and chemicals is shot into the earth in order to recover excess oil and gas.

Local Content Requirements for the Development of an Electric Power Infrastructure Project

  January 17, 2012     By Makarim & Taira S.
To improve domestic production in Indonesia, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (“GOI”) has issued regulations on the local content requirements for the procurement of goods and services in all government projects including electric power plants.

Joint Implementation Projects in Ukraine: Tips for Prospective Investors

  December 30, 2011     By Avellum Partners
On 4 February 2004, Ukraine ratified the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. This gave Ukraine an opportunity to engage in various types of projects purported at reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (the “GHG emissions”), in particular and especially joint implementation projects (the “JI projects”).

“Green” (“Feed-In”) Tariff in Ukraine

  December 30, 2011     By Avellum Partners
The “green” tariff for electricity (also known in many other jurisdictions as the “feed-in” tariff) was introduced in Ukraine relatively recently – only in 2008. Since that time it has evolved substantially and now appears to be quite mature in terms of the legislative base.

Do You Need an Arizona Dog Bite Attorney?

  December 16, 2011     By Law Offices of Thomas C. Wilmer, P.C.
Being bitten by a dog can leave not only physical scars, but psychological scars as well. An experienced Arizona dog bit attorney knows that once an individual has been bitten or attacked by what they perceive to be a vicious dog, they will likely never feel the same about 'mans' best friend' again.

Renewable Energy: Turkey’s Hope for Energy Independence

  December 13, 2011     By Kolcuoglu Demirkan
Turkey is currently an energy-dependent country, with approximately 70% of its energy being supplied from imported sources. More investment in renewable energy has thus become vital for Turkey.

The Foreign Investment Operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo

  December 7, 2011     By Yav & Associates
This article shares the views on the Foreign Investment Operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo including Employment, Business Taxation, Environment, Physical Planning, Health & Safety, Consumer Protection, Competition Policy & Law, Monetary Policy, Foreign Exchange and Foreign Investors, Public Procurement, Intellectual Property, Investment Protection and Dispute Settlement.

Access and Admission of Foreign Investors in the Democratic Republic of Congo

  December 7, 2011     By Yav & Associates
This articles discusses the Investment Legislation and its Reasoning; Foreign Investment Establishment, Registering and Licensing Processes; Registering a company; Establishing a Bank; Investing in the Mining Sector; Mining Prospecting; Mining Exploration; Investing in the Forestry, Gold and Diamond Sectors; Foreign Employment & Residence and; Foreign Investor Access to Land and Property Rights within the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Which Parties Could be Held Responsible for Listeria-Tainted Cantaloupes?

  November 30, 2011     By Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie, Inc
A listeria outbreak linked to cantaloupes has affected people throughout the United States and spread to California. California has long provided broad protections to consumers who have suffered the personally injurious consequences of food borne illness, but the new case raises interesting questions concerning which parties could be held responsible for the outbreak, explains an attorney.

What Were Some of the Issues Concerning Litigation over Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether?

  November 30, 2011     By Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie, Inc
Over the years, as high levels of Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) were discovered in water supplies throughout California and other states and the environmental and personally injurious health risks of the chemical studied, several lawsuits were filed against the oil companies responsible for the contamination. However, multiple legal issues concerning liability arose throughout the course of the litigation, explains an attorney.

Offshore Oil Drilling, Gas Exploration and Production on Activities in the EU

  November 24, 2011     By Andreas Neocleous & Co LLC
Introduction - Environmentally sustainable management at an international level requires reliable information on the natural environment, as well as sharing of knowledge on the social, economic, legal and political systems. Environmental impacts of human activities on the deep sea floor are of increasing international concern.

Petroleum Market Law and Its Implementations

  November 23, 2011     By Barlas Uyar Eraslan Law Firm
Petroleum Market Law numbered 5015 has been enacted at December 4, 2003, within the efforts performed to institutionalize the market economy and improve the competitive environment in order to update the current legal regulations in the petroleum and petroleum product industry and regulate the markets.

