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Do I Need to Worry about Estate Taxes?

In America, it seems as though we are always worrying about one tax obligation or another. Everything from our income to the food we purchase is taxed. Most Americans devote a considerable amount of time and effort to limiting their tax burden throughout the year and looking for every possible deduction and credit at the end of the year.

Foreign Loans in Belarus

Loan agreement is one of the most common ways of financing in Belarusian companies when a foreign shareholder provides a loan to the Belarusian Company. This article covers some crucial issues of receiving loans from foreign companies including currency and tax regulations.

Understanding How Value Added Tax (VAT) is Applied in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Almost unknown in 1960, the value added tax (VAT) is now found in more than 130 countries, raises around 20 percent of the world’s tax revenue , and has been the centerpiece of tax reform in many developing countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts

It could seem as though there should be no problem transferring assets to others without incurring any undue expenses. Unfortunately, the IRS code does in fact stand in the way of cost-free asset transfers in many cases and this is largely due to the existence of the gift tax.

Repeal of Estate Tax is a Possibility

When the tax relief measure was signed into law in December that extended the Bush era tax cuts the estate tax parameters were affected. If the Bush cuts would have been allowed to sunset with no new legislation having been passed the estate tax would have returned to the 2001 level of 55%, and the estate tax exclusion would have been just $1 million. Instead we now have a $5 million exclusion and a 35% maximum rate of taxation.

An Intelligent Response to Estate Tax

On the surface it would seem as though you no longer have to worry about the estate tax if your estate is worth $5 million or less. Unfortunately, this is not completely true because the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 is going to expire at the end of 2012.

Estate Tax

There are a lot of things about the estate tax that many people simply can't digest, and this is why there is always pressure being applied from some quarters to repeal the tax permanently. At the top of the list is the fact that the estate tax is imposed on assets that you have been able to accumulate after paying taxes throughout your life.

German Inheritance Tax - Tax Liability in Germany

The article outlines the rules of tax Liability in Germany. According to § 2 Erbschafts- und Schenkungsteuergestz (ErbStG) unlimited inheritance tax liability results from the fact that either the deceased or the heir is a resident taxpayer upon his death.

German Law on Inheritance and Gift Tax: New Regulations for Situs Taxation in Force

The article outlines the new regulations for situs taxation in Germany. Pursuant to Section 16(1) of the German Law on inheritance and gift tax (Erbschaftsteuer- und Schenkungssteuergesetz) a taxpayer is entitled to acquire up to €500 000 tax-free depending on the degree of kinship. A taxpayer is entitled to acquire up to €500 000 tax-free over a ten year period.

Estate Tax Exposure

A lot of people call the federal estate tax the "death tax, “and many consider it a sarcastic term. Some probably do use it in this spirit, but the reality is that there is literal truth in this description.The assets that you accumulated throughout your life after paying taxes are sitting safely in the bank or otherwise invested.

Tax Differences between Contractors and Employees in New Jersey

Many businesses pay two different kinds of workers: contractors and regular employees. Come tax time, many businesses face worker classification law questions. How do they know how employees are classified for tax purposes? How do these classifications affect which taxes the employer pays? A New Jersey tax lawyer can answer such questions and take away the guesswork for you.

A Look at the Gift Tax

We have all experienced the indescribably pleasant feeling that goes along with an act of giving. Making someone else happy is a great experience because, as they say, it is better to give than to receive. However, the powers that be seem to take a dim view of giving for some reason.

Tax Discounts with Family Limited Partnerships

Significant gifts come with a cost in the United States via the imposition of the federal gift tax. This tax is carrying a 35% rate at the present time, and any tax that consumes over a third of the amount in question is attention-getting. However, 35% looks almost good when you consider the fact that the gift tax is scheduled to rise to 55% once 2013 rolls around.

Gift Tax Raises Questions

We have a federal gift tax in place, and at the present time it is carrying a 35% rate. When you think about any tax that will consume over a third of the resources in question such a high rate may get your attention. And when you are talking about a levy that is imposed when you are attempting to engage in an act of generosity this rate and the tax itself may cause you to scratch your head a bit.

