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Study: Ultrasounds Could Help Reduce Premature Birth Rate

One of the scariest parts of becoming a parent - aside from the roller-coaster ride of pregnancy - is the possibility of having a “preemie,” or baby born before 37 weeks. All premature babies have an increased risk of serious medical complications, and usually begin their lives in the hospital’s “NICU” - neonatal intensive care unit.

C-Diff Infection Alleged to Blame for Death of Nursing Home Patient

A recently filed wrongful death lawsuit claims that clostridium difficile, or commonly known as C. Diff, is to blame for the death of a patient in an Illinois Nursing Home. The lawsuit alleges two short-term stays at Helia Healthcare facilities (Helia Healthcare of Energy and Helia Healthcare of Benton) are to responsible for the man's C. Diff infection and development of decubitus ulcers. It is further alleged that these medical complications contributed to the man's death.

What Impact Does Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy, or Oxygen Deprivation, Have on a Newborn Baby?

Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy is a condition in which the brain does not receive enough oxygen, which can occur during a difficult labor and delivery. The consequences can be severe and can include life-long complications. When a baby is deprived of oxygen during labor and delivery for over a five-minute period of time they can suffer from many types of long-term damage including learning disabilities, delayed development, seizures, and cerebral palsy.

Can Group B Strep Infections Contribute to Birth Injuries?

Group B Strep infections can be particularly scary for expectant mothers because anyone, even healthy mothers, can carry GBS and may not even display any symptoms. Group B Streptococcus (Streptococcus agalactiae, group B strep, or GBS) is a gram-positive streptococcal bacterium commonly found in the intestines and lower genital tract. In adults, it is usually harmless, but mothers can pass GBS to their babies during delivery.

New Research Suggests Correlation Between Low Apgar Scores and Cerebral Palsy

Within the first few moments babies are pulled from the womb doctors administer the first test of their young lives. Known as an Apgar score, doctors use the scale to evaluate each infant’s physical condition --- and determine if there are any deficiencies that require additional medical attention— or that need to be monitored.

Complications During Pregnancy, Such as Uterine Rupture, Put Mother at Risk

Every day in the United States, more than two women die from pregnancy complications. An Amnesty International 2010 report (Deadly Delivery: The Maternal Health Care Crisis in the USA) revealed that women in the United States have a higher lifetime risk of dying from pregnancy complications than women in 40 other countries. A woman's chance of dying in childbirth in the United States is five times higher than in Greece, four times higher than in Germany, and three times higher in Spain.

Sexual Side Effects of Zoloft

Zoloft has been shown in several double blind studies to cause numerous sexual side effects for both men and women. Up to 70% of men on Zoloft experienced difficulties with ejaculation. For women on Zoloft, almost half experienced difficulties with orgasm. For both men and women, 12% had problems becoming sexually aroused, while on Zoloft.

Study: Hospitals Attempt to Bury Evidence of Medical Malpractice

A recent study indicates that hospitals bury evidence of medical negligence through underreporting and by refusing to perform autopsies. Hospitals in Arizona and across the country are burying their mistakes, according to a new study recently released by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Inspector General Daniel R. Levinson.

Arizona Teen Car Accident Fatalities on the Rise

The rate of teen crashes increases in Arizona and across the country. Experts say that teens receive inadequate instruction on how to drive safely. The number of teen car accident fatalities in Arizona recently increased, reflecting a problem seen throughout the country.

Personal Injury: Wrongful Death

Have you lost a loved one in an accident? Were they fatally injured by a defective product or by medical malpractice? A wrongful death lawsuit is probably the last thing on your mind after the death of a loved one, but it could be the only way to get them justice.

Las Vegas Slip and Fall Lawyers Educate You on Your Rights

Did you or a loved one come to enjoy the many tourist attractions of Las Vegas and end up with a fall instead? Slip and fall lawyers can help if you are visiting from out of town and sustain an injury. Whether you trip on unsecured carpet in a casino or slip and fall in your hotel’s lobby, seeking local, legal help is imperative to making your case.

Why Having a Las Vegas Dog Bite Lawyer is Important

Unfortunately, millions of people seek the aid of a dog bite lawyer after being attacked. With the annual costs of medical treatments totaling $165 million, insurance carriers may not be covering all expenses. When your insurance no longer covers your treatment, where do you turn?

