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10 Questions to Ask your Divorce Lawyer in Georgia: Part 2

A divorce is a delicate matter that should be handled by both experienced and helpful divorce lawyer. Ask the right questions to find the attorney that best fits your needs!

10 Questions to Ask your Divorce Lawyer in Georgia - Part 1

It important to have a list of questions to ask when you're deciding which divorce lawyer is right for you. Ask about their previous experience, rate per hour, and so forth. This will help you as you move forward.

Q&A to Signing a Prenuptial Agreement in Georgia

Signing a prenuptial agreement in Georgia is a major decision. Always make an informed decision whether or not you decide to sign an agreement.

Prenups Aren't Only for the Wealthy

The number one misconception about prenuptial agreements is that they are only for the wealthy. In truth, anyone who has anything before tying the knot, or even plans to acquire anything, should consider a prenup. A prenup is a contract signed prior to marriage that determines how the couple's assets will be divided in the event of a divorce.

Explaining the Differences between Family & Supreme Court in NY State

For couples seeking a divorce or families dealing with a family law issue, the difference between Family Court and Supreme Court in New York State may not always seem clear. Cases often involve both of these courts, and they share jurisdiction, or authority, over multiple domestic issues. Yet there are important differences between each of these courts.

How is Child Custody Determined in Arizona?

Arguably one of the largest concerns for families with children who are considering divorce is how child custody is determined in Arizona and other states. There are many who are under the false impression that custody is routinely granted to the mother or wealthy parent- but that is not the case.

Joint and Sole Legal and Physical Child Custody Explained

If you and your child's other parent are separated or divorced, determining child custody is probably one of your primary concerns. Child custody comes in two forms – legal custody and physical custody.

Grounds for Divorce- Insupportability of the Marriage

Many people wonder what can be the basis or grounds for a divorce in Texas. The Texas Divorce Lawyer is providing a series of articles on the 7 sins of the marriage, or in other words, the 7 grounds for divorce in Texas. The Texas Family code actually codifies and outlines the 7 grounds for divorce in Texas. There are 3 no-fault grounds for divorce and 4 fault based grounds.

Modifying a Child Custody Agreement

If the custody arrangement that once fit your lifestyle no longer works, you can speak with a family lawyer about a modification. Keep reading to find out how.

The Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act and Violence Against Men

Last week, the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act was reintroduced by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, a Democrat, and Sen. Michael Crapo, a Republican. This act continues and expands upon the 1994 landmark law, the Violence Against Women Act, which combatted domestic violence, sexual abuse, and stalking by authorizing services such as shelters and legal assistance for victims and survivors of abuse.

What To Do If Your Ex Owes You Child Support?

Whether the parents of a child maintain a relationship or not, they are legally required to provide for their child. Child support is the financial obligation that a non-custodial parent has to his or her child's custodial parent, to be used solely for the care of the child. The non-custodial parent is required to make regular payments, regardless of where they live.

What Does Child Support Pay For in Florida?

Although child support typically covers a child’s basic expenses, how the funds are going to be spent is decided upon by the custodial parent. He or she may set aside the received payments and spend them specifically for the child, or may choose to combine them with household funds to purchase grocery items for the family or to pay for utilities and rent.

What Protective Orders Can and Cannot Do in Maryland

Protective orders might help you feel a little more safe and secure, but ultimately any protective order is a legal document. If you are in danger, removing yourself from the situation and seeking protection, may be the best bet.

Vacation Homes Can Spell Trouble in High-Asset Divorces

Vacation homes often spell trouble in divorces because they are generally high-value properties. Failure to come to an out-of-court agreement on the vacation home can result in the court stepping in and making the decision for you.

How Does Domestic Violence Affect Custodial Rights to Children in California?

Domestic violence is being referred to as an epidemic in the United States, and more than three million children witness acts of domestic abuse every year. Domestic violence is emotionally scarring for victims, especially when children are involved. It is important for anyone involved in a family law case to understand the implications of domestic violence and how it affects child custody in California.

Child Custody Exchange Safety

Child visitation and child custody exchanges are a vital part of maintaining and building relationships between a child and each of their parents, but they can be a major challenge for the parents. The swap occurs each time a chid goes from the physical custody of one parent to the other, and the exchanges often escalate to high-conflict situations.