Real Estate Transactions in Mexico in a Nutshell

The Mexican Constitution expressly forbids the direct acquisition of real estate by foreign individuals or foreign entities in the so-called “restricted zone”. The restricted zone comprises an area of 100 kilometers along the borders and 50 kilometers along the seashores. In this restricted zone, only Mexican individuals and Mexican companies (notwithstanding any foreign investment in them) may directly acquire land and buildings.

“Green” (“Feed-In”) Tariff in Ukraine

The “green” tariff for electricity (also known in many other jurisdictions as the “feed-in” tariff) was introduced in Ukraine relatively recently – only in 2008. Since that time it has evolved substantially and now appears to be quite mature in terms of the legislative base.

Should Dying Be a Taxable Event?

There are those who refer to the federal estate tax as the "death tax, «and though this can sound like a flippancy there is actually reasonable logic to support this name. To explain, let's take a look at the anatomy of this levy.

Giving Gifts Can Provide Tax Savings

The federal estate tax looms as a significant source of asset erosion and taking steps to mitigate your estate tax exposure is a big part of what estate planning is all about.

Direct Asset Transfers Free of the Gift Tax

Taxation is an interesting thing, and a lot of people would question why you should have to pay a tax when you give someone a gift.

Delinquent Taxes - Get Help From an Experienced Tax Attorney

Taxes get the distinction of being called delinquent by the IRS under a specific set of circumstances. Once the due date of a tax liability assessment has passed or the time allowed for tax appeals has expired. Once this designation has been assigned to the back taxes the amount of delinquent taxes will be targeted by the IRS for collection procedures.

Reducing the Taxable Value of Your Home

When you are inventorying your assets in anticipation of distributing them to your loved ones after your death you may find that your home is your single most valuable asset.

The Hand of Taxation

Much of estate planning focuses on the reduction or elimination of taxes, with good reason. Consider the “hand of taxation «which represents all the taxes during your lifetime and at your death.

Estate, Gift, and Generation-Skipping U.S. Tax Treaties

The U.S. is a signatory to several important estate, gift, and generation-skipping transfer tax treaties. The article gives a short introduction to the requirements and the benefits of the existing treaties.

The Foreign Investment Operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo

This article shares the views on the Foreign Investment Operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo including Employment, Business Taxation, Environment, Physical Planning, Health & Safety, Consumer Protection, Competition Policy & Law, Monetary Policy, Foreign Exchange and Foreign Investors, Public Procurement, Intellectual Property, Investment Protection and Dispute Settlement.

Access and Admission of Foreign Investors in the Democratic Republic of Congo

This articles discusses the Investment Legislation and its Reasoning; Foreign Investment Establishment, Registering and Licensing Processes; Registering a company; Establishing a Bank; Investing in the Mining Sector; Mining Prospecting; Mining Exploration; Investing in the Forestry, Gold and Diamond Sectors; Foreign Employment & Residence and; Foreign Investor Access to Land and Property Rights within the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Tax Measure Details Relevant to Estate Planning

As we allow the impact of the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 to set in some of the finer details are starting to come into focus.

Business Environment in the Republic of Belarus: Review of Tobacco Industry

Law Firm Glimstedt presents the overview of tobacco industry in Belarus. The article covers the following matters: current business trends and opportunities, restrictions and advertisement, prices and taxations, production and import requirements.

Estate Tax Changes Loom Over Horizon

One of the things that you have to keep in mind when you are serious about crafting your legacy is the fact that updates to your estate plan are probably going to be necessary.

Choosing the Right Charity

Giving to charity is something that is personally rewarding, but it can also have value from a tax perspective.

What is a Valuation Dispute?

A classic case of a dispute that is mostly just a case of disagreement between the government and the taxpayer is an IRS valuation dispute in Washington, D.C. or Maryland or Virginia.

IRS Tax Lawyers Solve Your Tax Problems

Many people from all walks of life can end up with unwanted attention from the Internal Revenue Service. From the average Joe to self employed professionals to officers in large corporations. Even the odd politician here and there ends up in the spotlight for serious tax problems.