An Experienced Las Vegas Accident Lawyer will Advise Caution During Celebrations

An accident lawyer in Las Vegas is the last thing on your mind this time of the year, right? Early summer in Las Vegas brings plenty of reasons to celebrate. So why think about injuries and legal cases? However, celebrations can often lead to reckless behavior. Party guests may not make wise choices, which could lead to injury. In fact, some mistakes may lead to the injury of another, prompting the need for an accident lawyer in Las Vegas.

Defending Your Rights in a Victorville Fall Accident

After sustaining serious injuries in a Victorville fall accident, it is crucial to take pictures or notes of the possible causes of your accident. When property owners fail to provide a reasonably safe environment for guests, by maintaining their property and fixing potential hazards, in the event of a fall accident, victims may be eligible to file a personal injury claim for damages related to the accident.

Why Proven Trial Experience is Important to Your El Cajon Accident Claim

When attempting to recover compensation for serious injuries, the legal skills and expertise of your El Cajon accident attorney can have a significant impact on the amount of compensation you will likely recover. An attorney with years of successful trial experience can increase the amount of compensation you recover several times greater than the settlement an unrepresented claimant is likely to receive.

Uninsured Motorist Case Settled for Policy Limits

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers has resolved an uninsured motorist case for $250,000 on behalf of a 41-year-old carpenter who sustained cuts to his face and injuries to his back and neck. The incident occurred when a hit-and-run driver veered into his lane of traffic and collided with him head-on.

Don't Bother Giving Statements to Insurance Companies After an Accident

In the days following a personal injury accident, many injured people receive an outpouring of calls and messages from friends, family and.... insurance adjusters. While it may be easy to give the insurance adjuster a return call while in the call returning mode, the fact remains that insurance adjusters are not your friends.

Medicare Standards Require Nursing Home Patients to be Transported Safely

Emergency medical and transportation services are a necessary component of a comprehensive medical care program. Ambulance services can be provided by: volunteer, municipal, private, independent and institutional providers. All providers must meet requirements set by State and local laws in order to ensure adequate services and safe transport.

Cars in Parking Lots Pose a Real Danger to Child - Pedestrians

Over the past few weeks, I've been spending a lot more time shopping than I normally do. With a recent move, I've been hitting the Home Depot - Container Store - Bed Bath & Beyond circuit pretty hard. In addition to doing my part to jump start the economy, I've noticed just how dangerous the parking lots in these places can be for adult and child pedestrians alike.

Did Sloppy School Bus Driving Cause Crash and Injuries to Children?

A school bus driver forgot one of the tenants of good winter driving-- keeping an adequate distance between vehicles-- when he swerved the bus to avoid hitting another car that apparently lost control. The bus landed in a ditch on the side of the road injuring six of the children inside. The six injured children were transported to Advocate Condell Medical Center.

'Dooring' Is an Under-Appreciated Danger Facing Bicyclists

When a client tells me that they were involved in a bike accident, I begin to envision the horrific lay of the land as they are peddling down the street and a car ignores a traffic signal or is busy jabbering on their cell phone and..... whack... Well, not to say that the above circumstances don't happen-- and happen with a fair amount of frequency--- the truth is that there's another major component of bicycle injuries that tends to go unknown-- until it happens to you or your child.

It’s Time for Illinois to Recognize the Dangers Associated with Bike-Dooring Accidents

Only recently have states and municipalities recognized the disastrous consequences dooring accidents can have on bicyclists in urban areas. Thankfully, many cities-- such as Chicago-- have recognized the importance of preventing these injuries by incorporating ordinances to protect cyclists from the unavoidable harm caused when a car door is quickly flung open in front of them.

Catastrophic Injuries

If you were involved in an accident that was not your fault, you could be left dealing with life-altering injuries and disabilities. Learn more about the causes and ramifications of these injuries. A child paralyzed after being hit by a drunk driver. A young man loses a limb in a construction site accident. When people are reckless or careless, catastrophic injuries can happen at any time and at any place.

Making Sense of Medical Malpractice Law

Many people have a general understanding about the definition of medical malpractice. However, far fewer individuals are familiar with the law as it pertains to instances of medical misbehaviors. In order to really understand the claims you make against a negligent healthcare professional it will greatly benefit you to understand medical malpractice law as well.

