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Proper Car Seats are Best Way to Prevent Children's Injuries From Car Crash

  August 29, 2012     By Kalka & Baer LLC
Child Passenger Safety Week takes places nationally and locally this year from September 16-22. Learn what you can about installing car seats properly. In the past five years, more than 180 children in Georgia have been in a traffic crash and were consequently saved from serious injury and/or death by a car seat or a booster seat, according to the Newnan County Times-Herald.

How to Avoid Falling Asleep at the Wheel

  August 29, 2012     By Shulman DuBois LLC
Falling asleep at the wheel can be as dangerous as drunk driving, and causes several fatal crashes every year. Here's a quick guide to avoiding this common but dangerous driving error. Now, we are not advocating driving when you are tired. If you are tired, pull over. But if you feel you have to drive, here are some useful tips.

Auto Accident Application is of Major Help in a Serious Auto Accident

  August 27, 2012     By The Mace Firm
Most people are shocked and terrified after suffering an auto accident. They are confused regarding what exactly to do. If the individual possess an auto accident application job becomes much easy for the person. Just pressing few buttons it will do all major taks. Auto accident is the major cause behind serious injuries and death of many on the roads of the US.

Insurance Information Generally Not Admissible in Injury Cases

  August 21, 2012     By Miller Legal Services, LLC
Why you probably can't sue an insurance company for your accident. Many of my clients ask me why I don’t file suit against the at-fault driver’s insurance company. After all, it is the insurance company’s adjuster who I have been negotiating with for months before filing suit. The reason I don’t name the insurance company in the lawsuit is that generally, Georgia law says I can’t.

How Seatbelts and Airbags Protect Passengers During a Car Crash

  August 20, 2012     By Kalka & Baer LLC
Most people think the odds not being in a car accident are in their favor. Those people are wrong about that. The U.S. Census Bureau reports transportation accidents and fatalities to be on the decline since the 1990 but still a serious national problem. Kalka & Baer attorneys discuss the importance of vehicle seatbelts and airbags.

Aggressive Truck Driving across the State of Georgia

  August 17, 2012     By Kalka & Baer LLC
With major interstates not only running through metro-Atlanta but also north and south of the capital city, Georgia's highways are a commonplace for trucking accidents caused by aggressive driving. Aggressive driving is on the rise in the U.S. for both truck drivers and drivers of passenger vehicles.

Reinstating a Suspended Driver’s License

  August 17, 2012     By The Law Offices of Phillip T. Ridolfo, Jr.
When you are convicted of a crime and your license is suspended, this can have a large negative outcome on your life. Having your license reinstated as quickly as possible is the best choice and by following through with the right procedures you may increase your likelihood of achieving just that.

4 Tips on How You Can Win Your Motorcycle Accident Case

  August 16, 2012     By Mesriani Law Group
It is not a new fact that motorcycle accident cases are difficult to pursue, not to mention to win. The complicated legal proceedings and actions involved in pursuing these cases are among the apparent causes for the involved complexities. It is not a new fact that motorcycle accident cases are difficult to pursue, not to mention to win.

Motor Vehicle Accidents on the Reservation

  August 16, 2012     By Reeves, Aiken & Hightower LLP
There are a lot of things to be concerned with after a car accident, but when you are on vacation on the reservation, there is one extra worry: What happens if you get into an accident in on the Indian reservation? Will the law be the law that you have come to expect in car accidents? Will you have to have your lawyer file your suit in a tribal court?

Safety Information to Prevent a Motorcycle Accident

  August 16, 2012     By Kalka & Baer LLC
Riding a motorcycle is a fun experience for many reasons, but it comes with dangerous possibilities if involved in an accident. Motorcycle riding offers time spent outside, traveling to new beautiful places. It also offers that social community of others who enjoy what you enjoy while being able to meet new motorcycle enthusiasts. Here in Georgia, there are beautiful roadways to ride. North Georgia offers a multitude of riding choices and destinations.

DUI Checkpoint in PA Requires Police Intervention

  August 15, 2012     By The Martin Law Firm, P.C.
The decision to conduct a DUI checkpoint near a major highway on-ramp during the annual Musikfest festival in Northampton County, PA has been questioned by police officials. The DUI checkpoint was conducted by local PA township police on the night of August 4, during the first weekend of Musikfest. Musikfest is an annual music festival that has been held each August in Bethlehem, PA since 1984.

Bad Chest Injuries from Slip and Fall Acidents and Car Accidents

  August 15, 2012     By Kalka & Baer LLC
Kalka & Baer's accident attorneys give a description of some serious chest injuries that commonly result from motor vehicle accidents and slip and fall accidents. Chest injuries are one of the more common types of injuries a person will sustain from a car accident. Sometimes even these injuries are caused by the protective force of a seatbelt or airbag. Serious slip and fall accidents can result in bad chest injuries as well.