IRS Tax Problems for Federal Taxpayers to Avoid

IRS Tax problems can quickly get out of control. It is crucial any taxpayer who has fallen behind on their federal taxes review their situation and get help fast. If the tax debt lingers for too long the IRS may begin collection actions including some of the tax problems below.

IRS Tax Liens and Levies - The Strongest Debt Collection Methods

If you owe money to the IRS and they find that you are not paying your taxes they will take money from you right out of your bank account. Tax liens and levies are used by the IRS to take over your bank accounts, property, and other assets.

Payroll Taxes and Trust Fund Recovery

The IRS has made some changes, taking advantage of new payment technologies that remove any wiggle-room for employers to make the payroll tax payments. As of January 1, 2011 Employers are required to make their federal tax payments through the electronic federal tax payments system. This system is free but employers must register to get started. To make things more complex the employer must make separate payments for each different tax return type including tax forms 940, 941 and 945.

2013 to Bring Changes to Estate Tax

They say that the only constant is change, and some of these changes are for the better while some of them are for the worse.

IRS Wage Levy Can be Stopped by Legal Action

Of all of the methods the IRS can employ to collect on back tax debt none are worse than the Wage Levy. Also called wage garnishment, an IRS wage levy is when the Internal Revenue Service forcibly takes or “levies” up to 85% of your wages prior to writing your paycheck. Many people have a hard enough time making ends meet with their full check and will find it impossible to get by with most of the check gone.

Reasons to Hire a Tax Attorney and Not a CPA for IRS Problems

While there are many reasons to hire a local tax attorney for tax problem resolution there are two major reasons above all others.

Offer in Compromise - Is Pennies on the Dollar for Real?

Learn The Truth About The OIC Program - By now, most troubled taxpayers looking for a way to resolve their IRS debt have seen commercials from large tax debt relief services claiming taxpayers paid tens of thousands of dollars by paying only pennies on the dollar. Reactions to these commercials by taxpayers vary from "Wow I won’t have to pay all this tax debt" to "It's scam no one really gets out of paying that much money to the IRS".

Life Insurance in Estate Planning

Life insurance is a key component to the estate planning process. Gone are the days when life insurance was primarily thought of as a means to pay for funeral expenses and burials.

Who Needs to Plan for the Federal Estate Tax?

In 2011 and 2012, your estate will pay up 35% of any assets that go over your federal tax exemption amount.

Tax Act Expiration May Impact Your Estate Plan

You have to keep abreast of the ever-changing tax laws if you want to be prepared every step of the way as you are crafting your legacy over the years.

Areas of Investment Provided by the Ethiopian Investment Laws for Domestic and Foreign Investors

Do you want to know about areas of investment permitted for investment according to Ethiopian law? Below you will find these areas of investment divided by sector of investment.

Tax Laws in Ethiopia

Brief note on the various tax laws of Ethiopia. In Ethiopia there are two types of tax. These are direct and indirect tax.

Exploring Alternatives to Chicago’s “Parking Tax”

Chicago’s 2012 budget was recently released and includes a newly proposed “parking tax” which is proving to be unpopular with many Chicagoans. In a Chicago Tribune article, the tax is described as follows:

2013 Estate and Gift Tax Exclusion Rollback Being Advanced?

In December 2010, Congress quickly passed some changes to the Estate and Gift Tax law that increased the lifetime gifting exclusion from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000.

New Malta – China Double Tax Agreement

A new double tax agreement between Malta and China entered into force. The new agreement replaces the previous long-standing double tax treaty between the two States and applies in respect of income or gains derived on or subsequent to 1 January, 2012.

Israeli Withholding Tax

Section 170 of the Israeli Tax Ordinance (New Version), 5721-1961 (hereinafter: "the Ordinance”) that is titled "Duty of a person making payment to a non- resident”, provides the duty to deduct tax at source (withholding tax) from payments to a foreign resident.