Should California Change Its Policy Toward Undocumented Immigrant Drivers?

California leads the nation in the number of undocumented immigrants living in the state, accounting for 2,570,000 of the 10.8 million people illegally residing in the United States in 2010, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Given that the state requires people to provide a Social Security number and proof of residency to obtain a driver’s license, this population undoubtedly contributes to the incidence of unlicensed driving.

Tort Reform: Beneficial for the State but Injurious for Its Citizens?

A recent article in the Orange County Register discussed debates going on throughout California on the subject of tort reform. The article cited the example of a Huntington Beach woman who had recently filed 48 lawsuits against the state over the course of a few months, underscoring the extent to which frivolous lawsuits plague the state. An attorney explains the issue and how tort reform can, in some cases, benefit the state and its citizens, and, in others, prove injurious for the latter.

Gun Flashlight Wrongful Death: A Case of Defective Design or Product Misuse?

SureFire is a California company that makes gun-mounted flashlights and weapons accessories used by law enforcement officials throughout the United States. Recently, however, a Dallas, Texas family sued the company, alleging that a bad flashlight design led to an inadvertent shooting and fatal personal injury. An attorney examines which argument concerning the cause of the death is more likely to prove successful in court: defective product design or product misuse.

Do Digital Billboards Distract Drivers?

Despite an effort in 2009 to impose a two-year ban on the construction of new digital billboards in Orange County, Los Angeles, and throughout California, there is currently no state law prohibiting these billboards from appearing up and down the sides of highways. Extensive controversy exists surrounding the potential for digital billboards to distract drivers and cause car accidents.

Does Federal Car Seat Crash Testing Account for Overweight Children?

The number of overweight and obese children in the United States has continued to grow, more than tripling in the past 30 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In response to the increasing population of larger, heavier children, safety restraint manufacturers have introduced car seats with higher weight capacities.

California Building Codes: What Are the Consequences of Violations Causing Personal Injury?

Violations of California’s building codes resulting in serious or fatal personal injury have legal consequences for those responsible for the unsafe structure, whether the homeowners, builders, or architects. An attorney cites a recent case in which code violations proved fatal for an emergency responder to illustrate the dangers of incompliance with building laws and the consequences for the parties involved.

Two Years Later: Effects of West Virginia Coal Mining Explosion

In April 2010, a coal mining explosion killed 29 men in southern West Virginia. Nearly two years have passed and the story is far from over. Upper Big Branch is a coal mine in Montcoal, West Virginia and is operated by Massey Energy. At 3:27 p.m. on April 5th, 2010, an explosion occurred over 1,000 feet deep in the mine. High levels of methane were detected in the mine and later an unknown cause sparked an explosion.

What You Need to Know About Class Action Lawsuits

There are too many instances of personal injury throughout the nation, and sometimes the accidents or acts of negligence which cause these injuries are widespread enough to affect more than just a single person. When groups of people are wrongfully harmed in an accident of any type, there may be legitimate cause for a class action lawsuit.

Elderly Driving: Is it Dangerous?

Elderly driving – is it impacting our roadways and causing the accident rate to increase? Learn more about the potential dangers and threats that elderly drivers possess when behind the wheel. You’ve heard the stories of being “cut-off” or “rear-ended” by an elderly driver, yet you wonder if these drivers are truly posing a threat to other drivers on the road.

New Legislation to Prevent Truck Driver Fatigue

Recently the Obama administration has approved of legislation to further regulate the amount of rest truck drivers are required to get while working. This law comes as a result of the high volume of trucking accidents that are caused every year because of truck driver fatigue.

Car Accident Insurance Claims and Adjusters

If you were involved in a car accident, there are probably many questions going through your mind. Understanding what your rights are concerning insurance claims is imperative in order to get the compensation you need. What many people do not realize is that the verdicts and settlements given out for car accidents are, for the most part, paid by the driver’s insurance company.

Accidents Caused by Driving While Texting

Laws banning texting while driving exist for very specific reasons. As such, these laws are just as important as any other and deserve to be followed equally as closely. Failure to do so could create accidents catastrophic enough to end in serious injury or even fatality.

Filing an Injury Claim for Whiplash

Whiplash is one of the most common injures incurred during a car accident. Severe whiplash injuries can have a serious and devastating impact on a person’s life, and victims of whiplash may be able to file a claim and seek compensation for their pain and suffering.