Divorce between Bulgarian National and Citizen of EU Member State

This article is intended to analyze the conditions for enforcing of divorce between Bulgarian national and citizen of EU member state before the Bulgarian court

Explaining the Difference in Alimony & Child Support

Alimony, or "spousal support" is often confused with child support. Although both forms of payment are the result of a divorce, the two concepts are very different from one another.

Equitable Distribution – Your Business and Divorce

Any small business owner who is getting divorced will be both surprised and shocked to find out that up to half of your business will be awarded to your spouse. And, it matters little whether they have a titled interest or worked with the business.

Can A Parent Coordinator Alleviate Conflict After The Divorce?

A divorce is never easy, but there are ways that the distress of going through a divorce and the accompanying child custody hearings can be minimized.

For the First Time the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Works to Provide Eldercare Statistics

In 2011, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics procured information about eldercare providers in the United States, and produced the results in its 2011 American Time Use Survey (ATUS).

Breach of Intervention Order or Family Violence Order in Victoria

Breaching an intervention order? If you live in the state of Victoria (Australia), breaching a condition of an intervention order could land you in prison for more than a year. So, how do you fight the breaching intervention order charges in Court? Read on to know the possible defenses.

Bequeather’s Tax Obligations On The Year Of Death In Their Quality As Deductible Bequest Liabilities

In its Judgment of the 04.07.2012, the German Federal Finance Court (BFH) determined that the final income taxes to be paid by the legatee, in his quality as universal successor, on behalf of the legator on the year of the latter’s death, is a liability deductible of the legacy according to § 10 section 5 Nr. 1 of the German Inheritance Tax Law.

Childrens Rights

The essential principle that passes like a golden thread in law, in judgments and in every occasion of child custody disputation, is the principle of "the good of the child". It is important to emphasize that it is not the good of the mother or the good of the father, these issues are irrelevant to the court in the matter of child custody. The court is only concerned with the good of the child.

Basics of Medicare

Medicare, health insurance for elderly and disabled Americans, is a large system that can seem confusing. Here are some basics to help you understand all types of Medicare.

The Rabbinical Court – Different From What You Think

Many people are of the opinion that the Rabbinical Court is a dull and drab institution where the people there are caught up in antiquated chauvinistic, anachronistic ways of thinking. I believe that most of the community has a mistaken conception about the way the Rabbinical Court is conducted and about its place in our society.

Divorce in Isarel

While in most western countries the authority to judge matters relating to separation and Divorce is in the hands of the Family Court, in Israel there are two parallel instances who are authorized to judge issues involving divorce between a Jewish couple;

Germany - Foreign Inheritance Laws

Upon the question, which inheritance law is to be applied, both the German and the international inheritance laws rely on the nationality of the deceased at the point of death.

What Are the Different Child Custody Options

If you are getting divorced and thinking of child custody related matters, you would need to hire a lawyer and learn more about the different options available to you.

Protecting Your Interests in a Divorce

A divorce can be relatively uncomplicated in an uncontested divorce, or it can drag out in a messy contested divorce, and some complex cases takes years to finally resolve.

At The End Of The Year, Bequest Promises Eexpire By Means Of Constraints Over The Inheritance Reform

Inheritance claims may end at the close of the year, as a result of legislation alternation in obedience with the inheritance reform. The inheritance reform from 2010 has changed the limitation rules and could show its effects for the first time this year.

Americans Require a Will While Living Abroad. Case of Thailand

Advancement of modern technology allow people to migrate effortlessly across borders in increasing numbers in this century. People live and work outside their home country, and some adapt to their adopted homes by having their families abroad. Expatriates have a unique myriad of concerns about their assets in their adopted country in the event of death. The inevitable question is: Do I need a will while I am living abroad?

Election 2012: Maryland Votes to Uphold Same-Sex Marriage

Maryland’s vote for Question 6 confirms that public opinion in the state is currently trending toward expanding – rather than constricting – the definition of marriage in the early 21st century.

License Plate Decals May Limit Teen Driver Car Accidents

A study of Kyleigh's Law’s effectiveness at curbing teen driver crashes by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) recently revealed surprising results: the decals are working.

Nursing Home Costs on Upward Spiral

Elder law attorneys will educate their clients about the eventualities of aging. Along these lines you would do well to recognize the fact that a significant percentage of seniors will spend time in a nursing home.