Rear-End Accidents From Atlanta Traffic

  August 14, 2012     By Kalka & Baer LLC
Driving comes with responsibility. Not only is a driver responsible for himself/herself but also for other drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and anyone else on the road. Safe driving is the number one way to prevent car accidents. The capital of the South is commonly ranked as the nation’s top cities with traffic. Cited as the eight worst American city for traffic by The Weather Channel, Atlanta’s highways are congested daily.

Stay Safe This Summer

  August 13, 2012     By Law Office of John J. Sheehan
Accident risks will remain disproportionately high over the next few weeks, as thousands of Bostonians take to the highways for summer trips and vacations. The months of May right through August are some of the most accident-prone months of the year, with the most dangerous days of the year falling during these weeks.

Texting While Driving is Still a Serious Problem For Georgia Drivers

  August 13, 2012     By Kalka & Baer LLC
It was a little more than two years ago that the state of Georgia passed a texting while driving ban. All Georgia drivers are prohibited to text while driving. That law prohibits texting from a cell phone, text messaging device, PDA, or any other similar wireless device. Law enforcement officers can cite a driver for texting as long as they see the offense in action. The current fine is $150 and one point assigned to your driving license.

Raleigh DUI Accidents and the Law

  August 10, 2012     By Law Offices of J. M. Kotzker, P.C.
Facing a traffic ticket for reckless driving or speeding can be unsettling. In North Carolina, a particular DUI case captured the attention of national media. It involved a drunk plastic surgeon driving his Mercedes 90 mph in a 45 mph zone and slamming into a car driven by a member of the Carolina Ballet. The accident killed the young woman and the doctor went to jail.

Will My Car Insurance Cover Me if I'm Injured Due to a Hit and Run Driver?

  August 9, 2012     By Wolpert Schreiber P.C.
In Pennsylvania, you may be able to recover damages for injuries by a hit and run driver if you have Uninsured Motorist Coverage on your insurance policy. If you injured in a car accident due to a hit and run driver, you should first contact the Police and make a Report. It may be that you can identify the vehicle or the license plate number. If that driver is later found, you would have a right to make a claim for bodily injuries and damages if the driver has insurance coverage.

Personal Injury Lawyer Works Diligently to Protect Victims Injured Due to Negligence

Why should you hire a Plano personal injury lawyer if you have been injured in a car accident, or any accident caused by someone else? The fact is, most people are not familiar with the laws, and what they are actually legally entitled to. Essentially, you may be taken advantage of by the defendant's insurance company without skilled legal guidance.

Oregon Wrongful Death Claims: Laws and Time Limits

  August 7, 2012     By Shulman DuBois LLC
If your loved one has been killed in an accident, you can file a wrongful death claim. In Oregon, however, there are time limits as well as limits on who can file the claim, and what damages can be compensated. Who can bring a wrongful death claim? ORS 30.020 says that the following people (or their legal representatives) are entitled to bring wrongful death claims against the person who caused the death:

Obamacare’s Impact on Alabama Personal Injury Claims

  August 7, 2012     By Drake Law Firm
This article discusses the potential impact that the PPACA ("Obamacare") may have on Alabama personal injury claims. Specifically, the article dicusses how medical liens currently affect an injured individual's recovery. The article also explains how the PPACA may actually allow personal injury victims to obtain a larger portion of their overall recovery.

What to do After a Car Accident

  August 6, 2012     By Smith Thompson Law
A car accident can be a frightening experience. This article gives a brief guideline of what to remember if you find yourself in such a situation. We live in a country where driving is a way of life. Because of this, it is almost certain that at some time in our lives, we will experience an automobile accident. When you are in a car accident, even if you are not injured, there are certain things that you need to do...

Wrongful Death in Pennsylvania

A motor vehicle accident, medical malpractice, poorly maintained premises or even a workplace accident that is due to a wrongful act, a negligent act, a violent act or neglect may give rise to a wrongful death lawsuit in Pennsylvania. A wrongful act, a negligent act, a violent act or neglect that results in death may give rise to a wrongful death lawsuit in Pennsylvania.

Move Over Law in Force August 5th, 2012 in Canada

  August 2, 2012     By
New measures on road safety will come into force in Quebec this Sunday August 5th, 2012. This new legislation will take place under articles 406.1 and 311.1 of the Highway Safety Code (R.S.Q., chapter C 24.2). These new measures are already in place in seven Canadian provinces and most of the United States.