Renewable Energy Credits: Representations and Warranties Every Buyer Should Ask for

  November 9, 2011     By Schwell Wimpfheimer & Associates LLP
When buying renewable energy credits (RECs), purchasers should make sure to negotiate a short but critical set of REC-focused representations and warranties. These representations and warranties are promises regarding the REC itself or the seller’s ownership of the REC.

The Connecting Europe Facility Regulation

  November 2, 2011     By Andreas Neocleous & Co LLC
The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Regulation and its impact on Cyprus Republic. The European Commission adopted on October 2011, a plan with a huge budgetary importance of around 50 billion euro aiming at improving EU’s transport, energy and networks.

Why Is the Department of Animal Services Seldom Held Liable for Dog Bites?

  November 1, 2011     By Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie, Inc
California law imposes a strict liability rule in dog bite cases, which means that an owner is always liable for any personal injury caused by his or her dog, even in situations where a dog has not bitten before, explains a lawyer. While owners may be held liable for their dogs under California's dog bite statute, as well as under negligence rules and the negligence per se doctrine, holding animal control responsible for a dog attack becomes a much more complicated proposition.

China's Construction Laws

  October 26, 2011     By MMLC Group
This article looks at the main regulators and laws involved in carrying out construction projects in China. It also provides some useful tips for project owners to keep in mind when dealing with construction projects in China.

Criminal Liability for Animal Cruelty Was Vague Until Now

  October 24, 2011     By Greg Hill & Associates
Under California Penal Code § 597, one can be charged with either felony or misdemeanor animal cruelty or neglect. There is no standard jury instruction on this offense, so in each trial, counsel must devise their own instruction, which can lead to confusion. Nowhere was this epitomized more clearly than in the case of Manuchehr Rizati.

Energy Market: New Legislation on Wholesale Traders in the EU

  September 19, 2011     By Andreas Neocleous & Co LLC
New legislation to present abuses to the disclosure of deals. New rules were adopted September 14, 2011 by the European Parliament to prevent abuses in wholesale energy trading for the final protection of consumers. According to the legislation, wholesale trading will be monitored independently across the EU, in order to enable Member States to prevent and punish anti-competitive behaviors.

EU Environment Policy: Results and Next Steps

  September 7, 2011     By Andreas Neocleous & Co LLC
Following the implementation of the 6th Environment Action Program (EAP), which was adopted on 22 July 2002 and provided the framework of EU’S Environment legislation and extended the Natura 2000 network, the European Commission adopted on 31 August 2011 the final assessment of the 6th EAP (2002-2012).

Energy Development Perspectives for the Republic of Cyprus

  September 7, 2011     By Andreas Neocleous & Co LLC
Based on Eurostat’s researches, the Republic of Cyprus disposes a very promising feedback from the energy saving and the renewable energy schemes, as more and more people apply for the available funding.

Law Practice Optimization and the Green Campaign: A Paperless Environment in the Law Firm for the 21st Century

  September 5, 2011     By Sammarro & Zalarick, P.A.
Legal Practice Optimization or Law Practice Optimization (LPO) is the answer of the legal technology industry to the challenge the world faces for an eco-friendly work environment. It may be relatively new to many but this innovative way of managing the workplace is the first step any lawyer should take if they are keen to ensure the existence of a healthy planet for their children.

Proposed Bill Aiming to Exempt Ill Dogs from Rabies Vaccination

  August 15, 2011     By Mesriani Law Group
In the State of California, every dog owner is legally required to have their pet vaccinated regardless of the animal’s health condition. Certain animal rights advocates and an assemblyman think that the present animal regulation laws in California are not pro-animal at all.

Energy Efficient Ukraine: Is There a Light at the End of the Tunnel?

  August 11, 2011     By Integrites
Much was said and written about the need for Ukraine to re-structure its energy sector and implement the best European practices in its energy policy. However, very few actual steps were taken to modernize the regulatory framework and make energy regulations compliant with the EU legislation.