Be Aware of Possible Nursing Home Expenses

When you are planning for retirement you are invariably going to be looking forward to good times ahead.

Child Maintenance & Rights of Access

Child/spousal maintenance and contact is one of the main issues in any divorce or separation. This article discusses some of the difficulties associated with it.

Succession Cases With Foreign Elements In Germany

Intestacy cases can often be governed by the German as well as the foreign succession laws, which can complicate the implementation of the inheritors’ rights and claims. Nowadays, succession cases with foreign elements have become more often. Various reasons can be cited in this concern: Germany for instance, is home for many intestates of foreign nationalities. Besides, the rate of German nationals owning properties in foreign countries is increasing.

At The End Of The Year, Bequest Promises Can Expire By Constraints Over The Inheritance Reform - Germany

Inheritance claims may end at the close of the year, as a result of legislation alternation in obedience with the inheritance reform. The inheritance reform from 2010 has changed the limitation rules and could show its effects for the first time this year.

Divorce: Know Thy Beneficiary

If you’re thinking about getting a divorce, are in the process of getting a divorce, or are already divorced, then you should keep reading. A divorce can be a very emotional and stressful time; instead of thinking about how best to protect yourself and your assets, you may spend your time reminiscing over the love lost or fuming about the reasons prompting the divorce.

Family Law in the UAE: Special Conditions in the Marriage Contract

Marriage contracts usually take a standard format, however special conditions may be added into marriage contracts. Such special conditions can provide different rights to either of the parties, but we have seen a prevalence of conditions which focus on giving the wife additional rights.

Adoption in the UAE

Sadly a great number of children are abandoned in the United Arab Emirates each year. Most likely this is as a result of young mothers being fearful of the repercussions of bearing a child outside wedlock. It is a criminal offence in the United Arab Emirates to have a sexual relationship outside marriage.

Family Law in the UAE: Husband and Wife Rights under Shariah Law

Family article on husband and wife rights under Shariah Law. There are specific rights designated to Husband and Wife under Shariah Law. Overall, the rights cover the following categories: a) Exchange of rights between husband and wife; b) Husband’s rights on wife; and c) Wife right’s on husband.

At The Conclusion Of The Year, Inheritance Gifts Will Reach Their Expiration Date - Germany

Inheritances may possibly expire at the end of the year, because of a legislation alternation in compliance with the inheritance reform. The reform of 2010 changed the actual guidelines and may even display its effects for the first time this coming year. On the 10.09.2010 the new inheritance and also limits legislations grew to be useful.

Succession Cases With Foreign Elements - Germany

Intestacy cases can often be governed by the German as well as the foreign succession laws which can complicate the implementation of the inheritors’ rights and claims. Nowadays, succession cases with foreign elements have become more often. Various reasons can be cited in this concern: Germany for instance, is home for many intestates of foreign nationalities.

Income Tax For The Death Year Of The Departed Is Deductible According To Federal Court Of Finance - Germany

The German Federal Court of finance takes the position that the abatement of taxes does not just include taxes from the time of death legally accrued, but also the tax obligations that the departed, as a tax payer, has declared through the realization of legal tax deduction claims that accrue at the end of the year of death.

Inheritance Claims Will Expire By Limitations Through The Inheritance Reform At The End Of the Year - Germany

The inheritance reform from 2010 has changed the limitation rules and could show its effects for the first time this year. Thus, inheritance claims may expire at the end of the year, due to a law change in accordance with the inheritance reform. On 01.01.2010 the inheritance - and limitations law reform became effective.

Common-Law Marriages - Ukraine

What about a couple who lives together as husband and wife, but does not have the marriage registration? What kind of property rights and obligations do they have without the marriage certificate? Article 21 of the Code defines marriage as a family union of a woman and a man, which is registered in the state Registry office.

Child Support - Ukraine

Child support is based on the policy that parents are obligated to pay for the support of children, even when the children are not living with both biological parents. One parent will typically be awarded legal custody, with visitation rights awarded to the non-custodial parent, who remains obligated to pay a proportion of the costs involved in raising the children.

CHP Investigation of Accident Causing Brain Damage

In May, 2012 a newly licensed driver hit 8 high school students in a cross walk. It was first reported that he was travelling at 50 miles per hour or more and had been known to drive at high speed up and down the street where he lives. However the actual investigation found witnesses that said the truck was actually only going 15 miles per hour when it reached the cross walk where the high school students were hit by his truck.

