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Under-Staffing and Under-Funding Alleged in Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit Where Patient Developed Bed Sores

'Under-staffing' and 'under-funding' are just several of the underlying reasons alleged to contribute to the development of a patient's bed sores (or decubitus ulcers, pressure ulcers or pressure sores) during an admission to a Missouri nursing home.

Lawsuit Claims that Husband and Wife Suffered from Negligent Care at Residential Care Facility for the Elderly

Like many elderly couples, a decision to move into a long-term care facility may mean that such a decision is a 'joint effort' and where one spouse goes-- so goes the other. In theory, moving a couple into a long-term care facility provides continuity and support in a new environment.

Why is it Important to Differentiate the Type of Facility Where a Bed Sore Developed?

The first step in evaluating a bed sore case, is to determine when at what type of facility the bed sore developed. Aside from obviously knowing which facility to pursue a claim or lawsuit against, knowing how the facility is legally categorized is essential to a successful recovery.

What are Nursing Homes Required to do to Prevent Bed Sores?

Federal law requires that nursing homes have bed sore prevention program. The first part of a nursing home’s bed sore prevention program is a skin care assessment. A skin care assessment must be completed for new nursing home residents within 14 days of admission to the facility which is done to help determine what factors may put the resident at risk for developing bed sores.

Are the Development of Bed Sores during a Nursing Home Admission an Indication of Nursing Home Neglect?

Caring for nursing home patients is hard work! Caregivers must be dedicated to invest the necessary time and effort to assure the medical, personal and psychological needs of their patients are met. When caregivers fail to provide necessary care, patients begins to suffer. Compared with an affirmative act (such as nursing home abuse), nursing home neglect truly implies that someone is not doing their job.

Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Full Tort and Limited Tort

In Pennsylvania should you purchase full tort or limited tort coverage? Pennsylvania personal injury attorney David Ross offers his view on limited tort and full tort coverage. Limited Tort v. Full Tort - In Pennsylvania, you have the ability to choose either limited tort or full tort coverage for your automobile. This election of coverage type has far reaching consequences in the event that you are involved in an accident.

Managing Your Medical Malpractice Case

It can be difficult to know what to do in the wake of an accident and injury. This is true for injuries of any nature; when they are ones that were incurred at the hands of a negligent or reckless medical physician then the tasks ahead of you can seem that much more daunting. However, if you know the right protocol to take after a case involving medical malpractice then you will likely feel more secure in the actions you take moving forward from your accident and injury.

What Fees Will You Pay When Working with Workers Comp Lawyers?

If you’ve been injured at work but can’t come to an immediate agreement with your employer on financial coverage, contact a team of professional workers comp lawyers. From confronting mounting medical expenses to meeting the cost of everyday living, is your employer willing to help you financially while you recover from injury? And if yes, how can you be sure the support will continue?

Victim of an Injury? Experienced Personal Injury Law Firm in Vegas Can Help

Have you or a loved one suffered personal injury due to another individual’s mistake? Having an accomplished personal injury law firm in Vegas on your side can get you the compensation you deserve. Because personal injury cases are so highly specialized and require expertise in several disciplines, hiring a team of strong Las Vegas injury lawyers makes sense.

Injured at Work? Discuss Your Claim with Experienced Worker Compensation Lawyers

Whether you’ve suffered a slip and fall or an occupational mishap at work, consulting experienced worker compensation lawyers will help you determine when to pursue a case. Although some employees may experience only minimal time in the hospital or doctor’s office, others must endure days and even weeks or months under the care of hospital staff or a physician.

Bakersfield Car Accidents and Victims’ Rights

In 2009, more than 1,000 people were injured in Bakersfield car accidents, reports the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The CHP also reports that more than 20 people tragically died as a result of the injuries they sustained in Bakersfield car collisions in 2009. Some recent car crashes that occurred in Bakersfield are:

Zoloft Birth Injuries

Significant linkages have been made between Zoloft and birth defects. Many of these were brought to the attention of Pfizer by the FDA; however, Pfizer still did not adequately warn about the dangers Zoloft posed to unborn children. This is the primary reason why Zoloft Lawsuits are are being seen today.

What to Do if Your Auto Insurance Claim is Denied

Auto insurance companies make money by denying claims. Learn the common reasons for denial so that you can prevent them from denying your claim. You deserve compensation after an accident, so don't let the insurance company take advantage of you.