A General Overview on Natural Gas Market Law in Turkey

  August 4, 2011     By Ongur Ergan Law & Consulting Office
Recently, many local and international investors request to obtain more information as regards Turkish Natural Gas Market Law. The main aim of this article is to ensure a brief overview on Natural Gas Market Law in Turkey and accordingly to inform the readers concerning essentials of the legal structures such as the sources of natural gas market law, the type of natural gas market licenses, administrative procedures, administrative fines and sanctions and competition.

Oil Market Law in Turkey

  August 2, 2011     By Ongur Ergan Law & Consulting Office
“A general overview on Oil Market Law in Turkey” by Att. Arzu Ongur Ergan

EU Energy Policy and Targets - Energy Efficiency Plan

  August 1, 2011     By Andreas Neocleous & Co LLC
In March 2011, the European Commission adopted a plan for saving more energy through concrete measures. Energy efficiency is a key tool to strengthen Europe’s competitiveness and reduce energy dependence, as well as the level of emissions. The measures proposed aim at creating substantial benefits for businesses and public authorities.

First Approved EU Sustainability Schemes for Biofuels

  July 20, 2011     By Andreas Neocleous & Co LLC
On 19 July 2011, the European Commission issued a list of the first sustainable voluntary schemes for biofuels recognized directly in the 27 EU Member States. According to the Energy Commissioner, Günther Oettinger, the EU has to secure the entire biofuels production and supply with the highest sustainability standards in the world under a transparent and reliable system.

Carbon Capture and Storage - Changes to the Danish Subsoil Act

  July 15, 2011     By Sandroos Law Firm
On 30 May 2011 the Danish parliament adopted the proposal for amending the Subsoil Act to implement the applicable EU rules on CCS that were passed by the EU in December 2008 . The article describes the new provisions that entered into force on 1 June 2011.

Administrative and Technical Requirements of the Construction of Strata Title - Indonesia

  July 7, 2011     By Leks&Co
In densely populated urban areas, where available land is very limited, it is necessary to develop residential in the form of strata title to provide a complete, balanced, and harmony with its surroundings.

Save Yourself the Hassle: Call BEFORE You Dig

  June 20, 2011     By Hastings, Cohan & Walsh, LLP
Digging even a few inches in the wrong spot may impact your health and wallet.

Animal Attacks: A Potential Cure to Symptomatic Rabies

  June 17, 2011     By Mesriani Law Group
Animal attacks are classified as personal injuries; hence, liability can be apportioned to those who failed to take control of the animals they are supposed to take care of.

Legal System for Foreign Investments in Saudi Arabia in the Field of solar power

  June 1, 2011     By Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Legal (TAGLegal)
It is not recommended to think, ...that the idea of using solar power for mechanical operations is recent. (1)

How to Invest in Mining Sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo?

  May 5, 2011     By Yav & Associates
The Democratic Republic of Congo has a name chiefly for its mining potentialities which make it a real “geological scandal”. It possesses an extremely varied range of minerals which offers enormous possibilities of exploitation faced with an exploding global demand – case of demand of Asian emerging countries. All kinds of minerals are found here: diamond, gold, colombo tantalite, copper, cobalt, tin, iron, petroleum, methane gas, manganese, coal, bauxite, asphalt schist, and so on.

Recent Bankruptcy Court Decision May Illuminate Whether Electricity Will Be Considered a Good

  April 14, 2011     By Schwell Wimpfheimer & Associates LLP
I give the experimentalist’s answer to the very fundamental but very familiar query: “What is electricity?” His answer is naïve, but simple and definite. He admits at once that as to the ultimate nature of electricity he knows nothing. –Robert Millikan, American Nobel Laureate in Physics

California AB 32 Cap and Trade Law and Foreign Offset Credit Programs under Air Resources Board Regulations

  April 11, 2011     By Wolff Law Office
Foreign Carbon Offsets under California’s AB 32 Cap and Trade Law by Memorandum of Understanding with Developing Countries and Least Developed Countries under Proposed Regulations from California's Air Resources Board.

EU Quality Policy Regarding Geographical Indications and Traditional Specialities

  April 11, 2011     By Andreas Neocleous & Co LLC
Since 1992, the European Union has operated three programs of product designations in order to promote and protect the names of quality agricultural products and foodstuffs. They fall into two categories: those linked to a territory and those relating to a particular production method.