Dnt Txt N Drv: Keeping Teen Drivers Safe in Florida

  August 1, 2012     By Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A.
Distracted driving causes devastating accidents, prompting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to recommend all states ban the use of phones in vehicles entirely. At least 35 states have already enacted prohibitions on texting while driving, but not Florida.

Bike Sharing Raises Helmet Issue

  July 31, 2012     By Kahn Gordon Timko & Rodriques P.C.
Many cities have established programs for bicycle sharing. Sometimes it seems as if there are no downsides to bike sharing programs, however, there are public safety concerns associated with bike share programs – concerns that must be addressed as alternative transportation systems such as bicycle sharing grow in popularity.

Sometimes, Dangerous Intersections Can Be Fixed Only After Community Activism

  July 31, 2012     By Kahn Gordon Timko & Rodriques P.C.
Middle school students in the Bronx have taken up the cause of improving the safety of city streets. The city responded to student concerns by installing a No Standing sign to prohibit parking close to the intersection, allowing pedestrians to see and be seen.

Shoulder Injuries After a Car Accident

  July 31, 2012     By Shulman DuBois LLC
Shoulder injuries are common after an auto accident, but the shoulder is very complex and injuries are not always diagnosed in a timely manner because it can be difficult to determine the source of pain. But shoulder injuries need to be treated, and your treatments can be compensated through insurance.

Decrease in Excessive Speeding Tickets in Quebec, Canada

  July 26, 2012     By
The relentlessness with which the authorities fight excessive speeding and their ubiquity on the roads of Quebec seem to have paid off. The number of excessive speeding tickets has seen a sharp decrease from 17,844 cases in 2008 to 7,400 cases in 2011. As of July 19, 2012 only 1,581 tickets have been issued.

Road Accidents Caused by Negligent California Drivers

  July 25, 2012     By Mesriani Law Group
Car accidents may just seem to be simple fender benders but there are times when they result in serious and life-altering situations. In the State of California, for example, car accidents are quite common as thousands of Californians get injured and get killed each year due to such mishaps.

Common Causes of Construction Site Accidents

  July 25, 2012     By Shulman DuBois LLC
There are several common causes of construction site accidents, and if you are considering hiring a personal injury lawyer, make sure they understand these causes and how to deal with them in a claim. There are thousands of construction sites, and hundreds of thousands construction workers, in the U.S. - and unfortunately, that means a lot of construction accidents.

Are You at Risk of Drowsy Driving?

  July 24, 2012     By Law Office of John J. Sheehan
Drowsy driving is a very dangerous activity. It can be just as dangerous as drunk driving or driving while texting. There are certain risks that one should avoid when driving to prevent drowsy driving. Driving while sleepy or fatigued is a highly underestimated factor in auto accidents around the country. That can be seen in the fact that no state, except New Jersey, has any law that prevents persons from driving while they are sleepy or fatigued.

Laws That Went Into Effect In 2011

  July 22, 2012     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
A few laws that went into effect this past year. The Illinois legislature changed the crosswalk law so that drivers must stop and stay stoppedť when pedestrians are crossing the street. You can't just yield to them, you must STOP! In late June, Gov. Pat Quinn signed into effect a law that requires back seat passengers to wear seat belts. The police can now stop vehicles if they notice a passenger isn’t strapped in.

I Just Want to Go to Trial

  July 22, 2012     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
Most people feel that if they are in an auto accident, simply hire an attorney and go to trial. What they don't understand is the logistics that it takes to go to trial. First, the court assigns the trial date; that date is dependent upon courts schedule, as well as the caseload of the prosecuting attorney. Second, the evidence needs to be entered into trial. Third, the discovery phase of litigation can be time consuming.

Benefits of Having a San Francisco Auto Accident Attorney on Your Side When Injured in a Car Crash

  July 19, 2012     By Law Office of Steven L. Weiner & Associates
You've been injured in a car accident that wasn't your fault. Do you really need the services of a skilled San Francisco auto accidents attorney, or should you just let the insurance company handle it? The fact is, insurance companies will drag out a claim as long as they possibly can, and even when they do settle your claim, you can bet it won't be for the full amount you deserve.

NTSB Seeks to Ban Use of Hand Held and Hand-Free Devices in Cars

  July 19, 2012     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
Last week, the National Transportation Safety Board issued a press release detailing its plans to move forward with the implementation of a nationwide ban on the nonemergency use of portable electronic devices (PED) while driving a car.

More Proof That Safety Innovations in Cars Make a Difference

  July 19, 2012     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
The roads can be dangerous, especially during the holiday season where there are more travelers than normal. Anything that can be done to decrease the number of serious injuries from car accidents on our nation’s highways is a good thing. That’s why we occasionally highlight new safety features in cars–because they really can make a difference.