ASU Board of Regents Accused of Violating Title IX

Title IX was enacted to prevent discrimination on the basis of gender in educational institutions. The law requires that a school, once it learns of a sexual assault, should effectively investigate the incident, eliminate the risk, and remedy the harm to the student whenever possible.

Cyberbullying on the Rise

According to a report by the National Crime Prevention Council, 43 percent of teens have experienced some form of cyberbullying online. With the advent of social networking and social media sites, staying connected online has become a major part of people's lives. This is especially true for teenagers. Over 95 percent of teenagers have an email account and 97 percent of teens report using the Internet at home for personal or school purposes.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) defines physical abuse as any "use of physical force that may result in bodily injury, physical pain, or impairment." According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there were over 16,000 nursing homes in the United States in 2004. Over 1.5 million people called those facilities home that year and that population is expected to keep growing.

Guardianships and Vulnerable Adults in Arizona

In Arizona, anyone interested in the affairs or welfare of an allegedly incompetent person may petition the court for appointment as a guardian. ABC15 reports that Sun Valley Group of Tempe requested appointment as guardian to Gloria Horrigan and Rosemary Brown. Upon appointment, Horrigan was taken to a nursing home against her will and not allowed visitors, not even her family. Brown followed a similar pattern, also taken and not allowed to see her family or visitors.

Arizona Road Safety: A Bumpy Ride

A combination of less than ideal road conditions and design, traffic density, irresponsible driving and pedestrian habits resulted in 23,698 Arizona car accidents last year. Arizona offers beautiful weather, landscapes and sunsets, but distracting some Arizonans from those gifts are the dangerous roads and driving environments.

Who Can File a Sunset District Wrongful Death

After losing a loved one in a tragic fatal accident, it is important to be aware of your rights. When another person is responsible for causing the fatal accident, typically the immediate family members of the decedent can seek justice in the form of a full and fair financial compensation for all of the damages related to their loss.

Common Defenses in Personal Injury Cases

A Report From Your Broward Personal Injury Lawyer - The District Court for the Middle District of Florida recently decided a court case addressing two common issues in personal injury cases: the collateral source doctrine and comparative negligence. The case, Hester v. U.S., involved Michael Hester, a paraplegic who is confined to a wheelchair, filing a personal injury lawsuit against the U.S. government.

Litigation in North Carolina State Courts

This article discusses the litigation process in the State of North Carolina. It briefly addresses the pleadings, the discovery process, mediation, trial, and appeals. It also addresses the rules of evidence and the rules of civil procedure applicable to cases in North Carolina.

Understanding the Nature of Elder Abuse

Every year, elder abuse affects hundreds of thousands of older people. Many of these victims are frail, vulnerable and helpless against their abuser. Our nation’s elderly are men and women just like us who have lived their life to the fullest. They are not just elder adults, they are people with feelings, emotions and self respect. Unfortunately, every year hundreds of thousands of elderly adults fall victim to the abusive behaviors of their caregivers, nursing homes and even family members.

New Sex Abuse Lawsuit Alleges Church Failed to Act after Learning of Priest's Deviant Past

Another sexual abuse lawsuit has been filed in Chicago on behalf of a teenage boy who was sexually abused by a priest over the course of several years at St. Agatha Catholic Church on the city’s West Side. In addition to alleging that the boy was abused by admitted sex offender Daniel McCormack, the lawsuit places blame on the Archdiocese of Chicago for allowing McCormack to remain at the church--- and in direct contact with children--- after similar allegations of sex abuse had surfaced.

What Can Nursing Homes Learn from Jails?

Why in the world would I suggest the the people who are responsible for the care of our most vulnerable take a lesson from those responsible for most violent? The answer has to do with how nursing homes keep track of their residents. Call it wandering, eloping or just escaping, there have been several recent reports of nursing home residents who have wandered from their facilities to their death without the facilities knowledge.

Medical Facilities Must Use Wheel-Locks and Supervision to Protect Patients in Wheelchairs

Perhaps the most basic safeguard nursing homes and hospitals can implement with wheelchair patients is the utilization of wheel-locks. Too often, physically disabled patients are simply propped up in their wheelchairs with the assumption that they face little chance of getting injured.