Three Legal Programs To Get Out Of IRS Tax Trouble

Many people have heard or seen advertisements from tax help firms tax speak of settling back tax debt for “Pennies on the dollar”. The program these advertisements are referring to is called the offer in compromise. While in some cases is really is possible to have this successful outcome, a debt stricken taxpayer should know they will have to qualify for the OIC first. The next question asked of course will be “How do I qualify for the offer in compromise program?”

Payroll Trust Fund Tax Problems Are in Another League

A lot of businesses are skating on thin ice when it comes to trust fund taxes. However easy it may be to rationalize using the payroll taxes withheld from your employees to help keep the lights on, you might as well be waiving a red cape in front of an angry bull.

What Is the Difference between an IRS Bank Account Levy and Garnishment

Bank Levies and wage garnishment are often confused. Many times a bank levy is mistakenly referred to as a "Garnishment". The main differences are as follows - a bank levy is when the IRS will gain legal access to a taxpayers assets for the purpose of paying off the taxpayers tax liability.

Egg Shell Audit – Advice from New Jersey Tax Lawyers

An eggshell audit is an audit in which the returns you have filed contain an understatement of income, an overstatement of deductions or something else that led to you—even by accident—paying less in taxes than you technically owed.

What Steve Jobs Might Have Done to Protect his Vast Estate

There is no doubt that Steve Jobs was a visionary. From the mouse to the iPad, Steve Jobs forever changed the way we communicate. Soon after the tragic news broke of the passing of the Apple co-founder, people began wondering what would become of his $6.7 billion fortune and how much, if any, would be paid to Uncle Sam in the form of estate taxes.

Malta and Israel sign Double Tax Convention

A Convention for the Avoidance of Double Taxation has been signed by Malta and Israel. The Convention fixes maximum withholding tax rates chargeable in the source State on interest payments at 5% and on dividends derived from portfolio investments at 15%.

U.S. Capital Gains: An Introduction

An introduction to U.S. Capital Gains for international clients.

Trajtenberg Proposals - Israeli Tax

The following is a summary of the main tax proposals by the Trajtenberg committee:

Estate Tax: A Lot is Riding on This Gamble

Whether you are the gambling type or not, you have no choice but to be involved in a high-stakes gamble regarding the estate tax. Depending on the whims of the lawmakers in Washington, your family may wind up paying nothing at all to the IRS or millions of dollars on the same amount of money.

Taxation of Personal Rental Income

Many purchasers of real estate in Thailand are not using their newly purchased home as a permanent personal residence. Such assets are often meant to be used as a holiday home only and are unoccupied for the remainder of the year. This article will discuss the taxation of individuals who own real estate in Thailand and who receive rental income from renting out the property.

Capital Gain and More Than Your Company Bargained for

What people commonly suspect in the Thai real estate market is that if a company sells immovable property such as land it is subject to a specific “capital gains tax” or that the sale of that land is taxed at the corporate income tax (“CIT”) rate of 30%. However, such is not necessarily the case.

When Will We See the End of the Thai House and Land Tax?

If you or your company own a condominium unit or villa here in Thailand that was used for even one day (with or without having actually received rental income) during the tax (i.e. generally the "calendar") year then you or your company will most likely be obliged to pay an annual “house and land tax” (“HLT”) in accordance with the House and Land Tax Act (A.D. 1932) and as further amended.

Your Off-shore Entity’s Rental Income Tax in Thailand

The use of off-shore entities, such as a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands (“BVI”) to own real estate is not uncommon in Thailand. This article will analyze the tax consequences of an off-shore entity renting out real estate it owns in Thailand.

Israeli Tax and US LLC

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is an important investment vehicle for Israelis who operate in the US. An LLC is a company incorporated under the laws of one of the US states. In practice, LLC’s are often formed in the state of Delaware for administrative ease. They are relatively cheap to form and run. An LLC does not have shareholders, but rather members.

Excise Tax Fraud

Excise taxes are taxes on the purchase of a particular quantity of a particular item, such as gallons of wine or gasoline, much like a sales tax. An excise tax, however, is very different from a sales tax. A sales tax is paid by the buyer; an excise tax, by the manufacturer or retailer. A sales tax is not included in the purchase price; an excise tax is. A sales tax is generally state or local, not federal; an excise tax may be state or federal.