China's Seed Industry

  April 3, 2011     By MMLC Group
This article looks at the major legal issues associated with China's seed industry, as well as provides a snapshot of the main Chinese entities and government departments that are involved in the seed industry.

Nigerian Mining Industry: Opportunities for Foreign Investors

  March 27, 2011     By Blackfriars LLP
Nigeria is endowed with numerous mineral resources such as talc, iron ore, bitumen, gold, rock salt, gypsum, lead/zinc, coal, gemstones, kaolin, tantalite, bentonite and baryte located in different parts of the country in commercial quantity

Production Sharing Contract in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Sector

  March 27, 2011     By Blackfriars LLP
Nigeria had in the past years engaged in Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) for the exploration of her petroleum resources.

A Dog Importer Will Compensate the "Let Animals Live” Movement - Israel

  March 21, 2011     By Gill Nadel Law Offices
Recently, the court obliged an importer of puppies from Uzbekistan to pay over 100,000 NIS to the "Let Animals Live" (Tnu L'Chayot Lichyot) foundation, for various expenses that the foundation bore after the puppies were imported to Israel.

PRC Renewable Energy Law (Amendment of 2009)

  February 1, 2011     By UB & Co. Attorneys and Counselors
The amendment of the PRC Renewable Energy Law (the “Amendment”) has been adopted on December 26th, 2009, and shall come into effect as of April 1st, 2010.

Establishment of Tianjin Climate Exchange

  February 1, 2011     By UB & Co. Attorneys and Counselors
On September 25 2008, Tianjin Climate Exchange (TCX) was set up in the Tianjin Binhai New Area, which is a joint venture between Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), the municipal government of Tianjin and the asset management unit of Petro China.

Incentives under the Long-Awaited Renewable Energy Law - Turkey

  January 27, 2011     By Kolcuoglu Demirkan
On 29 December 2010, the Turkish Parliament finally passed the long-awaited Law Amending the Law on Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources for the Purpose of Generating Electrical Energy (the “Amended RES Law”). The Amended RES Law was enacted to incentivize more investment in this field. Despite criticism, the extent to which the Amended RES Law will be successful in achieving this purpose is yet to be tested.

New Regulation Affecting Solar Thermoelectric and Wind Power Installations in Spain

  January 20, 2011     By Mariscal & Associates
On December 9th, 2010 came into force the new Royal Decree (RD 1614/2010) which governs and modifies certain aspects of electricity generation activities in Spain which use solar thermoelectric and wind power technologies; this law's aim is to contribute to the economic sustainability of the system.

Ongoing Arbitration for Mobil Oil over Venezuelan Assets

  January 3, 2011     By Sally & Fitch LLP
Mobil Corporation's claims in international arbitration against Venezuela's national oil company raises issues common to all commercial transactions that cross borders.

Mining Duties, Royalties and Taxes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

  December 11, 2010     By Yav & Associates
Mainly, the mining industry comes under the control of is the Mining Code and the ancillary Mining Regulation. This legislature is in general application throughout the entire country and offers some tax advantages and incentives available to private parties that perform mining activities.

Energy Regulations in Bulgaria and Turkey: a Comparative Study

  December 2, 2010     By ADMD Law Office
The main aim of this brief article is to give a bird view on energy laws of Turkey and Bulgaria in a comparative manner.

Why Is Renewable Energy Support Necessary? - Estonia

  November 24, 2010     By Borenius
The Minister of Economic Affairs and Communication stated recently that support for renewable energy should be reduced. It is commendable that politicians are thinking about ways to reduce the price of electricity. But before going to all the trouble of amending laws, decisions should be carefully analyzed.

Qua Iboe Terminal Oil Spill: One too Many?

  September 24, 2010     By Blackfriars LLP
The effects of oil spills on human and aquatic life remains so grievous and almost irreparable if not properly handled. Effective clean-ups and reclamations of affected areas usually take long time and requires much effort and consistency.