Heat Likely to Blame for the Death of Nursing Home Patient in Wisconsin

A Midwestern heat-wave is likely to blame for the death of a 69-year-old man at a Wisconsin nursing home. Though no official cause of death has been established, prolonged heat exposure appears to be primary cause of the man's death. WISN website is reporting that emergency personnel were called to Sunrise Care Center, after the man was discovered by staff sitting unresponsive in his wheelchair.

Poorly Monitored Medications May Put Children at Risk for Developing Stevens Johnson Syndrome

One of the most profound cases I worked on involved a girl who was prescribed Bactrim by doctors at a medical clinic for complaints of a sore throat following an outdoor soccer match in cool weather. Soon after taking the medication, the girl began to develop bumps on her throat, followed by a skin rash. After several more visits to the clinic, the doctors advised the girl’s parents to continue with the Bactrim.

Child Suffers Fatal Allergic Reaction after Eating Contaminated Take-Out Food

The family of a seventh grade girl at a Chicago Public School has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Chinese restaurant that catered an end of year school party. The lawsuit alleges that the restaurant failed to adhere to strict warnings provided by the girl's teachers regarding here severe food allergies to peanut products.

Assisted Living Facilities Need to Re-Evaluate if They are Capable of Caring for Dementia Patients

Many assisted living facilities and other nursing home alternative facilities have done very well financially-- playing into the stigma associated with nursing homes that many people hold. While nursing homes may receive a fair amount of bad press, they provide essential medical services for millions of patients. The level of care offered at assisted living facilities simply is not intended to take the place of the skilled nursing care offered in nursing homes.

Pressure Sores in Hospitals on the Rise

An increasing number of number of pressure sore cases my office is working on involve pressure sores that have developed during a hospitalization. What was once considered a sad symbol of poor nursing home care, is now increasingly associated with poor hospital care. Many of our clients who enter a hospital for acute care, wind up extending their hospitalization due to the development of a pressure sore during their stay.

Recent Problems Highlighted in Article about Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly in California

One of the the emerging trends in nursing home care is the proliferation of care facilities that commonly hold themselves out to be nursing home alternatives. Many of these facilities have arisen in response to consumer demand for facilities that offer a less institutional feel and a cost far-less than traditional skilled nursing facilities (nursing homes).

Personal Injury Cases: Fall or Trip Injuries Due to an Unsafe Condition

It is the responsibility of property owners and keepers to maintain their property in a safe condition. If they carelessly permit or cause a dangerous condition, they may be responsible for the harms and losses resulting to the injured person. In most states, including Pennsylvania, there may be a legal case if you are injured due to an unsafe condition to property.

Personal Injury: Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual harassment is defined as any form of unwelcome sexual acts or comments. Not only can it cause victims emotional stress, but it is also against the law. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, it is unlawful to harass an employee or employer regarding their sex. It is also illegal to request sexual favors or make comments of a sexual nature.

6 Tips to Lessen the Chance of Your Child Sustaining an Injury on a Trampoline

The other day I took my three-year-old son, Max, to a friend’s birthday party at the family’s home. Within minutes of our arrival, I watched Max and other children rush to a home trampoline in the basement. Unfortunately, as quickly as the kids convened at the trampoline-- crying soon began as several children collided while jumping around.

Despite the Recent Publicity, Children Continue to Remain Susceptible to Abuse from Clergy

Child abuse, especially sexual abuse, is a devastating event and can be difficult to discuss. This is especially true for clergy abuse because it involves the church and trusted priests. However, clergy abuse is a topic that needs to be discussed. The more light shed on the topic, the better people can understand the problem, take preventative measures, provide therapy to victims, and attempt to right wrongs.

Lead Paint in Homes and Toys Threatens the Long-Term Health of Children

A child explores the world by touching, tasting, and putting things into its mouth. However, sometimes these objects and materials contain dangerous and unseen contaminants such as lead. Lead is a naturally occurring, a very toxic heavy metal, that can cause dangerous health problems when there is too much of it in our bodies.

Nursing Home Abuse: The Deaths of 13 Children Linked to Poor Care at Chicago Nursing Home

The Chicago Tribune ran one of the more disturbing investigative stories I've seen in a long-time when it chronicled the poor care given to disabled children living at Alden Village North located on Chicago's north-side. The Tribune used public records and government documents to uncover the names and details of care provided to children living with physical and mental handicaps, including: cerebral palsy and Downs syndrome.