Your Options for an Out of State Divorce

Florida is an attractive option for people seeking an out of state divorce because they have no requirement for legal separation and is quite predictable for divorce outcomes. Even so, there are still limitations in the jurisdiction of Florida when it comes to entering all or part of a divorce for marriages, which happened outside its borders. Some of these limitations include:

Federal Court Of Finance Clarifies That Income Tax For The Year Of Passing Of The Departed Is Deductible

The decision of the German Federal Finance Court (BFH) dated 07/04/2012 (AZ: II R 15/11) evidently stipulated that the income tax debt for the entire 12 month period of the passed-on individual is tax deductible. Therefore, at some forward point, the debts from the deceased, together with church taxes, as well as, the solidarity surcharges, are often deducted just before the financial authorities are granted sum up the inheritance tax.

Federal Court Of Finance Decides That Income Tax For The Year Of Death Of The Departed Is Deductible - Germany

The decision from the German Federal Finance Court (BFH) of the 04.07.2012 (AZ: II R 15/11) evidently stipulated that the income tax debt for the entire 12 month period of the departed is tax deductible. Therefore, at some forward point, the debts from the deceased, along with church taxes plus the solidarity surcharges, are often deducted just before the taxation office is granted to calculate the inheritance tax.

Expiration By Limitations Possible For Inheritance Claims At The End Of The Year - Germany

Inheritance claims may expire at the end of the year, due to a law change in accordance with the inheritance reform. In the year 2010 an inheritance reform changed the limitation rules and could show its impact this year. The inheritance - and limitations law reform became effective on 01.01.2010.

Federal Court Of Finance States That Income Tax For The Death Year Of The Passed Can Be Deductible - Germany

The verdict of the German Federal Finance Court (BFH) of the 04.07.2012 (AZ: II R 15/11) strongly portrayed the fact that the income tax debt for the death year of the departed is actually tax deductible. Consequently, going forward, the debts belonging to the deceased, consisting of church taxes as well as the solidarity surcharges, may be deducted prior to computation of the inheritance tax by the taxation office.

Child Kidnapping - Ukraine

Child kidnapping is a crime that happens with frightening regularity. And it often involves the parents. Sometimes a Ukrainian-born mother cannot adapt to her new life abroad and returns to the safety of her native Ukraine, taking along her child without the father's consent. Or a divorce has gone wrong, and the mother takes the child back to Ukraine despite a court order that allows the father visitation rights.

Property Separation - Ukraine

The main law of Ukraine which settles the property rights and duties of spouses is the Family Code of Ukraine, effective as of 1 January, 2004. The law stipulates the following to be "personal private property" of spouses:

Marriage in Ukraine

According to the Article 21 of the Code the marriage is the family union of a woman and a man registered in the state registry office. Procedurally, an application for marriage registration is submitted by a woman and a man personally to any civil registry office. If the couple can not submit the application personally for valid reasons, an application certified by a notary can be submitted by their legal representatives, whose authority must also be certified by a notary.

Annulments and Divorce - Ukraine

The effects of a divorce can be long lasting and far-reaching. This is generally not the case with an annulment. An annulment does not include dividing up property and paying alimony because the marriage is treated as having never existed.

Establishing Paternity - Ukraine

"Paternity acknowledgement" is a voluntary process when an unwed father becomes legally recognized as the biological father for child support purposes. This acknowledgement does not establish a legal, court-recognized paternity, unless it is then taken to the Rayon level. Once the Rayon court recognizes the paternity, the father then has legal, enforceable visitation rights, and, of course, the financial support responsibilities as well.

Adoption - Ukraine

The international adoption process in Ukraine is quite a bit different from that of other countries. First, Ukrainian law does not allow pre-identification of children for international adoption. In other words, unlike other countries, you will not receive a child referral before traveling. Instead, you will be invited to travel to Ukraine after your dossier and paperwork have been received and processed. Once in Ukraine, you will be shown several children to choose which child to adopt.

Wills and Estates in the Ukraine

"In this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes," Benjamin Franklin once said. Setting aside the issue of mortality, we will focus on the question of inheritance – transfer of rights and duties of a late natural person (testator) to other persons or/and entities. Such transfer may be regulated by the testator in advance in the form of last will and testament; otherwise, it will be performed in accordance with the applicable inheritance law.