Annular Tears: About the Injury

One of the most painful of spinal injuries that can occur – and one of the most frequent – is that of the annular tear. In this article, we will address just what this injury is, as well as some of the common symptoms and medically accepted forms of treatment. To understand what an annular tear is, one must first understand the anatomy of the spinal cord.

Zoloft Discontinuation Syndrome

What is Zoloft discontinuation syndrome? - Zoloft discontinuation syndrome is the technical term for what occurs when patients experience 'Zoloft withdrawal', or stop taking Zoloft too suddenly. There is no way to tell in advance if one will experience withdrawal symptoms – it is determined by numerous factors such as the dosage, how the patient was taken off the drug, metabolism, etc. The withdrawal symptoms can be severe and can last several weeks.

When Should I Speak With a Lawyer After a Car Accident or Truck Wreck?

Questions after a car or truck accident. After a car accident or truck wreck, people sometimes feel overwhelmed with the entire process of returning to life as normal. Car accidents and truck wrecks can leave people injured and without transportation, both of which affect everyday life.


Mesothelioma is a type of rare cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos and the inhalation of asbestos particles. Asbestos is a set of naturally occurring silicate minerals that is used commercially for its resistance to fire, heat, and electrical damage and applied for use in electrical insulation and building insulation.

Should California Implement Measures to Prevent Distracted Walking and Cycling?

In recent years, distracted driving has received widespread government and media attention, from laws in California and elsewhere prohibiting text messaging and talking on cell phones while driving to educational campaigns and public service announcements featuring celebrities, explains an attorney.

How Have Past Tobacco Lawsuits Impacted Outcomes for Plaintiffs Today?

Tobacco litigation in the United States has been going on since the 1950s when the first reports were released linking tobacco to injurious health consequences, such as cancer, explains a lawyer. Although the first big win for plaintiffs came in the California case Henley v. Philip Morris, battles continue to rage on regarding what tobacco companies’ obligations are to smokers personally and to the public at large.

Product Misrepresentation: How California Law Protects Consumers

A Southern California woman recently made headlines after she personally sued Honda in small claims court when her car failed to live up to promise mileage standards, resulting in financially injurious consequences for her. The woman, Heather Peters, was awarded $9,867 from the small claims court judge and is encouraging others to follow her lead in making claims against Honda. A lawyer examines her case and explains the laws protecting consumers from product misrepresentation.

Elder Abuse and Psychotherapeutic Medications: When Has the Law Been Broken?

A 68-year-old California woman is claiming to have suffered the injurious consequences of abuse while in a nursing home and has filed a lawsuit against the Orange County care provider. The woman, a retired preschool teacher, claims she was drugged in an attempt to restrain her so the nursing home could begin collecting her social security check. An attorney explains the laws the nursing home may have violated.

Premises Liability: When May You Hold a Property Owner Liable for Your Injuries?

Under California law, a person who is injured due to an owner’s negligent management of his or her property may be entitled to compensatory damages. However, determining negligence depends on certain circumstances, including the duty the owner owes visitors to ensure their safety. A lawyer explains how this duty can shift with the context of the situation, citing an accident at an Orange County amusement park as an example.

Will Crocs Be Held Liable for an Orange County Child’s Injury?

At the end of January 2012, an Orange County, California couple added their names to the growing list of parents suing the shoe company, Crocs Inc. Crocs has settled with at least five families after their shoes allegedly caused escalator injuries. An attorney examines the case and explores the likelihood of the company being held liable for the child’s injuries.

Will New Fuel Economy Standards Jeopardize Safety of American Drivers?

In the past, new fuel economy standards have resulted in the production of smaller vehicles that fail to adequately protect occupants from suffering serious or fatal personal injuries in collisions. The federal government’s proposed CAFE standards have elicited concerns among safety advocates and lawyers in California and elsewhere for the safety of American drivers.

Types of Car Accidents that Can Occur

When it comes to car accidents, there are various types that can occur depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident. Every year car accidents claim the lives of thousands. In 2009 alone, almost more than ten million motor accidents occurred and over 35,000 lives were lost as a direct effect. Throughout all of these incidents there are various types of car accidents that can happen as a result of unsafe roadway conditions, negligent drivers and other factors.