4.5 Million Children Bitten by Dogs Every Year. How Can We Reduce These Numbers?

In the United States, about 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs every year, most of whom are children. In Chicago alone, almost 2,000 people are bitten by dogs every year. Young children are the most common victim of dog bites, followed by the elderly. About half of all children will be bitten by a dog before they graduate high school. Children ages 5-9 are most at risk for dog bites.

Toddler Receives Burns in Daycare Due to Caregiver's Poor Judgment

A two-year old toddler is spending time in the burn unit of an Indiana hospital after the caregiver at his daycare center tried to apparently teach him a cruel lesson for poorly aiming while urinating. After an initial claim that the boy simply 'fell' into a tub of lukewarm water, the caregiver acknowledged that the boy received scald burns when she deliberately placed him in boiling hot water at her home-based daycare center.

Are Some Child-Amusements Taking 'Scary' Too Far?

In my house, it seems like we start celebrating Halloween in July! Costumes, parties, candy-- and yes a trip to a haunted house or two seem to fill our schedules in the weeks leading up to the big day. In the past few years, I noticed a trend towards bigger and more exciting haunted houses where there is more of everything-- monsters and blood--- but a noticeable lack of safety.

Kids' Fractures Require Special Attention to Avoid Complications Down the Road

Children are energetic, active, and playful. They play as hard as they can and are oftentimes unaware of their own safety. As can be expected, bone breaks or fractures are very common (diagram of bone breaks) in children. Bone breaks are the fourth most common accidental injury for children under 6-years-old. Broken bones can be difficult to recognize if the bone is not displaced.

Elderly Drivers: When to Take Away the Keys to Prevent Accidents

If you have an elderly family member or friend that still drives, please be aware that many accidents are caused by elderly drivers who are no longer able to safely navigate the road - and for the safety of other people, it can be important to recognize the signs that they are being unsafe.

5 Myths about Hiring a Portland Personal Injury Lawyer

For accident victims, it is a big decision to hire an accident attorney - but it can be a good decision. Here are 5 of the most common fears about hiring an attorney, and the truth behind the myth.

Understanding the Regulations Pertaining to Day Care Facilities is Crucial to Protecting Your Child

Day Care Centers are facilities that provide child care for less than 24 hours/day for over eight children if it is a family home or over three children in a non-home facility. In Illinois, these Centers are regulated by the Part 407 (Licensing Standards for Day Care Centers) of the Illinois Administrative Code. DCFS inspects and licensees these facilities (license valid for three years).

The Dangerous Truth About ATV Accidents

While many people enjoy the exhilaration and thrill that riding an all-terrain vehicle, or ATV, brings, others are suffering from severe injuries and graves consequences. Before starting up your ATV, learn more about the truth in riding these powerful machines.

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Birth Control Recalls and Unplanned Pregnancies

Q. I heard about a birth control recall in the news recently. How do I know if my birth control pill was affected?

Dog Attacks: What You Should Know

  By LeavenLaw
If you were attacked by a dog, it can be confusing to determine where to turn for help. You could be facing as lengthy recovery time as well as costly rehabilitation costs, depending in the severity of injury. In 2011, there were 31 fatalities that resulted from dog attacks. As these animals were designed to be able to hunt and kill prey in order to feed themselves, sometimes this instinct can be directed towards humans.

Titanium Joint Debris May Cause Painful Inflammation

Tiny particles from artificial knee and hip joints made from titanium could flake away during normal wear and tear and cause painful inflammation for the recipient according to a new study. While previous studies have suggested that bits of bacteria that stick to the titanium particles are cause for the inflammation this new study suggests otherwise. Researchers from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey have found that titanium particles themselves trigger inflammation in mice.

How a Truck Company May Attempt to Undermine Your Claim

If you were injured in an accident with a commercial truck, you may consider filing a personal injury accident claim to recover compensation for your medical bills and other expenses that have resulted. To make sure that you go through this process accurately and efficiently, you may want to hire a truck accident attorney who specializes in these types of cases.

Your Rights as a Jones Act Shipping Employee under the Jones Act Safety Rules

With all the maritime safety information available to employers, there should be little cause for injury aboard an offshore vessel. However, accidents due to negligence still occur, resulting in the need for a Jones Act attorney to help you apply the Jones Act. Shipping employees in particular may ask "What is the Jones Act?" in accordance to their rights as an injured worker.