Child Custody - Ukraine

It seems like only yesterday a child’s parents loved each other and lived together quite happily. Today they find themselves bitterly disappointed in their relationship and want to terminate their marriage. Cold, hard statistics show that Ukraine, unfortunately, is now passing through an avalanche of divorces, which arguably have the greatest impact on innocent children.

Pre-nuptial Agreements - Ukraine

It seems wrong to contemplate the ugliness of divorce, and often devastating consequences, during the honeymoon season. For that reason, many otherwise intelligent and rational couples ignore the risk of their split-up sometime in the future. Indeed, there are always significant, long-lasting consequences resulting from termination of marriage, including separation of joint property, custody and visitation rights, payments of alimony and child support, just to name a few.

Divorce Proceedings in the Ukraine

Whether you are legally separating or filing for divorce, it is extremely important that you don't allow your emotions to get the best of you, especially if child custody or property division is a part of your problem. First and foremost, you should consult a family law specialist.

Ukrainian Surrogacy Laws

In the sphere of surrogacy, Ukrainian legislators have proven to be far more progressive than many of their European colleagues. Today, Ukraine is one of the very few surrogacy friendly countries in Europe. Unlike other nations that limit or even ban surrogacy, in Ukraine the intended parents of child are considered to be biological parents from the moment of conception, and they are specifically named as biological parents in the birth certificate without any mentioning of surrogate mother.

SSA Requiring Benefit Recipients to Go Paperless

Many people within the elder law community are concerned about the future solvency of the Social Security program. Indeed, given the rapid aging of the population there will be an added strain on the system. Exactly how to go about cutting costs is a matter of ongoing debate, but the Social Security Administration has been taking some steps that would seem to be quite logical to most people.

Pre-Nuptial Agreement in the Philippines

Future spouses have the freedom to enter into an agreement with each other as to how their properties will be governed, and just like any other contracts, the stipulations thereto should not be void or contrary to law, morals or public policy. Pre-Nuptial contract is an agreement between future husband and wife insofar as the property relations that will govern their properties during the existence of their marriage.

Germany - Income Tax For Year Of Death Of The Deceased Deductible According To Federal Court Of Finance

The verdict of the German Federal Finance Court (BFH) of the 04.07.2012 (AZ: II R 15/11) strongly portrayed the point in which the income tax debtfor the death year of the departed is actually tax deductible. Consequently, going forward, the debts belonging to the deceased, consisting of church taxes, as well as, the solidarity surcharges, can be subtracted before computation of the inheritance tax by the taxation office.

Annulment vs. Nullity of Marriage in the Philippines

A marriage declared by the court as null and void connotes that the marriage entered into by the parties is inexistent as if no marriage ever took place between them. Parties who enter into a marriage are presumed to have done so legally which renders their marriage binding and valid and may not be presumed by the parties to be otherwise simply because of their personal belief that a ground for its invalidity exists.

How to Fill Out a Family Law Financial Affidavit in Florida

In concept, a financial affidavit is a simple document. It is a sworn statement of your income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. The form for the affidavit is prescribed by the Florida Supreme Court. Both parties must file and serve a financial affidavit in a divorce case. Let me give you some ideas about what different expense might seem appropriate and then I'll tell you why each of them is defective:

Child Relocation Law in Florida - Fla. Stat. 61.13001

Relocation is an issue that is often addressed either in an initial custody action or after an initial custody order has been established. Florida Statute 61.13001 specifically addresses the issue of relocation. This statute prevents a residential parent from relocating their residence more than 50 miles unless the parties enter into a written agreement before the move or a court approves the relocation.

Marriage and its Validity in the Philippines

“Marriage is a special contract of permanent union between a man and a woman entered into in accordance with the law for the establishment of conjugal and family life. It is the foundation of the family and an inviolable social institution whose nature, consequences and incidents are governed by law and not subject to stipulation, except that marriage settlements may fix the property relations during the marriage within the limits provided by this Code." Article 1 Family Code of the Philippines.

Legal Requirements for Child Adoption and Legal Guardianship in Uganda

Adoption is a legal process whereby a person permanently assumes the parental rights and responsibilities for a child from his or her biological parents. Legal guardianship is a legal process whereby a person is appointed by court to take care of a child. The guardian has the parental rights and responsibilities but such rights and responsibilities the guardian has over the child are not permanent.