Legislative Update - International Conference on Climate Change: COP16 and CMP6

  September 24, 2010     By Environment Law Mexico, S.C.
In accordance with assessments carried out by the United Nations Organization, the industrialization processes initiated more than a century and a half ago, and in particular the increasing combustion of petroleum, gasoline and coal, as well as forest lumbering, have been the main causes of climate change.

The Ultimate Losses. Who Will Hold BP Liable?

  July 28, 2010     By Winters & Yonker PA
No one lost more than those 11 workers who died on April 20 in the massive explosion that engulfed the offshore oil rig in flames and sent it into the then-blue water of the Gulf. Their loss of life has been largely overlooked in the nonstop media coverage that has followed in the weeks since the catastrophe. The workers who suffered severe injuries in the explosion have likewise been ignored.

Families Await Answers Following Oil Rig Explosion off Louisiana Coast

  July 14, 2010     By Bohrer Law Firm
The Coast Guard has called off its search for 11 oil rig workers missing after the explosion of Deep Water Horizon last Tuesday. Assumed dead, the 11 missing workers join 17 other victims injured in the accident - four of whom remain in critical condition.

BP Oil Spill and Exposure to Chemicals

  July 14, 2010     By Bohrer Law Firm
There are myriad concerns surrounding the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, chief among them is the current and potential harm to the ecosystem. Not only did 11 workers lose their lives in this catastrophe, but also there is the possibility that more people will become sick due to the chemicals BP is using to control the oil spill.emicals BP is using to control the oil spill.

Electric Distribution And Transmission in Turkey

  July 1, 2010     By Cindemir Law Office
The article aims to explain the institutions and organizations which are responsible for electric distribution and transmission in Turkey and their legal grounds by taking account of their duties and hierarchic structures 4628 numbered Act defined the main frame of the institutions and organizations which are responsible for electric transmission and distribution.

China's Animal Feed Industry

  June 30, 2010     By MMLC Group
This article looks at the key players in this industry, as well as summarizes the major regulations applying to this industry. It is a snapshot.

China's Solar Power Industry - Regulations and Economics

  June 29, 2010     By MMLC Group
This article looks at the main players in China's fledgling solar power industry, and the key regulations and government policies affecting the development of the industry.

Gov. Calls for Filing of Compensation Claims

  June 28, 2010     By Falk & Falk, PA
Florida's Governor encourages residents to file claims for compensation.

Deep Water Horizon Oil Rig Disaster Focuses Need to Repeal Limitation of Liability Act

  June 23, 2010     By Beard Stacey & Jacobsen, LLP
The owners of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig, Transocean Ltd, have filed a Petition For Limitation of Liability in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas.

Update of Italian Guidelines on Food Legislation - Turkish lawyers, Attorneys, Solicitors

  June 15, 2010     By Ketenci & Ketenci
Update of Italian Guidelines on Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed: some explanation in a shaded internal legislative framework.

Gas Competition - Ukraine

  June 3, 2010     By L.I. Group
Monopoly is the phenomenon of economic relations, inseparably connected with relationships of public interests and interests of monopolies.

Energy Disputes and International Arbitration - Turkey

  May 26, 2010     By Ongur Ergan Law & Consulting Office
The main purpose of this article is to inform readers about settlement of energy disputes that arise in Turkey by international arbitration method and in particular ICSID arbitration process.

Mining in Ethiopia: Mining Law in Perspective

  May 5, 2010     By Fikadu Asfaw and Associates Law Office
Mining is one of the best areas of investment in Ethiopia. If you wonder to know the legal requirements of mining investment in Ethiopia here are the details.

Executive Summary on the Conduct of Mineral and Coal Mining Services Business - Indonesia

  April 16, 2010     By Leks&Co
Regulation of Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources No. 28 of 2009 on The Conduct of Mineral and Coal Mining Services Business (the “Minister Regulation”) is issued in Jakarta on September 30, 2009. This Minister Regulation is the implementing regulation of Article 127 of Law No. 4 of 2009 on Mineral and Coal Mining (the “Mining Law”).