Understanding Full Tort and Limited Tort

To many, the terms “full tort” and “limited tort” have little to no meaning. Unfortunately, for personal injury victims, it can mean the difference between being fully and partially compensated by insurance companies after sustaining injuries. While some people will never have to understand what full tort and limited tort are during their lifetime, others will have to deal with this situation, which becomes disheartening when they fail to comprehend their options.

Have You Been Injured on Someone Else's Property? Arizona Premises Liability Lawyers Protect Your Rights

It happens every day; a slip and fall happens on someone's property, and suddenly, you're faced with injuries that will take months to recover from. With medical bills mounting, you wonder how you can keep up with them -- especially if you're off of work while you recover. And because your injuries aren't work related, you probably are not receiving any benefits while you recover.

If You've Been Injured by a Product, You Need an Attorney Who Knows Product Liability Law

Have you been injured by a product you bought? Did you use that product in the manner in which it was intended? If so, you may be a personal injury victim, eligible to file a lawsuit for product liability. If so, hire a Kansas City personal injury attorney who specializes in product liability, to make sure your rights are protected.

Teamwork Failure Results in Stillborn Baby, Million Dollar Settlement

When there is six medical staff present in the labor room as you prepare to give birth, a mother feels confident that everything will be taken care of, that she’s in good hands. Despite the number of doctors and nurses, the woman’s labor did not go as intended. Signs of distress were not treated as an emergency situation until it was too late and her baby was stillborn via cesarean delivery.

Understanding Premises Liability Law

Under premises liability law, property owners have a legal obligation to maintain their property and keep it safe for visitors. When a visitor is injured on someone else’s property, they may have a right to pursue damages in a personal injury claim.

Legal Actions Regarding Defective Toys

Every year, people are injured due to products that are defective in some manner. When the victims are young children, the results are often catastrophic, resulting in death or serious injury. Defective toys comprise a significant portion of product liability actions.

Skechers Shape-ups Toning Shoes and Back Injuries

In addition to severe bone fracture injuries, hip dislocations, and head injuries, Skechers Shape-ups toning shoes have been associated with serious back injuries. Shape-ups feature a rounded sole, which is designed to throw the wearer “off balance.”

Statute of Limitations in Pennsylvania Civil Cases

In Pennsylvania Civil (non-criminal) cases, there is a statute of limitations (i.e. filing deadline). The Statute of Limitations in Pennsylvania Civil Cases is a deadline that ends your rights to bring a claim. The general rule for most personal injury and tort cases is that this deadline is two years from the date of the incident or injury. For example, if you fell on ice on a walkway and were injured on January 1, 2012, then the Statute of Limitations deadline would be January 1, 2014.

Hiring an Alabama Truck Crash Lawyer - What You Need to Know

Trucking accident claims are more complicated than garden-variety car wrecks. Additionally, they often result in more severe injuries. As such, hiring an Alabama truck injury lawyer who is familiar with DOT regulations and the trucking industry is an important consideration. This article examines the different claims that can be made against the truck driver and his company under Alabama law.

Compensation for Hit and Run Victims

Unfortunately, hit and run accidents occur every day. Many of these car crashes result in serious injury. As a Georgia injury attorney, a common question people frequently ask me is if they are able to obtain compensation for injuries when they are involved in a hit and run crash. The answer can depend on several things.

What Legal Rights are Granted the Family Someone Killed by a Drunk Driver?

When a person is killed by the careless or reckless actions of another party, like drunk driving, they are provide legal recourse in accordance to the state's wrongful death laws. While laws vary in each state, they typically provide for medical expense, funeral expenses, loss of income, loss of companionship, pain and suffering and sometimes "punitive damages." If your loved one was killed by a drunk driving, you need to advice of an experienced attorney.

Automotive Defect Liability: What You Need to Know If You're In a Car Accident

In single car crashes, automotive defects may be the cause or at least a contributing factor. You had seen countless examples in the last 20 years including the Ford Explore Rollovers cases and the Toyota Unintentional Acceleration Cases. Anytime you are in a car accident, you need an attorney to evaluate your case and determine if it could have been prevented.

Will Toyota Manage to Avoid Liability for Unintended Acceleration Accidents?

California law allows for an individual to bring a lawsuit against a company if injured by a product manufactured by that company. Toyota is currently facing almost 200 such lawsuits in a United States District Court in Orange County, and, as the first one goes to court, their defense strategy is beginning to take shape. A lawyer explores whether the car maker will manage to escape liability.