Hybrid Cars: Saving the Environment... And Your Life?

  July 19, 2012     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
Most would agree that hybrid cars are better for the environment than traditional gas guzzling vehicles. And, hybrid cars are better for your wallet, too, since these vehicles use less gas. But, did you know that hybrid cars might offer safety benefits as well?

Are Women More Likely to Be Injured in Car Accidents Than Men?

  July 19, 2012     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
Whether women are more likely to be injured in the event of a motor vehicle accident is up for debate, although the results of a recent study tend to support that conclusion. As reported at the Huffington Post, according to a study published just a few months ago in the American Journal of Public Health, women are more likely to be seriously injured in car accidents.

What is the Automobile Recall Process?

  July 19, 2012     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
We’re all familiar with motor vehicle recalls. They happen all the time. Whether you hear about it in the news or receive a letter from the manufacturer, we’ve owned cars that have been recalled at one point or another.

Experienced Accident Attorneys – Simply, on Your Side!

  July 18, 2012     By Beverly Law Firm
Be it a car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, bicycle accident or any other type of automobile accident, the automobile accident attorneys are always there to lend you a helping hand. Have you ever given it a thought that who helps you the most when you face an accident resulting in severe injuries and huge losses? Of course, many of you will say – doctor.

Avoiding Truck Accidents - Defensive Driving Tips

  July 17, 2012     By Zevan and Davidson Law Firm, LLC
Tractor-trailer accidents account for 9 of every 13 accidents last year, hence, it’s becoming increasingly important to drive safely around semi-trucks. Central to understanding defensive driving is a solid appreciation of the dangers and risks these tractor-trailers represent.

Property Damage Liability in California

  July 17, 2012     By Demas Law Group, PC
Property damage liability provides coverage for amounts you become legally responsible for paying another person as a result of damage to that person’s vehicle or other property in an accident that was all or partially your fault. You will be covered only up to the amount of coverage, or “policy limit,” that you purchase. Again, the higher the coverage, the higher the premiums.

New California Car Seat Law Targets Older Children

  July 17, 2012     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
With the new year came new laws, including a new California car seat law that requires children to use a booster seat until they are age 8 or 4 feet, 9 inches tall.

Replacing Children’s Car Seats After an Automobile Accident

  July 17, 2012     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
Car accidents are a fact of life. If we escape with just a few scrapes and dents to a fender and no injuries, most of us consider ourselves lucky. But, even if you and your loved ones emerge from the accident unscathed, what about your child’s car seat? Is it still safe to use after an automobile accident?

Should Motorcyclists Be Subjected to Safety Checkpoints?

  July 17, 2012     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
Congress is currently considering legislation that would provide monetary grants to states mandating random safety checkpoints for motorcycles. Georgia and New York already have similar programs in place and the grants under consideration would encourage other states to implement similar laws.

Sudden Increase in Teen Deaths From Car Crashes

  July 17, 2012     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
You may find it surprising to learn that car accidents are the leading cause of death for United States teenagers. And, sadly, according to the results of a new study conducted by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), the number of teen deaths caused by automobile accidents increased in the first half of 2011. This increase was particularly surprising since teen deaths from car accidents had been declining in the years prior to 2011.

Illinois Court on Liability of Police Officer for Car Accident

  July 17, 2012     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
Sometimes, car accidents occur when a police officer is responding to a call and in many cases, depending on the facts of the case, laws exist which provide immunity–for police officers and their employers–from liability in personal injury lawsuits.

Investigation Shows New Chicago Transportation Authority Cars Defective

  July 17, 2012     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
Last year the Chicago Transportation Authority (CTA) introduced a shiny, brand new fleet of trains for the “L” track. This was the first time, in a number of decades, that the CTA had upgraded Chicago’s public transportation system and for many Chicagoans, the new cars were a welcome relief from the creaky, old trains they were used to.

Safety Advocacy Group Seeks Enactment of Rear View Mirror Safety Regs

  July 17, 2012     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
Safety advocacy groups play an important role in forcing the enactment of safety regulations and thus protecting consumers from dangerous products. A particularly vulnerable sector of our society is children. If anyone requires advocacy on their behalf, it’s children–especially when it comes to automobile safety.

Are School Buses Unsafe?

  July 17, 2012     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
Although automobile safety has changed by leaps and bounds over the last few decades, safety standards on school buses haven’t changed much since the 1960s. Unlike cars, seat belts aren’t mandatory and many school buses aren’t even equipped with them.

How Much Should Automakers Be Fined For Not Complying With Recall Rules?