Alabama Dog Bite Law

This article provides a brief overview of Alabama dog bite law. Many apartment complexes and homeowner associations are beginning to place limits on the breed of dogs that owners and tenants may own. These breed restrictions come in response to a recent increase in serious dog-bite injuries.

General Guidelines for California Product Liability Claimants

Product liability lawsuits are among those personal injury claims that are very difficult to assert for, much more, to win. Thus, any product liability claimant must learn the basics involved in this type of personal injury claim. Legal - Definition of Product Liability - Generally, product liability is attributed to a manufacturer, seller, or retailer being held liable for producing or selling a defective product to the public.

What to do After a California Wrongful Death Construction Accident

The construction industry has one of the highest rates of fatal and injury workplace accidents in the United States. A construction site offers workers a unique set of hazards that was the cause of more than 800 construction fatalities in 2010, accounting for approximately one-fifth of all fatal workplace accidents of that year.

The Importance of Retaining a Local Victorville Motorcycle Lawyer

Intersections are the most likely location for motorcycle accidents. Every year, numerous motorcycle accidents occur because of driver negligence and failure to respect the motorcyclist’s right of way. In 2009, the California Highway Patrol recorded four fatalities and fourteen injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents.

Asbestos Exposure and Naval Veterans

Naval Veterans may have been exposed to asbestos during their service. This can lead to a number of harmful disease including lung cancer and mesothelioma. Lawsuits are now underway to help victims of asbestos exposure. Breathing asbestos has been associated with a multitude of medical ailments, including lung cancer and mesothelioma (a cancer of the lung lining).

Hip Replacement Problems

A number of patients who have implanted with hip replacements have experienced unnecessary pain and elevated metal levels in their blood. This leads to revisionary surgeries. Lawsuits are currently underway to recover medical expenses and for the pain and suffering caused by these defective medical devices.

Breastfeeding on Zoloft

Currently there is a general consensus among medical professionals that Zoloft does pass through breast milk and it should only be taken by women who breastfeed if the benefits outweigh the risks. Quantifying both of these of course can be awfully difficult. According to WebMD, Sertraline (Zoloft) does pass through breast milk.

Property Damage Total Loss Claims and Insurance Company Use of CCC

If your car was totaled in a collision, there's a good chance that the Insurance Company will use CCC Information Services to generate a valuation. What you need to know. When your car is declared a total loss after a motor vehicle accident, many auto insurance policies, including many in Pennsylvania, provide that you will be reimbursed for the actual cash value (read: market value) of your vehicle.

Never Event #7: Surgical Site Infection

According to the the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, 2.6% of the the 30 million operations performed each year are accompanied by a postoperative infection. Certain procedures account for a higher number of infections---some procedures have infection rates of up to 11%.

Poorly Monitored Medications May Put Children at Risk for Developing Stevens Johnson Syndrome

One of the most profound cases I worked on involved a girl who was prescribed Bactrim by doctors at a medical clinic for complaints of a sore throat following an outdoor soccer match in cool weather. Soon after taking the medication, the girl began to develop bumps on her throat, followed by a skin rash. After several more visits to the clinic, the doctors advised the girls parents to continue with the Bactrim.

C-Diff Infection Alleged to Blame for Death of Nursing Home Patient

A recently filed wrongful death lawsuit claims that clostridium difficile, or commonly known as C. Diff, is to blame for the death of a patient in an Illinois Nursing Home. The lawsuit alleges two short-term stays at Helia Healthcare facilities (Helia Healthcare of Energy and Helia Healthcare of Benton) are to responsible for the man's C. Diff infection and development of decubitus ulcers. It is further alleged that these medical complications contributed to the man's death.

Illinois Supreme Court Upholds Patients' Rights in Medical Malpractice Cases

For the third time in recent years, the Illinois Supreme Court has rejected the State legislatures attempt to limit the rights of those who have been harmed by negligent doctors and hospitals. This most recent decision held section 2-1706.5 of the Code of Civil Procedure was unconstitutional because it violated the separation of powers between the judiciary and legislative branches of government.

What are the Early Signs that a Child May have Cerebral Palsy?

The signs of cerebral palsy usually appear in the early months of life, although specific diagnosis is usually delayed until later. Parents are often the first to suspect that their baby’s motor skills aren’t developing normally. Infants with cerebral palsy frequently have developmental delay, in which they are slow to reach developmental milestones such as learning to roll over, sit, crawl, smile, or walk.