Study Reveals Dangers of Elderly Loneliness

Seniors who don't have a lot of strong social connections may be putting their health at a significant risk. Researchers have long known that social isolation and feelings of loneliness can contribute to a decline in health in almost anyone, but elderly people are especially susceptible. Now, researchers at the University of California at San Francisco have released the results of a new study, which further demonstrates just how dangerous being alone as a senior can be.

Protecting Your Assets from Expanding Nursing Home Costs

Nursing home costs are rising, which could be detrimental to your financial health should you find yourself in need of nursing home care, or even that of an assisted living community. In fact, the average annual cost for a nursing home is running around $75,000 per person. Having insurance won’t be much of a help since most insurance plans do not cover the costs associated with a nursing home.

Revised Child Custody Act of Pennsylvania

The provisions of the new Child Custody Act applied in this instance. E.D. v. M.P., 33 A.3d 73 (Pa.Super. 2011). The mother appealed from the trial court order that granted permission for the father to move from Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, to Barton, New York, with the parties’ male child. The appeal required consideration of the procedures and legal standards set forth in the newly enacted Child Custody Act, 23 Pa.C.S. § 5321 et seq.

What Should You Learn About Child Support in Pennsylvania

If you are a resident of the Pennsylvania and looking for child support after separation, you would need to learn about the laws and regulations related to child support in Pennsylvania. Getting a divorce is undoubtedly one of the most difficult times in an individual’s life and it becomes even more so when you have children in the picture. The divorce procedure becomes a lot more difficult when you have children.

Coping Resources for Your Child During a Divorce

There are many resources available that broach the subject of children and divorce. With the right support, you child will live through it without too much emotional damage. Contact a Plano family law attorney when divorcing and find the right support and resources for your child.

Family Law (Bangladesh), Family Courts Ordinance- 1985

Family Courts Ordinance- 1985 A family Court will have jurisdiction over the following matter: 1. Dissolution of marriage; 2. Restitution of congeal life; 3. Dower; 4. Maintenance; 5. Guardianship and custody of children. Under the Family Courts Ordinance 1985 the Assistant Judge is to act as a Family Court to try family matters specified in the ordinance.

A Bad Marriage is Not the Same as a Sham Marriage

Marriage to a U.S. citizen is the most common way of getting a legal permanent resident status in the United States especially when the alien has been out of status in the country. Fraud statistics show that between 1998-2007 more than 2 million people have reported marriage as a means to gain residency within the United States.

It's Your Choice: Plan Now or Pay the Price Later

When you are a younger adult you may well have a difficult time wrapping your head around the concept of aging. It can seem as though retirement planning is something that you really don't have to think about until you are much older. The above is understandable because we all have day-to-day challenges that we must address and it can be hard to think about the future.

The New Age of Elder Care Law - An Interview with Buckley Fricker, Attorney, Author and Advocate

According to Buckley, her experience working with the elderly has reinforced the idea that as the age of society changes, the challenges will change as well. Compared to other types of law, such as personal injury or criminal law, the legal field pertaining to elder care is still relatively young. This is due to the simple fact that with new medical technologies, diets and lifestyles, the age of society’s elderly continues to advance alongside these factors.

Learn More about Pennsylvania Divorce Laws

Every state has specific laws regarding divorce. Such laws may vary from one state to another. When you are planning to get a divorce, make sure you know about the specific laws of the state. Are you looking to get a divorce in Pennsylvania? Every state has specific divorce laws and you need to meet certain requirements to file a divorce in a particular state.

Dovetailing Disabled Adult Child Benefits with Supplemental Security Income Benefits

A short window exists for a special needs child who is near age 18 to qualify for SSI by meeting the definition of disability. There is a distinction between SSI and DAC benefits. It is important to consult with an attorney who has expertise in both public benefits and special needs planning as both benefit rates and qualifications can and do change.

More Child Abuse Lawsuits Against the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

More lawsuits have been filed in Philadelphia by individuals who allege that they were abused by Catholic priests as children. Pennsylvania takes “corruption of a minor” charges very seriously. “These things do not define me but they have left me as damaged goods,” said one man who was abused by Roman Catholic priests as a boy.