Law of Mining in Indonesia

  April 16, 2010     By Leks&Co
Formerly, mining was regulated with Law No. 11 of 1967 on Basic Regulation on Mining (“Law No. 11 of 1967”). But with the highly development of mining, nationally and internationally, Law No. 11 of 1967 is no longer suitable with the conditions nowadays. That is why there is the need for changes of regulation on mineral and coal mining which could manage and utilize the potential of mineral and coal in Indonesia and could ensure a continuous national development accordingly.

The Role of Due Dilligence in Acquisition of Mining Assets - South Africa

  April 16, 2010     By Masephule Dinga
Defining the Risks

The Nigerian Petroleum Industry Bill - Part 2

  March 24, 2010     By Bloomfield Advocates and Solicitors
Indeed, one of the three issues considered the “pillars” upon which upstream oil and gas investments are based is the fiscal regime of the host State. In other words, an investor in an international petroleum transaction intending to invest in a petroleum regime would conduct its due diligence before committing risk capital by looking at, amongst other things, the issue of ‘government take’ versus ‘ investor take’.

Justice For Black Farmers

  February 21, 2010     By The Corbett Law Firm, PLLC
This article discusses the racial discrimination southern black farmers experienced from the USDA.

Pet Trusts Are an Important Part of Estate Planning

  February 9, 2010     By The Law Office of Carol Ryder, P.C.
A pet trust should be included as part of any good estate plan, just as a will, POS, HCP, and LW are the minimums everyone should have. The Helmsley debacle outlined some problems in her Pet Trust and will. Good drafting goes a long way.

What’s the Fuss about the Nigerian Petroleum Industry Bill?

  February 6, 2010     By Bloomfield Advocates and Solicitors
These are interesting times in the West African Emergent Cretaceous Petroleum Play Fairway. This is no less so in the Nigeria’s petroleum regime for a couple of reasons, chief amongst which are the current review of the Petroleum Industry legal and regulatory regime and the global economic melt-down.

Kazakhstan Legislation’s Review on Subsoil Use

  February 1, 2010     By Bond Stone Law Firm
Subject advanced for your attention, is very actual in terms of protection of the interests of investors operating and those who intend to invest in the sphere of subsoil use in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Animal Abuse is a Predictor of other Crimes, Including Domestic Abuse, Murder, Rape & More

  January 24, 2010     By The Law Office of Carol Ryder, P.C.
Stats on animal abuse show a sharp correlation between animal abuse & other crimes, including rape, robbery, murder, sexual homicide, domestic abuse and more. E.G.: studies show 100% of sexual homicide perps (like Jeffrey Dahmer) started by abusing animals. Even cops, prosecutors & social workers say show me an animal abuser and I'll show you someone with a long rap sheet. Thus, we all need to get behind toughening laws for animal abuse to keep these violent perps locked up longer.

Cypriot Competition Commission Imposes Heavy Fines on Oil Companies

  December 21, 2009     By Anastasios Antoniou LLC
The Cyprus Commission for the Protection of Competition finds the four oil companies as having violated competition rules by carrying out a concerted price in fixing fuel prices and imposes millions in fines.

Thailand Real Estate: Environmental Trends and Policies

  December 8, 2009     By Siam Legal International
Thailand is a country blessed with an abundance of rich natural resources. Its lush pristine forests are home to a vast variety of species of flora and fauna indigenous to the country. As such, the Kingdom has taken great pains in preserving its natural wealth by passing laws designed to control and regulate the amount of waste and pollution produced each year. Thailand residents desire to live a quality life while living in a Phuket villa or Bangkok condo.

Securitization of Financing for Wind Turbines in Turkey

  December 3, 2009     By ADMD Law Office
As demand for energy increases in Turkey, investments in this sector is boosting with the help of the government. Incentives focus on renewable energy resources for obvious efficiency and environmental considerations and specifically wind energy investments had been very popular due to vast resources of Turkish geography. Therefore the government is trying to optimize financing conditions to attract more investment in the field.

Petroleum Affairs in Turkey

  December 1, 2009     By Akdogan Uslas, Attorneys at Law
This article provides a bird's eye view of the Turkish petroleum regime.