Underlying/Associated Diseases Not Diagnosed

A misdiagnosis malpractice claim may lead to compensation if you were injured as a result of an undiagnosed underlying or associated disease. Contact a medical neglect lawyer.

When an Undiagnosed Aneurysm Leads to a Medical Malpractice Claim

If you or a loved one was the victim of an undiagnosed aneurysm, you may be entitled to pursue a medical malpractice claim against the doctor. To learn what your rights are, you should seek counsel from a malpractice attorney in Cleveland, Ohio. When there is a failure to diagnose a serious medical condition, and it results in devastating consequences, liability may be found with the doctor. This may be a case of medical negligence.

What Impact does Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy or Oxygen Deprivation, Have on a Newborn Baby?

Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy is a condition in which the brain does not receive enough oxygen, which can occur during a difficult labor and delivery. The consequences can be severe and can include life-long complications. When a baby is deprived of oxygen during labor and delivery for over a five-minute period of time they can suffer from many types of long-term damage including learning disabilities, delayed development, seizures, and cerebral palsy.

Are Cesarean Sections Helping or Hindering the Health of Mother and Infant?

As a lawyer, who litigates birth injury cases, I've noticed that there is still quite a bit of confusion about c-section deliveries. I've noticed that many doctors fail to adequately explain the procedure to their patients and many times is is done so during a particularly stressful time--- like when the woman is in labor!!

Medical Malpractice and Nursing Homes

Medical malpractice claims arise when people are injured by negligent or intentional acts of a licensed medical professional. Medical malpractice claims may involve a: doctor, nurse, psychiatrist, dentist, chiropractor, podiatrist, hospital, or other healthcare provider.

Proving Permanent Impairment in Your Personal Injury Case

If you are not completely healed at the time you are considered to be at maximum medical improvement, your personal injury is considered a permanent impairment and you are entitled to compensation for this loss of function. This article reviews your legal options if you have a permanent medical impairment suffered from a personal or work-related accident.

Alabama Child Personal Injury and Contributory Negligence

Alabama law recognizes that a child's mental capacities are different from those of an adult. Thus, Alabama follows special rules for determining whether a minor has the requisite capacity to contribute to his or her own injuries and be barred from recovery pursuant to the defense of contributory negligence. This article provides an overview of Alabama child injury law and contributory negligence.

Limits on Nursing Overtime Can Reduce Medical Errors

Hawaii medical malpractice lawyers find a much higher risk of fatigue when nurses work for too many hours a shift or work overtime. Tired and sleepy nurses may be in danger of making possibly serious medical errors that could even lead to patient injury and death. A new study finds that states that have managed to set restrictions on nurse overtime create conditions that enhance patient safety.

Determining Your Rights in a Victorville Brain Injury Accident

Traumatic brain injuries can be one of the most damaging injuries an individual can sustain in an accident. Brain injuries are one of the top injuries in motor vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, and sports accidents.

What is Wrongful Death under Michigan Law?

If you or a family member has lost a loved one due to an accident you may have means for a Michigan wrongful death lawsuit. Many people may ask, “What is wrongful death?” A wrongful death is defined as a death that resulted due to the negligence or misconduct of another person.

Michigan Medical Malpractice Attorneys Handling Medical Error Lawsuits

According to the Millennium Research Group, medical errors are the fifth leading cause of deaths in the United States, with up to 98,000 deaths annually. Research has found that medical errors are the third highest cause of death in the U.S., following heart disease and cancer.

Hospital Errors and Medical Malpractice Lawsuits in Michigan

Our medical negligence attorneys in Michigan represent plaintiffs in malpractice cases against Michigan hospitals and their staff members for hospital errors. Hospital errors are not uncommon, as they attribute to 225,000 deaths per year. However, the number may even be larger than that, as 80 percent of hospital errors go unreported by hospital employees, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Medication Errors and Michigan Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

1.3 million Americans are injured every year due to medication errors. These errors are preventable. The National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention, defines a medication error as any preventable event that may cause or lead to inappropriate medication use or patient harm while medication is in the control of the health care professional.