  July 17, 2012     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
In late March, the United States Senate approved legislation that would increase the fines levied against U.S. automakers who failed to comply with automobile recall regulations. Currently, automakers are fined a maximum of $17 million but the proposed legislation would greatly increase the maximum fines to $250 million.

Illinois Court on Ambulance Driver’s Liability for Car Accident

  July 17, 2012     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
If you’re injured as a result of an automobile accident with an emergency services vehicle that is responding to a call, are you be able to receive compensation for your injuries? Well, the answer is–it depends. In Illinois, in many cases, responding emergency vehicles maybe held to be immune from liability, but ultimately, the facts of the case will control whether you will prevail if you file a personal injury lawsuit based on your injuries.

Female Crash Test Dummies Now Regularly Being Used

  July 17, 2012     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
It may surprise you to learn that it wasn’t until 2003 that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) began to sometimes use female crash test dummies when simulating crashes to determine the safety of vehicles.

Should Brake-Override Systems in Cars be Mandatory?

  July 17, 2012     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
Are brake-override systems necessary?

Illinois Legislators Seek to Revise Law for Chronic Speeders

  July 17, 2012     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
Currently in Illinois, repeat speed offenders are oftentimes sentenced to court supervision and fines instead of license suspensions. According to this Chicago-Tribune article, sometimes the supervisory sentence is handed down improperly and the motivation for these types of alternate sentences is to allow the chronic speeder to avoid a license suspension.

The State of Illinois Banned Texting

  July 17, 2012     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
Four years ago a taskforce led by Jesse White, Illinois Secretary of State, unsuccessfully tried to persuade lawmakers to create broad restrictions on distracted driving.

Paying Insurance On A Vehicle Though You No Longer Have A Valid Driver’s License

  July 17, 2012     By Ankin Law Office, LLC
Imagine that your elderly parent is still keeping her prized mint condition 1973 Buick Riviera in the garage.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Texas

  July 13, 2012     By Law Offices of Sheadyn R. Rogers, P.C.
If you have been involved in an automobile accident, trucking accident, motorcycle accident, or any other type of vehicle accident, these steps will help you handle the tragedy.

Voir Dire: Picking a Jury May Win or Lose Your Lawsuit

  July 13, 2012     By Law Offices of Sheadyn R. Rogers, P.C.
Voir Dire, the First Stage of a Jury Trial, is a Key Aspect of the Case and Can Win or Lose Your Case Before Evidence is Even Presented

Suspended License for Fault in a Fatal Car Accident

  July 13, 2012     By The Rosenblum Law Firm, P.C.
You immediately slam on your breaks, but to no avail. You hear the screeching of tires and you think to yourself in the split-second before it all goes down, “I hope I make it out of this alive.” Once you recover, collect your thoughts, and realize that you are unharmed, you exit your vehicle.

Oregon Hit and Run Laws

  July 11, 2012     By Shulman DuBois LLC
In Oregon, it is illegal to leave the scene of an accident without stopping. As a driver, your duty is to remain at the location, and assist as needed. If you don't, the penalties under Oregon law can be severe. ORS 811.705 outlines the duties of a driver when someone is injured:

How to Avail Accident Compensation?

  July 11, 2012     By Beverly Law Firm
Be it a car accident, a motorcycle accident or any other automobile accident, it always results in damages and loss. However, we are lucky to have a law which has framed accident benefits. There is no place in the world which is free of risks for human beings. On the other hand, there are certain places in the world which have greater chance of putting humans into some sort of harm. One such place is road.

Insurance Coverage

  July 10, 2012     By Arnold & Itkin LLP
Commercial vehicles have the potential to do extraordinary damage. Without the proper insurance coverage, the victims may suffer. Did you know that a typical semi-truck or big rig can weigh up to 80,000 pounds? Now picture that vehicle getting into an accident with a regular passenger vehicle. Who do you think is likely to suffer the most?

3 California Traffic Laws Prohibiting Cell Phone Use while Driving

  July 9, 2012     By Mesriani Law Group
Every year, thousands of Americans get killed due to distracted driving-related accidents. In fact, in 2010 alone, more than 3,000 people were killed and about 416,000 individuals were injured in road accidents involving distracted drivers.

Prevent Motorcycle Crashes This Summer -- And All Year

  July 5, 2012     By Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A.
This summer, the NHTSA wants to prevent motorcycle accidents by reminding motorists to keep an eye out for motorcycles on the roads and to remember that motorcyclists have all the same rights and privileges as other motor vehicles. May was Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in Florida and throughout the country.