How to Uncover Hidden Assets in Divorce

Anyone who has been divorced will tell you that asset division is one of the most stressful and emotionally charged aspects of the divorce process. During asset division, spouses must agree on how to divide their property, debts, and monetary assets. Spouses frequently experience distrust and suspicion during this process, and this is because one spouse sometimes tries to hide assets from the other.

When Parents Reach Old Age, Bringing Up Finances Can Be Difficult

As life spans continue to increase and more people are living in extended family environments,many are having to deal with financial issues that affect their elderly parents. In many situations these financial topics can be a taboo subject in the family, especially when the elderly parents have a lot of pride and are reluctant to speak about financial difficulties.

What You Should Know About Divorce

Introduction Beyond the considerable emotional pain, the end of a marriage is legally complex. This pamphlet reviews alternatives to divorce and failing these, the procedures for obtaining a divorce. Consult a lawyer if your marriage is ending. You will need sound professional advice to determine child custody, financial support, and make a fair division of the property of the marriage.

All About Alimony

Payments can be made to a spouse deemed as dependent if the court finds that they are financially reliant on their other spouse. Alimony can come with other names. It is known as spousal support or maintenance depending on the state. Regardless of what it is called, it seeks to gain the same goal: provide a dependent spouse with financial compensation.

5 Tips to Start You on the Road to Re-Employment after a Divorce

The prospect of a divorce can be particularly stressful for the spouse who has been out of the workplace for some time. While it may have made sense for one of the spouses to stay home during the marriage, once the parties begin to live separately it may simply be unrealistic for the stay–at–home spouse not to return to work after a divorce.

4 Lessons We Can Learn from Celebrity Divorces

You may not be inclined to take relationship advice from celebrities – but they sure do know a lot about divorce. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce in 2012 has shown us that celebrities handle divorce in different ways, and each high–profile couple can teach us something about the best (and worst) practices of divorce proceedings.

Family Reunification of German Spouses in Visa Cases

The German system of family reunification in visa cases is very strict. The spouses should be prepared carefully by their attorney before they apply for a visa to Germany. In the following I explain the relevant fact pattern of German visa cases.

New Study Reveals Deadly Risk of Loneliness

Adding to the increasing mountain of evidence which shows that remaining socially connected and interacting with others is key to maintaining your health as you get older researchers in California have recently revealed the results of a study which showed that seniors who feel lonely are at a significantly higher risk of dying than those who do not.

EU Blue Card for Highly Skilled Specialists

Germany implements EU Directive “Blue Card” for high skilled employees (http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=OJ:L:2009:155:0017:0029:en:PDF ) on August 1st 2012. The immigration of foreign skilled nationals has the purpose to enable immigration of highly qualified employed foreigners from countries outside of the European Union (EU).

Germany Judgement of the Federal Administrative Court on Sept 4th 2012 - BVerwG 10 C 12.12

Limitation of language requirement for familiy reunification with Germans. The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig has decided that the statutory requirement to demonstrate knowledge of German in case of a family reunification with the foreign spouse to a German citizen is only valid restricted.

Elder Financial Abuse

While much effort has gone into bringing public awareness to the prevalence of child abuse over the last few decades, the frequency with which the elderly are also abused is just beginning to come to light. In many ways the elderly can be considered as vulnerable as a child, making them an easy target. The elderly are often victims of physical or emotional abuse; however, unlike children, the elderly are also prime targets for another type of abuse – financial abuse.

Are You Responsible for Your Parent’s Care?

In some sense, most of us feel emotionally or culturally responsible for taking care of our aging parents in both a physical and financial sense however, did you know that you may be legally responsible for their care as well? If you did not know that then you are not alone—most people are not aware that they may have a legal responsibility to provide financial care to a parent. This legal obligation stems from state filial responsibility laws.

Ways to Find a Prenuptial Agreement Invalid

It has become rather common for a couple to have a prenuptial agreement before a marriage. Many people are getting married at a much older age and with a 50% success rate of marriages it is important to have a backup plan should the marriage not play out as expected.

Five Important Divorce Tips

When choosing to file for divorce, many couples do not consider the ramifications it will have both financially and emotionally. It may seem like it should be a fairly simple process, but it can often be complicated, messy and time consuming. There are certain tips to consider prior to pursuing any form of separation.

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