Finance ministers and Central Bank governors of European Union Member States debated during the last informal Economic and Financial ECOFIN Council of September 17, the current condition of the economy and the situation in sovereign bond markets. The debate on the European Union’s financial stability was also attended by representatives of European financial oversight authorities.

Malta Permanent Resident Scheme to be replaced by High Net Worth Individuals Scheme

Malta’s finance minister Tonio Fenech announced this morning that a High Net Worth Individuals Scheme will be replacing the now obsolete Permanent Residency Scheme.

Sunset of Tax Relief Bill Looms

Without being partisan in any way, the fact is that the results of the midterm elections had a lot to do with the extension of the Bush tax cuts.

Do Not Make This Major Estate Planning Mistake

Most people know that the proceeds of a life insurance policy are generally free of income taxes. What many do not realize, however, is that life insurance proceeds are included in their estate for estate tax purposes.

Paying Your Business Payroll Taxes Is Tough - The IRS Is Tougher

In difficult economic times just maintaining enough sales to keep your doors open and business operation can be a real challenge. So it's easy to see why many businesses under financial pressure to either buy the supplies they need to continue fulfilling orders, pay their employes or other essential operating bills or skip make sure they are able to pay the payroll taxes.

Tax-Free Educational Gifts & The Estate Tax

The estate tax is one of the first things that you should take into consideration when you are planning your estate.

Israel Tax Treaties with Malta and Panama

A treaty for the avoidance of double taxation has been signed between Israel and Malta, and a treaty for the avoidance of double taxation has been initialed between Israel and Panama. These treaties will enter into force on completion of ratification proceedings in the two countries.

A Look at Gift/Estate Tax Exemption

One of the reasons why it is advisable to retain the services of an experienced estate planning attorney is to guide you in a manner that enables you to gain tax efficiency

Generation-Skipping Trust Can Provide Estate Tax Relief

There are a lot of people who think that the estate tax is fundamentally unfair for a number of different reasons.

Exchange of Tax Information between the Czech Republic and Bermuda

The Czech Republic has concluded another agreement on exchange of information on tax matters (TIEA). Following the signing of similar agreements with the British Virgin Islands on 13 June 2011 and the Isle of Man on 18 July 2011, the Czech Republic concluded and signed a TIEA with Bermuda on 15 August 2011.

Malta Tax Treatment of Royalties Derived from Patents

Royalties accruing to a person ordinarily resident and domiciled in Malta would be subject to tax in Malta – regardless of the source of such royalties. However, should non-Malta source royalties accrue to a person who is not both ordinarily resident and domiciled in Malta, such royalties would not be chargeable to tax in Malta except to the extent that they are received in Malta.

Estate Tax Relief Is Not Permanent

People who are interested in estate planning are well aware of the fact that there were some significant changes to the estate tax parameters included in the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010.

Roth Conversions

As you probably know, beginning January 1, 2010, Washington loosened rules for converting traditional IRAs (with taxable withdrawals) to “Roth” IRAs (with tax-free withdrawals). The full amount you convert (minus any “basis” in nondeductible contributions) is taxed as ordinary income now when you convert. However, future withdrawals will be tax-free.

Are You Ready for Retirement

Unfortunately, many of the latest statistics suggest that the majority of Americans nearing their 60s are not ready for retirement. Although recent findings indicate that people are better prepared for retirement than they were less than a decade ago, all is still not well.

Ignore Your Retirement at Your Own Risk

There are those who are under the impression that they will somehow automatically retire when they reach their mid-60s. They think that they will enjoy their golden years and all of the free time they will have on their hands.

A Will is Not Enough: Create a Letter of Intent

Many parents choose to create a will so that their minor children are always protected. While a will allows you to appoint a guardian for the care of your minor children, it doesn’t allow you to fully explain the level of care that is needed.