Distracted Driving Can Cause Fatal Car Accidents in Florida

  July 3, 2012     By Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 3,000 people died in 2010 from distracted driving-related car accidents. Distracted driving is defined as anything that takes a motorist’s eyes off the road for more than two seconds. This can include eating behind the wheel, putting on make-up, turning to talk with a child in the back-seat, reading directions or the newspaper, trying to pick up something off the floor, or choosing music to listen to.

One Summer Worry - Boating Accidents

  July 2, 2012     By Law Offices of R. F. Wittmeyer, Ltd
Operating a boat on the water is comparable with operating a motor vehicle on land: accidents happen. Just as a driver of a motor vehicle can use safety precautions in operating their vehicle, an operator of a vessel (including an open motorboat, personal watercraft, cabin motorboat, sailboat, canoe, kayak, or pontoon) can use safety precautions in operating their vessel.

Car Accidents - 3. Causation

  June 30, 2012     By Demas Law Group, PC
Just because an insurance company agrees that its insured is responsible for causing an accident does not automatically mean that it will agree to pay all of the damages that you claim were caused by the collision. A common method for insurance companies to avoid paying a claim is to take the position that although their insured was responsible for causing the accident, the accident did not cause your claimed injuries or damages.

Venue Rules in Truck and Car Accident Cases

  June 28, 2012     By Solnick & Levin LLC
After a truck accident in Pennsylvania, an accident victim will want to recover for personal injuries and property damages. If the accident happens between parties who are not of the same state, such as a Philadelphia injured party being smashed by a truck driver working for a company of another state like New York, there will be concerns on where to file the lawsuit, and which court may hear the case.

Can You Make a No Win No Fee Accident Claim?

  June 25, 2012     By Beverly Law Firm
Who says that filing a legal claim for getting compensation is possible only for those who have got some sort of financial back-up? The law and its rules have been framed by the people and for the people. The law understands what all problems people might go through and therefore it has provided provisions which help out people in different circumstances.

Truck Accident Claim: Using a Driver Qualification File as Evidence

  June 22, 2012     By Law Offices of Shane Smith
If you were in a truck accident, consider filing a claim. Contact an Atlanta truck accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Shane Smith today to get started. Getting into a truck accident can be scary. Just the sheer size of a large truck or big rig can cause serious damage, even at very low speeds.

Personal Injury Lawyer: 4 Important Things to Know about Personal Injury Action

  June 21, 2012     By Law Offices of Shane Smith
Are you considering taking Georgia personal injury action? Contact an Atlanta personal injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Shane Smith today and discover your legal options. If you’ve been hurt or injured because of someone else’s mistake or negligence, you may consider taking legal action to recoup the costs you’ve incurred due to the injury.

Assumption of the Risk Doctrine in Pennsylvania Personal Injury Cases

  June 18, 2012     By Wolpert Schreiber P.C.
Assumption of the Risk is a rule that is used by Defendants in civil lawsuits. Assumption of the Risk is a potential defense, or way to defend a personal injury case. It is, however, often misunderstood. First, the person injured must have an understanding that they are taking a risk of danger by doing what they are doing. Second, they must voluntarily choose to accept the risk and do the activity anyway. Specifically, the likelihood and seriousness of the threatened harm must be appreciated.

Hours of Service Exemption for Oilfield Drivers

  June 18, 2012     By Baumgartner Law Firm - Texas Truck Accident
In a recent regulatory rule interpretation, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), offered guidance on what is known as the “oilfield exception” to the hours of service regulation for commercial truck drivers. Generally the hours of service rules are contained in Section 395 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

Understanding Insurance Points in North Carolina

  June 15, 2012     By The Law Offices of Darrin M. Gamradt, P.C.
In North Carolina, insurance points drastically increase insurance premiums. For this reason, having an attorney defend you in traffic court may save you from costly insurance points. In North Carolina, traffic tickets can be extremely costly, resulting in skyrocketing insurance premiums and sometimes a suspended driver’s license.

Basics of Oregon Bus Accident Lawsuits

  June 12, 2012     By Shulman DuBois LLC
If you've been injured by a bus, you may need help to file a claim and get compensation. Buses are usually public transportation, which can make filing a tort claim in civil court very difficult. Getting seriously injured on a bus or by a bus driver is rare, but it does happen. And if this has happened to you, there are several things you need to know to protect your rights.

Driver Negligence and Distraction: A Nationwide Concern

  June 12, 2012     By Lanier Law Group, P.A.
Distracted driving and driver negligence is the main culprit behind auto accidents. If drivers were to execute more caution, thousands of lives would be saved every year. Considering the amount of motor vehicles on the road, it’s no surprise that your chances of being involved in a car accident at least once within your lifetime are extremely high.