Legal Support Mechanisms for Green Power Generation in Turkey

  September 14, 2009     By Tiryakioglu Law Office
Within the framework of Electricity Market Law and the related secondary legislation, generation plants that generate electricity based on renewable energy sources are supported by the following mechanisms:

Turkish Mining Law

  July 6, 2009     By Ozkan Law Office
Turkey has recently amended its mining regulations in order to attract more domestic and foreign private investors in the industry. The amendments made are criticized particularly by the environmental groups for removing the environmental controls drastically and by domestic mining investors for being radically open to foreign investors. This Newsletter deals with some of the important aspects of the recently enacted pieces of legislation.

Turkish Renewable Energy Legislation

  July 6, 2009     By Ozkan Law Office
As a country with a rapidly growing economy, Turkey has an increasing energy need. At the moment, the energy need is mostly met by fossil fuels and a large portion of it is imported. Turkey, on the other hand, has a large potential for renewable resources.

Follow the Rules when Fishing in Utah this Summer

  July 2, 2009     By Greg Smith & Associates
Strawberry Reservoir is a popular spot to fish in Utah. Fish can grow well and thrive there, which is good for fishermen. There have been problems there, however, with an overabundance of non-native fish populations. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) has tried to reduce non-native fish populations and manage desired fish species with targeted regulations.

Hawaii Card Check Bill Passes: Bill's Fate in Question as it is Transmitted to Governor Lingle

  May 20, 2009     By Law Office of Roman Amaguin
A bill which will allow unions to organize agricultural employers without a secret ballot election, HB 952 CD1, was passed on May 8, 2009, by the Hawaii Legislature. Governor Lingle will have until June 30, 2009 to issue a veto message. The card check bill closely mirrors President Obama’s push for passage of the Employee Free Choice Act (“EFCA”).

The Waste Framework Directive Explained

  May 11, 2009     By Burges Salmon LLP
Following protracted negotiations, the European Council adopted the new Waste Framework Directive (WFD) in October 2008. The WFD must be fully implemented into UK law by December 2010. This article explains all the changes.

Environment Law in Ukraine

  April 28, 2009     By International Law Offices
Over seventy years of subordination in a command economy led to irrational resource usage and sustained energy-intensive technological processes in Ukraine. By the way, Ukraine generated practically one-fourth of the Soviet Union's GDP. It is widely known now that Ukraine's environmental problems include the nuclear contamination that resulted from the 1986 Chernobyl accident. One-tenth of Ukraine's land area was affected by the radiation.

Starting Agricultural Production in Ukraine

  April 3, 2009     By Frishberg & Partners
With food prices rising across the globe, adventurous foreign investors can find excellent business opportunities in Ukrainian agricultural sector despite (or perhaps due to?) the global economic crisis. Known as “the breadbasket of Europe”, Ukraine still boasts enormous land reserves that can grow various grains, seeds, fruits and vegetables. Plus livestock. And due to the crisis, at last everything and everyone is available for sale or rent at rock-bottom prices.

Relevant Aspects about Distribution Contracts Prepared in the USA and Executed in Mexico

  March 30, 2009     By Molina Izabal SC
By definition, most of the Distribution Contracts signed between US distributors and Mexican growers, involve 2 different applicable laws and jurisdictions. Even though the majority of these contracts are prepared and signed, under the regulations of some US state, once the default of the grower comes up, those contracts need to be executed by a Mexican Court, where the grower is actually located.

Dog Bite Law in California - Can a Dog Bite a Lawyer in California and Get Away with it?

  February 21, 2009     By The Law Offices of R. Sebastian Gibson
Let's assume that a dog had an overwhelming desire to bite an attorney in California. Perhaps the lawyer stole the dog’s bone or sued the owner of the neighbor dog. Could the dog get away with it without subjecting its owner to liability? This California dog bite attorney looks at the dog bite law in California, the various causes of action available to recover damages for dog bite victims and defenses that can be raised, not to mention the standard defense, my dog ate my homework.