Determining Excessive Force When Police Actions Cause Personal Injury

Police in Orange County and throughout California have a long history of respected service but also of problems involving misconduct, including excessive force causing injury or death. Understanding the rights and limitations on police officers is important. An attorney examines cases that recently occurred in the state to determine whether misconduct occurred and discuss the laws.

Could Lack of Regulation Limit Damages of Costa Concordia Victims?

In the wake of disaster on the Costa Concordia, a California congresswoman is renewing her call for increased safety regulations for cruise ships. The Costa Concordia was a cruise liner that ran aground of rocks and capsized after the captain allegedly steered too close to the rocky shore in Giglio, Italy.

Mass Torts 101: Points California Personal Injury Plaintiffs Need to Learn

Personal injury cases in California may not only be asserted by an individual because even a group of people can forward such type of civil case. This type of case is labeled as “mass torts”. Simply put, mass torts are civil actions that include more than one plaintiff against one or several defendants. Normally, mass torts are filed in a state or federal legal court.

What is a Wrongful Death Claim?

A wrongful death claim may be filed by the survivors of a victim who was killed by the negligence of another person or entity. Every state has different legislation regarding wrongful death claims and the amount of compensation that can be granted. In order to be successful in recovering compensation, those filing for a wrongful death claim must be able to prove that the actual cause of the fatality.

Common Causes of Road Accidents in California during Rainy Season

Normally, California only experiences rains from October to March. Because of this, certain drivers are not well-experienced in driving on wet and slippery roads. Hence, it is not surprising to learn that hundreds of automobile accidents that result in personal injury cases occur during the rainy season in the State; however, there are certain ways one may do to avoid mishaps.

The Intersection of the Dodd-Frank Act and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

What All Practitioners, Whistleblowers, Defendants, and Corporations Need to Know

How do You Know if You Need a Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney?

Sometimes it’s a tough call whether or not to contact a Las Vegas personal injury attorney. Victims may question whether the severity of their injury should require legal intervention whereas other victims may be unsure if their situation warrants a personal injury case.

When to Call an Accident Attorney in Las Vegas

Experiencing a car accident is common; and yet most people are not sure when they should contact an accident attorney in Las Vegas? Sometimes, when the accident is no one’s fault, it may be a tough decision whether to get an attorney involved. However, often accident victims may have been injured due to the outright negligence of another, making the search for a good attorney important.

Understanding a Wrongful Death Claim

Those seeking a wrongful death claim have typically suffered loss due to negligence, malpractice or the inaction of another person, company or organization.Some of the most common causes of wrongful death include traffic accidents, defective products, medical malpractice and death during construction accidents. Unfortunately wrongful deaths are commonplace.*

Concussion: Serious Head Injuries after an Oregon Car Accident

If you have been in a car accident, and received a concussion, you need to be very careful. Concussions can be a sign of a more serious head injury. You will want to be examined for a more serious brain injury and make sure you receive all the medical treatment you need. A concussion is the term for when your head gets hit so hard that your brain moves back and forth within your skull.

Florida Considers New Rules for Stemming Litigation

The State of Florida enacted a new rule that requires insurance companies to send a person with actual authority to make a fair settlement into mediation. This new rule will help those filing for personal injury claims and will hopefully lower the number of claims that have to go to court. Starting on January 1, 2012, the new Supreme Court Civil Procedure Rule 1.720 was put into practice in Florida.

Do Client List Protections Extend to Social Networks?

More and more companies today are involved in social media marketing and have built up followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networking sites. A recent California case against a writer who took his company’s Twitter following when he left and used the account for personal networking may have a significant impact on whether social media contacts are protected against the injurious consequences of employee theft, as is the case with client lists, explains a lawyer.

Could Plaintiffs Have Received Greater Damages had they Not Settled with Farmer Insurance?

In late 2011, Farmers Insurance Company settled a nationwide class action lawsuit arising from failure to pay reasonable medical expenses for personal injury claims made following auto accidents. According to a Los Angeles, California spokesman for the company, Farmers is pleased to have resolved the matter, although court documents indicate that Farmers settled without admitting guilt but instead chose to settle to avoid the expense of a trial.