Accidents: The Leading Cause of Death and Injury in Children

  June 11, 2012     By Lanier Law Group, P.A.
The leading cause of death in young children is accidents. Accidents are preventable and when a negligent adult or other entity is responsible, they may be liable for all damages. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 9,000 children died from injuries in the United States in 2009.

2 Most Dangerous Freeways in California

  June 7, 2012     By Mesriani Law Group
Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere in Los Angeles but there are particular roads that are considered “accident-magnet” because of the high frequency of car accidents there. These Los Angeles roads are: Interstate 5 (I-5) and Interstate 10 (I-10). These highways are particularly prone to fatal accidents because of the high volume of traffic and other contributing factors.

Evaluating a Head Injury Case

  June 7, 2012     By Baumgartner Law Firm - Texas Truck Accident
A blow to the head and accompanying traumatic brain injury can be very difficult for the victim and also requires the personal injury attorney to have a working knowledge of head injury treatment and diagnosis. By far the most common type of head injury is a concussion, which can have varying degrees of associated problems.

SCV and SFV Motorcycle Accident Attorney Mason Rashtian Discusses Motorcycle Accidents

  June 7, 2012     By The Mason Law Firm
A report prepared by Governors Highway Safety Association reveals that in 2009, motorcyclist traffic fatalities in the United States dropped by 16% to 4,465. This was the first time in 12 years that this number decreased. Unfortunately, any accident involving a motorcyclist results in serious injuries, if not death. Statistics gathered in 2006 show that for every mile traveled in the United States, there were 35 times more deaths resulting from motorcycle accidents than from car accidents.

Is it Possible to Sue the Negligent Driver for Pain and Suffering in Michigan?

  June 6, 2012     By The Clark Law Office
If you live in Michigan, you probably know the premise behind no-fault auto insurance law, but you may not know that your ability to bring a third party lawsuit against the negligent driver is severely limited. In return for the limited ability to bring a third party suit, it should be easier to collect expenses such as medical bills, but the Michigan auto insurers are now trying to deny drivers even these benefits if they are at fault even though Michigan has a no fault system in place!

Lawyer Explains the Differences between Motorcycle and Auto Crashes

  June 6, 2012     By Sachs Waldman PC
Michigan no-fault insurance is designed to make sure anyone involved in auto accidents in Michigan has their medical needs paid for and any income lost to injuries reimbursed. It doesn’t matter who is at fault in the accident or how many vehicles were involved. If you’ve been involved in an auto accident, it’s important to know what benefits you’re entitled to.

How to Write a Demand Letter to an Insurance Company after an Injury

  June 6, 2012     By Shulman DuBois LLC
If you've been injured, you can send a demand letter to the at-fault driver's insurance company to begin the negotiation process for compensation. This is a basic guide for what to include in the demand letter, although with cases where liability is an issue or there are major injuries, contacting a personal injury attorney to create a demand for you may be more successful.

Philadelphia Injury Attorney Discusses SEPTA Crashes Resulting in Serious Injury to Philadelphia Residents

SEPTA Drivers Cheating Red Lights and Stop Signs One Reason for Injuries says Attorney Weitzman - During a recent segment on FOX 29, personal injury attorney Dean Weitzman of MyPhillyLawyer discussed how reckless bus drivers put countless lives in danger by ignoring traffic signals throughout Philadelphia. “Drivers need to understand and really appreciate that they have 50 souls in their hands every trip they take,” commented Weitzman.

Interrogatories in Personal Injury Cases

  June 2, 2012     By Wolpert Schreiber P.C.
Interrogatories are a discovery tool in personal injury cases. Interrogatories are a routine part of personal injury lawsuits. They are a set of written questions sent by one party or side, to the other. They are part of the discovery phase of the lawsuit. The purpose of Interrogatory questions is to obtain information, i.e. discover information, about the other party. The questions will usually have a set of instructions to help define the terms or specific time frame of the interrogatories.

What to do After an Auto Accident

  June 1, 2012     By Ward Smith, PLLC
There are specific actions you can take to protect your best interests after a collision. Once you take the necessary steps, you should contact a personal injury immediately afterwards. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motor vehicle crashes were the 11th leading cause of death in the United States in 2009.

Seat Belt Use, So Easy, So Quick and So Effective

  June 1, 2012     By D'Alessandro & Wright - Personal Injury
Recently as I was driving with my son, we came upon several state police troopers with lights flashing parked on the side of the highway. Off of the highway, down a hill right up against some trees there was a small SUV with damage on every part of it. Clearly, the vehicle had left the road and rolled over several times.