Landing Permits for Trans-Continental under Sea Optic Cables in West Africa: Challenges for Telecommunications Outfits

  January 31, 2009     By Blackfriars LLP
There is a paucity of fibre optic capability in the West African telecommunications industry. In addition to widening the digital divide between Africa and the rest of the world, this situation has resulted in slower Internet connections and expensive telecommunications facilities in the sub-region.

The Nigerian Content Development Bill: What Foreign Investors in the Oil and Gas Sector Should Look out for

  December 25, 2008     By Blackfriars LLP
The liberalization of the oil & gas sectors of the Nigerian economy and increased global demand for crude oil have combined to make Nigeria a key player in the global oil market. However, for decades, Nigeria’s oil and gas sectors have been dominated by foreign multinational entities with large expatriate workers deployed in both on-shore and offshore locations in the country.

Memorandum on the Provision of Ship-Generated Waste Collection Services in Turkey

  November 28, 2008     By Ozkan Law Office
Turkey has ratified International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973, as modified by the Protocol 1978 relating thereto (MARPOL 73/78), which regulates what wastes can be discharged from ships into marine environment and requires State Parties to ensure the provision of adequate reception facilities in the ports. The regulations implementing MARPOL 73/78 in Turkey, however, have not been enacted until recently.

The New Country of Origin Labeling Law (COOL) and How it Will be Applied

  October 25, 2008     By The Law Offices of R. Sebastian Gibson
This article discusses and explains the new Country of Origin Labeling Law (COOL) and describes the impact COOL will have on shoppers, food producers and retailers. The author also unwraps what foods the law covers and what foods and retailers are not regulated by this new law.

The Truth about Toxic Torts - Everyone is Vulnerable to Toxic Exposure

  October 24, 2008     By The Law Offices of R. Sebastian Gibson
The author discusses how all of us are vulnerable to toxic exposures in our daily lives and warns that what people and their physicians often relate a simple health-related problem such as skin rashes or hair loss as being due to aging or hereditary genes or allergies, may actually be a symptom of toxic exposure.

An Inside Look At What Biotechnology Can Do For Mankind

  October 24, 2008     By The Law Offices of R. Sebastian Gibson
This article examines what biotechnology is and how it relates to the medical field, agriculture, bio processes, industry and the aquatic field. The author notes that as the planet becomes more polluted and more in need of clean water and food, the field of biotechnology will become even more important.

California Food Poisoning and the New Country of Origin Labeling Law (COOL)

  October 19, 2008     By The Law Offices of R. Sebastian Gibson
This article discusses how the new Country of Origin Labeling Law (COOL) will affect restaurants and foodborne disease investigations throughout California. It also explains what foods the new Country of Origin Labeling Law covers and what foods and retailers are not regulated by this new law.

The Different Types of Arbitrations Available to Settle Personal Injury, Business, Real Estate, Construction and Civil Litigation in California

  October 18, 2008     By The Law Offices of R. Sebastian Gibson
A discussion of the different types of arbitrations available in California and why none of them compare to mediations. This article also warns that when arbitrations are binding, there is little opportunity to have the award corrected or reviewed.

The Effect on Natural Resources and Oil Drilling in California From The Lifting of the Ban on Offshore Drilling

  October 17, 2008     By The Law Offices of R. Sebastian Gibson
This article examines what will be the effect of the lifting of the ban on offshore drilling in California and shows why the “Drill Now” movement is not likely to produce a single extra barrel of oil from new offshore drilling platforms off the coast of California.

A Preview of New Technologies that May Be Here in the Future

  October 6, 2008     By The Law Offices of R. Sebastian Gibson
This article discusses some possible new technologies for the future that will face difficult tests but which could be some of what the future holds in store for industry. The article also discusses the changes we may soon see as energy research goes into high gear and how it could help prevent auto accident injuries.

Legal Developments in Equestrian Law

  April 10, 2008     By Ira A. Finkelstein, P.C.
Legal Decisions of Interest to the Equestrian Community

The New Regulatory Regime for the Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources in Bulgaria

  October 2, 2007     By Coeler Legal & Tax Attorneys-at-Law
An introduction to energy law in Bulgaria