Large Trucks: Accident Dangers and Safety Recommendations

Unfortunately, Texas has one of the highest crash rates in the country. The Texas Department of Transportation reported 242 fatal large truck accidents in 2009. More than two-thirds of these deadly collisions occurred in rural areas and were mainly attributed to inattentive driving, unsafe speeds — whether too slow or too fast — and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

NHTSA Examines Role of Antilock Brake Systems in Reducing Truck Accidents

When commercial trucks collide with passenger vehicles, the consequences can be disastrous. The sheer magnitude of heavy trucks makes them a serious threat to other vehicles in the event of an accident. According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 3,380 people were killed in 2009 as a result of collisions with large trucks. In 2008, one out of nine traffic fatalities was the result of a truck accident.

The Role of the Guardian Ad Litem in Personal Injury Cases Involving Minors

Advice From Your South Florida Accident Attorney - When a personal injury case involves injuries to a minor due to the negligence of another, the resulting legal proceedings are somewhat different than a case involving an adult. Depending on the circumstances, the court may have to follow specific procedures in order to adequately safeguard the rights of the minor.

M.D.'s Say Severe Pressure Sore Wounds Should be Kept Moist

The sight of a severe pressure sore wound can be upsetting for both doctor and patient. Stage 3 and 4 pressure sores are hard to treat, and in some cases may cause great discomfort and pain. Fortunately for patients, doctors have many sophisticated wound dressings at their disposal, several of which are relatively pain-free.

Dermatologists must be Involved for Proper Bed Sore Care, Expert Says

Proper bed sore care often requires the expertise of many people. Doctors, nurses and family members all play a critical role in a patient’s healing. Sometimes, however, certain types of doctors might be especially well-suited to treat decubitus ulcers. In a recent report from the website "Modernmedicine", an Ohio doctor argues that proper bed sore care must involve the regular supervision of a dermatologist.

Lawsuit Claims Texas Facility Ignored Patient’s Pressure Sores

In Galveston, Texas, a family is suing a Texas City-based nursing home, saying it failed to properly care for their family member’s severe pressure sores. The bed sores, the family claims, resulted in Christopher Murphy’s early death. According to court documents, Murphy was a patient at the Hearthstone at the Mainlandnursing home from May- September 2010.

Daughter Raises Questions after Father Dies from Bed Sore Complications

In Britain, the daughter of a man who died as a result of infected pressure sores is publicly raising questions about his death. “To know that more could and should have been done to prevent his suffering is simply unbearable,” said 32-year-old Louise Norton, in an interview with the Reading Post. “If by speaking out we can somehow force change, I will feel in some small way justice has been done.”

Tips for Ensuring Your Parent’s Proper Care and Prevent Complications Like Pressure Sores

If you’re an adult child of an elderly parent, you may already know that choosing a proper nursing home can be stressful. Carolyn L. Rosenblatt, nurse and author of the blog AgingParents, shares some tips on how to ensure your parent will always remain safe and healthy:

Government Program Aims to Reduce Hospital Re-admissions from Problems Such as Pressure Ulcers

A new government program unveiled on Wednesday, April 27, will aim to reduce hospital readmissions by 20 percent, according to NorthJersey website. The initiative, an extension of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed March 23, will allot more than $1 billion to help fund “demonstration projects” over the next three years.

Are the Development of Bed Sores at a Nursing Home Considered to be a Form of Nursing Home Abuse?

The Administration on Aging, defines elder abuse as the intentional, or negligent act by a caregiver or any other person that causes harm or a serious risk of harm to a vulnerable adult. Obviously, using the the government’s definition, many forms of mistreatment - intentional and negligent may be considered abusive.

Neglect and Medical Malpractice Alleged in Wrongful Death Case involving Decubitus Ulcers during Admissions

Philadelphia jurors have spoken in a case involving the development of decubitus ulcers during a hospitalization and deterioration during a subsequent stay at a nursing home. Not only did they speak up, but the jurors stood up in a loud way, slapping $5 million in punitive damages on top of a $1 million compensatory award against the Jeanes Hospital and Hillcrest Convalescent Home (Pennsylvania).

What are the Signs of Infection for People Who have Bed Sores?

People with advanced bed sores (stage 3 or stage 4) are particularly susceptible to developing infection– both in the wound itself and potentially systematically. In order to minimize risk of infection, care should be taken to keep the wound clean and dry. Dressings should be changed on a regular basis as ordered by a treating physician.