No Will No Control

If you want to have some control over your future, then you need to create a will. Many people assume that their wishes will be respected, even if they don't have a will in place

Law Decree No. 70 (So Called “Development Decree”) – VAT News

1 Introduction: The Law Decree dated 13.5.2011 no. 70 (called “Development LD”), enforced on 14.5.2011, has been converted in the Law dated 12.7.2011 no. 106, enforced on 13.7.2011.

Payroll Taxes Are Very Different than All Other Types of IRS Problems

With some tax problems - like not paying or even not filing personal income taxes - it can take the IRS a while (even years) to “catch on”. And even when they do finally realize there’s a problem, they may not react so quickly.

Exchange of Tax Information between the Czech Republic and the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man and the Czech Republic signed a Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) on 18 July to regulate and facilitate the exchange of tax information between them. The TIEA will enter into force after both parties have completed all required ratification procedures and exchanged corresponding notifications. Most of its provisions will then take effect immediately, with the remainder taking effect on the following 1 January.

Response To Estate Tax Educational Gifts

You may have heard that the estate tax exclusion was raised to $5 million with a maximum tax rate of 35% as a result of the passage of the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010.

Gift Giving, Medicaid, and the Estate Tax

A lot is said about the complexities of estate planning, but in the end it is a relatively simple matter.

The 2011 Tax Law

While most folks can breathe a sigh of relief regarding the provisions of the 2011 tax law, this relief will only last for the years 2011 and 2012. If you’re not planning on giving away all of your assets or dying during the next two years, the 2011 tax law will likely affect you and your family.

Retired? Don’t Forget These Tax Deductions

Money issues tend to take on more significance as you enter retirement.

New Year Ushers in Revised Estate Tax

The estate tax was repealed in 2010 due to a provision that was contained in the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001. This was a welcome respite from what many derisively refer to as the “death tax,” but it was scheduled to return in 2011. When the tax was last in effect in 2009, the exclusion was $3.5 million, and the top rate of the tax was 45%.

Estate Tax Looms Large; Gifts Can Help

One of the first things that you need to determine when you are planning your estate is whether or not it is exposed to the estate tax.

What Is the Generation Skipping Tax?

Many of the estate tax laws address property that is passed from one generation to the next, such as from a parent to a child.

Reducing Estate Tax Liability

One of your top priorities when you are planning your estate is going to be to determine whether or not your heirs will be exposed to the estate tax

11 Reasons You Need Estate Planning

If you've been putting off your estate planning, you are putting yourself and your family at risk. Without a plan, you will have no control over the future and you won't be protected during unexpected events.

Can I Do Estate Planning on a Budget?

More people are looking for new ways to save and this often leaves many people looking for low-cost estate planning options.

The Basics of Estate Taxes (and How You Can Avoid Them)

Death and taxes may indeed be inevitable, but paying a so-called “death tax” is not. "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." —Benjamin Franklin

New Tax Law

When a person dies, federal estate tax may be due. These are taxes that are due when the assets are passed to another person. Most people refer to this tax as the “death tax.” You may be aware that there are new laws regarding this tax. It is important to stay on top of the new tax law so that you know how you may be affected. Will you have to pay estate taxes?

Financing Independent Film: Tax Credits for Independent Film

Independent film financing and tax credits are linked and play a huge role in making a successful film. Understanding where these credits are and how to obtain them is vital. Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver, experienced entertainment lawyers can help with this. This article lists the credits available in the United States by jurisdiction.

Advance Directives & Estate Planning

Estate planning has everything to do with making sure that your loved ones are properly provided for after you pass away.

Is A Last Will The Right Choice?

One of the things that you are going to have to decide upon when you are planning your estate is the primary vehicle or vehicles of asset transfer that you want to utilize.

Small Business Partnerships & Succession Planning

When you are a partner in a small business succession planning can be a bit tricky.

Gift Tax Exemptions

There are gifts that you can give to people, other than your spouse, that are not subject to the Federal Gift Tax

Should Your Child Inherit Money While They Are Young?

Once your child reaches 18 years of age, they are legally considered to be an adult

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