Medical Negligence Attorney Discusses Michigan Lawsuits

Our Michigan medical negligence attorneys realize that many of times patients injured due to medical malpractice don’t always file a lawsuit, not understanding their rights or knowing they are a victim of malpractice. The Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences found that nearly 90,000 people lose their lives annually in the hospital, resulting from a medical error; however, only 2 percent of those who suffer injuries from medical negligence make claims.

Child Medication Errors and Michigan Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Our medical negligence attorneys in Michigan recognize the high risk of medication errors in hospitals and you should too. “Know all the drugs you r child is getting: know the dosages and the schedule of those drugs,” says Dr. Joseph Scherger of the University of California at Irvine. “The parent needs to be aware that hospitals are dangerous places.”

What is Medical Malpractice?

Most medical malpractice victims never recover a dime because they do not know they are victims of medical negligence. Our medical negligence attorneys in Michigan want to educate individuals on what is medical malpractice. In fact, it is estimated that 225,000 deaths result from medical malpractice, but nearly two percent of people who have suffered an injury from malpractice ever file a claim.

Motorcycle Crash Attorney Discusses Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Our motorcycle crash attorney represents victims of Michigan motorcycle accidents. The results of these accidents are catastrophic, many of times resulting in wrongful death. In fact, the probability of a getting into a motor vehicle accident and suffering injuries is much higher driving a motorcycle than driving in a car.

Motorcycle Crash Attorney Discusses Motorcycle Accident Injuries and Helmet Facts

Our motorcycle crash attorney represents motorcyclists injured in Michigan motorcycle accidents. The injuries suffered in these accidents many of times result in very catastrophic injuries. Although, there are different views on whether or not helmets do protect the safety of the biker, we would like to share with you some interesting statistics reported by the Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDC).

Michigan Car Accident Lawyer Gives Winter Safety Driving Tips

Top Michigan car accident lawyer advises drivers on how to prevent auto accidents during the winter season. Call now if you suffer injuries in a Michigan auto accident. Our Michigan car accident lawyers often represent auto accident victims in cases that result from hazardous winter driving conditions. Many times, these car accidents could have been avoided had a few driving tips been followed by the driver. A few basic safety rules can go a long way toward accident prevention.

Zoloft - Better than Placebos?

Antidepressants continue to be improved upon, designed to work more effectively, and have fewer side effects. That said, 60 minutes had a fascinating piece on Sunday (originally aired 02/19/2012) highlighting recent studies that ask: Do antidepressants work better than placebos? Zoloft has been prescribed since 1991. And by 2007 it was the most heavily prescribed antidepressant in the US with almost 30 million prescriptions.

Oregon Dog Bite Injury Claims

If you've been bitten by someone else's dog, and you are considering filing an injury claim against the dog's owner, you need to understand Oregon dog bite laws and how to prove negligence. Dog bites can be serious injuries, and cause both physical and emotional harm. But a dog bite victim will have trouble getting compensation unless he or she can prove the dog's owner had reason to believe the dog was dangerous.

Injury Attorney Dallas - The Right Option to Handle the Spinal Cord Injury

If you're suffered a spinal cord injury because of someone else's negligence or reckless behavior, you're likely to hire a Personal injury lawyer Dallas to file a claim against the at-fault entity. In many cases, the serious spinal cord injury results in paraplegia or quadriplegia and the victim needs to bear huge future care expenses and therefore, financial compensation is required to meet the expenses and protect your rights.

The Lasting Impact of a Brain Injury

The impact of a brain injury does can be relatively minor or end up affecting the lives of the entire family of the victim for years to come.

Appeals in North Carolina

This Article addresses various appeals in the North Carolina court system. It includes appeals of criminal and civil matters, discusses the jurisdiction of the North Carolina Court of Appeals and the North Carolina Supreme Court, and addresses preserving errors for appeal and compliance with the rules of appellate procedure.

Call for a Nationwide Ban on Cell Phones and Texting while Driving

In December, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) called for a nationwide ban on all cell phone use while driving. This goes beyond the hands-free laws enacted by ten states. Considering the dangers, why isn’t there such a ban in place? Cell phone use spread at almost an epidemic rate before the dangers were documented. Distracted driving causes more 6000 crashes and 3000 deaths each year.

Protect Yourself against Unscrupulous Debt Collectors

You may want to talk with the debt collector once to be sure the debt involved is yours or to discuss a way to resolve it, but you can refuse contact. If you inform the collector you are represented by a bankruptcy attorney or other counsel, the collector must contact your lawyer rather than you.