Pressure Sores are Needlessly Killing Nursing Home and Hospital Patients

Pressure sores (also referred to as bed sores, pressure ulcers, or decubitus ulcers) are an all too common and painful problem for nursing home residents. Most pressure sores are preventable and are caused by faulty care where the nursing home or hospital does provide adequate care to prevent and treat bed sores.

Are Bed Sores Acquired during a Nursing Home Admission an Indication of Poor Care?

Without much objection, bed sores have become an accepted way of life at some nursing homes. Today, patients, families and caregivers at some nursing homes view the development of bed sores as an inevitable part of the aging process. To the contrary, the majority of circumstances when a patient develops a bed sore during an admission to a nursing home is an indication of inadequate care or neglect.

Can Young People Develop Bed Sores during an Admission to a Medical Facility?

Absolutely. Bed sores are not a condition isolated to the elderly. In many circumstances younger patients in nursing homes and hospitals face many of the same risk factors that their contemporaries encounter: remaining in one position for extended periods of time, being kept in soiled linens for extended periods and general neglect by staff when they fail to appreciate the warning signs related to the early signs of a bed sore (also called: pressure sore, pressure ulcer, decubitus ulcer).

Bed Sores Continue to Plague Patients in Chicago Nursing Homes and Hospitals

Even in large metropolitan areas like Chicago, IL patients in nursing homes, hospitals and other types of senior living facilities continue to suffer from a medical complication that has been around as long as history books have been written— bed sores.

The Blood Thinner Pradaxa and Serious Bleeding and Hemorrhaging

The FDA Is Evaluating Risk of Serious Bleeding Episodes with Prescription Drug Pradaxa. Pradaxa (dabigatran etexilate) is an oral blood thinner that was approved by the US FDA in October 2010. Pradaxa is in the class of anticoagulant (anti-clotting) blood thinners called “direct thrombin inhibitors”.

Facts about Motorcycle Accidents in California and How to Claim for Compensations

Traffic accident fatalities are not only associated with vehicle mishaps because a good portion of road accidents do involve motorcycles. Traffic accident fatalities are not only associated with vehicle mishaps because a good portion of road accidents do involve motorcycles. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2010, 3,615 people were killed in the United States due to motorcycle accidents.

Can I Fire My Personal Injury Attorney?

If you have lost confidence in your lawyer, you should get a legal second opinion, and seriously consider changing attorneys. Unhappy With Your Personal Injury Attorney? You were injured in an accident and needed a personal injury attorney. You may have been referred to a lawyer by friend, or found a local lawyer on the internet, or perhaps your doctor referred you to an attorney. However you found your attorney, it is possible that the relationship is not the right fit.

Distracted Pedestrians at Higher Risk of Injury

Since the rise of the cell phone, distracted driving has been a huge area of concern. Attention is now turning to distracted pedestrians. Pedestrian fatalities in the U.S. have increased for the first time in four years, focusing attention on the problems of pedestrians distracted by technology, including cell phones and iPods.

Car Driving Wrong Way on I-55 Could Have Injured Many

A wrong-way driver was killed in a crash in South St. Louis County, putting many drivers in danger. If you or a loved one has been victimized in an accident such as this, you need reliable help from an attorney you can trust. According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, an elderly man was driving his car southbound on the northbound I-55 when he collided with an SUV.

The Main Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents usually fly under the radar because the majority of pedestrians never report their accident to the police. These catastrophic accidents are usually caused by the negligence or inattentiveness of a driver, but other factors such as driver confusion or aggressive driving significantly increase the chance of pedestrian accidents as well.

Medical Malpractice Claims and Lawsuits

Medical malpractice is a term used to embody the negligent behaviors of medical professionals whose omissions or deliberate actions/ inactions have resulted in a failure to practice safe medicine. In many instances, medical malpractice becomes a case worthy of legal address, and claims and lawsuits often follow the injuries and/or fatalities of malpractice within the health care field.

SCV Personal Injury and SFV Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Mistakes Made after Accidents - Part 1

Personal injury refers to any incident where the victim sustains physical and/or emotional injuries. Classic examples include accidents (car, truck, bus, construction site, motorcycle, pedestrian, and train accidents), slip and falls, dog bites, food poisoning, burn injuries, and using defective products. This article focuses on mistakes make after accidents.

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