Hang Up, Turn Off, Pay Attention and Drive

  June 1, 2012     By D'Alessandro & Wright - Personal Injury
As part of a nationwide effort to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving and to help our children make safer driving decisions during April & May 2012 trial attorneys fanned out across the country making presentations at high schools. The presentations were developed by “End Distracted Driving.” and in collaboration with safety professionals whose expertise includes framing the appropriate messages to reach teens.

What Will It Take?

  May 31, 2012     By D'Alessandro & Wright - Personal Injury
I just read a story in the local paper that a 24 year old man killed a 40 year old man because the 24 year old was driving the wrong way on interstate Route 95 in Providence, RI. Although there is no evidence yet as to intoxication or drug use, and everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, the facts of this case suggest that intoxication or drug use was indeed a factor.

Distracted Driving: Why isn’t it Getting More Attention?

  May 29, 2012     By Kahn Gordon Timko & Rodriques P.C.
We all know the risks involved in using a cell phone or texting while driving. We even know statistics that tell us that drivers using phones are four times more likely to be involved in crashes. However, we often fool ourselves into thinking that we will not be a victim in such accidents. We believe that the numbers do not apply to us.

New Helmet Laws in Michigan Allow Freedom for More Experienced Riders

  May 29, 2012     By Michigan Bikers Association
For years, a mandatory motorcycle helmet law was in effect throughout the state of Michigan. However, recent changes have made the state slightly more lenient regarding the use of motorcycle helmets. Bikers now have the option to ride without a helmet, provided they meet certain requirements under the new law.

Arizona Car Accident Attorneys Fight for Full Compensation for Injured Victims

  May 29, 2012     By Law Offices of Thomas C. Wilmer, P.C.
Arizona car accident attorneys know that auto accidents are a leading cause of serious and even fatal injuries in the U.S. today. When you have suffered injuries in an accident that was the other driver's fault, it is important that you seek the guidance and expertise of a skilled Arizona car accident lawyer right away.

Is Hiring an Arizona Motorcycle Accident Attorney Necessary if You're a Biker Who's Been Injured?

  May 29, 2012     By Law Offices of Thomas C. Wilmer, P.C.
Although the general public seems to be of the opinion that bikers who drive motorcycles are almost always at fault when an accident occurs, experienced Arizona motorcycle accident attorneys know better. You may ride a motorcycle simply for the enjoyment of feeling free in wide open spaces, or because it's more economical.

Avoiding Soccer’s Worst Injuries

  May 29, 2012     By Demas Law Group, PC
Americans experience 3.5 million sports-related concussions every year. During 2009, Soccer alone was blamed for approximately 24,184 head injuries requiring emergency room treatment. Although soccer appears to be a low-contact sport, players and coaches know that looks can be deceiving. Head injuries abound, although many go unrecognized. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Americans experience 3.5 million sports-related concussions every year.

A Car Came Out of Nowhere - Traffic Accident

  May 24, 2012     By Adams Legal Group, PLLC
Assessing who is at fault for an accident described by one driver as "the other car came out of nowhere."In my many years of practice as an attorney handling car accident cases, I can hardly begin to count the number of times that I have heard a witness say that "the other car came out of nowhere," which is then typically confidently asserted to demonstrate why they were not at fault and the other driver must have been.

Accident Investigation and Evidence

  May 22, 2012     By Demas Law Group, PC
When an accident occurs, the most common source of information is a “Traffic Collision Report” prepared by the California Highway Patrol or a local police agency. If you are incapacitated by injuries at the scene of a collision, this report may later be the only way to identify and locate the other parties involved, any witnesses, and insurance information.

What to Do After a Portland Hit and Run

  May 22, 2012     By Shulman DuBois LLC
Hit and Runs are among the most frustrating types of accidents because they can be difficult to prove, insurance companies won't want to pay, and there is no closure. But don't let yourself be taken advantage of - again. Read these steps for protecting your rights after a hit and run crash.

Road Safety Reminders You Need to Tell Your Teenage Son / Daughter

  May 21, 2012     By Mesriani Law Group
Road accidents can be very dangerous, especially since they do not pick their victims. Any driver, regardless of his or her age, can become a victim of traffic accident in the United States. According to statistics, even teenage drivers are in threat of sustaining minor to fatal injuries in vehicle accidents. It was estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that every day, some 18 teenagers die because of traffic accidents.

Personal Injury in Greece

  May 21, 2012     By Konstandinidis & Associates
Wrongful death actions typically involve deaths that are caused by automobile accidents, drunk driving accidents, boating accidents, drowning and medical malpractice. However, they can also include accidents in the workplace, nursing home abuse, construction site accidents, violent acts and many more. If the death was caused by accident, or if it should or could have been prevented, it can usually be considered a wrongful death.