Child Booster Seats Save Lives, Defective Child Seats

Would you spend $15 to save your child’s life? Car crashes are the leading cause of death for children ages 3-14, child booster seats save lives, and a safety-rated booster seat costs less than a pair of cheap shoes or a video game. Yet many parents either do not purchase approved child seats or don’t enforce their use.

Negligent Supervision in Victorville Workplace Accidents

Employers are responsible for employing effective supervisory practices to ensure their employees and bystanders are not exposed to unreasonable dangers. Negligent supervision can foster careless production, recklessness, or even abusive behavior. When an employee causes a serious injury accident, under certain circumstances, the employer can be held liable for the damages resulting from their employee’s harmful actions.

How Zoloft (Sertraline) Works – in Layman's Terms

Zoloft (Sertraline) was primarily developed to regulate and balance chemicals in the brain and was commonly prescribed to treat depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Zoloft’s primary method of balancing these chemicals is through what is known as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SRI). By inhibiting the reuptake of serotonin, higher levels of serotonin remain in the brain.

The Critical Role of Nurses in Avoiding Medication Errors

Medication errors are far more common than most people imagine. Commonly cited statistics are that 1.3 million people are injured and approximately 7,000 people die from medication errors each year in the U.S. In May 2011, Dr. Pamela Brown, a Ph.D., RN nurse manager of a pediatric intensive care unit, gave a presentation on fatal medication errors at a conference for critical care nurses.

TSB Targets its “10 Most Wanted” Public Transportation Safety Improvements

In June 2011, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) announced its list of the top 10 issues the agency would like to address to improve transportation safety and save lives. This is the 21st such list the agency has produced. The list calls attention to critical issues that result in loss of life and injury in public transit accidents involving trucks, buses, boats and airplanes and general highway safety.

Establishing Fault in Car - Bicycle Accidents

In 2009 (the last year for which there are statistics), there were 51,000 injuries from bicycle-vehicle accidents in the U.S.; 1,643 of those injuries occurred in Arizona. There were 630 bike accident fatalities nationwide, 25 of which were in Arizona, which was a 31 percent increase in bike rider deaths over the prior year.

Study Says Older Hospital Patients Are at High Risk of Developing Sepsis

A recent joint study from Vanderbilt and Brown Universities found that hospital patients 65 and older have a fairly high risk of developing sepsis, or illness caused by severe blood infection. Sepsis (also called severe sepsis, sepsis infection, and septic shock) is a potentially deadly condition that’s often caused by late-stage bed sores.

Under-Staffing and Under-Funding Alleged in Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit Where Patient Developed Bed Sores

'Under-staffing' and 'under-funding' are just several of the underlying reasons alleged to contribute to the development of a patient's bed sores (or decubitus ulcers, pressure ulcers or pressure sores) during an admission to a Missouri nursing home.

Lawsuit Claims that Husband and Wife Suffered from Negligent Care at Residential Care Facility for the Elderly

Like many elderly couples, a decision to move into a long-term care facility may mean that such a decision is a 'joint effort' and where one spouse goes-- so goes the other. In theory, moving a couple into a long-term care facility provides continuity and support in a new environment.

Why is it Important to Differentiate the Type of Facility Where a Bed Sore Developed?

The first step in evaluating a bed sore case, is to determine when at what type of facility the bed sore developed. Aside from obviously knowing which facility to pursue a claim or lawsuit against, knowing how the facility is legally categorized is essential to a successful recovery.

What are Nursing Homes Required to do to Prevent Bed Sores?

Federal law requires that nursing homes have bed sore prevention program. The first part of a nursing home’s bed sore prevention program is a skin care assessment. A skin care assessment must be completed for new nursing home residents within 14 days of admission to the facility which is done to help determine what factors may put the resident at risk for developing bed sores.

Are the Development of Bed Sores during a Nursing Home Admission an Indication of Nursing Home Neglect?

Caring for nursing home patients is hard work! Caregivers must be dedicated to invest the necessary time and effort to assure the medical, personal and psychological needs of their patients are met. When caregivers fail to provide necessary care, patients begins to suffer. Compared with an affirmative act (such as nursing home abuse), nursing home neglect truly implies that someone is not doing their job.

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