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Cerebral Palsy, Erbs Palsy and Medical Malpractice

Cerebral palsy and Erbs (brachial) palsy are two of the most common forms of birth injury. A birth injury is any damage sustained by a mother or infant during labor and delivery, and can range from mild bruising to more serious injuries resulting in brain damage. Most often, cerebral palsy and Erbs palsy develop during the delivery of the child, but sometimes cerebral palsy may develop before or after the child is born.

Make Note of These Personal Injury Attorney Tips to Best Protect your Claim

  May 31, 2012     By Wolf & Pravato, P.A.
If you’ve been injured in an accident in which harm was done to you at the hands of someone else, then you need to act quickly to file a personal injury claim before the statute of limitations runs out. Protect your case with a Fort Lauderdale, Florida personal injury attorney and the tips offered. It is bad enough that you have been injured on someone else’s property or you have been injured in an automobile accident that was not your fault.

What Will It Take?

  May 31, 2012     By D'Alessandro & Wright - Personal Injury
I just read a story in the local paper that a 24 year old man killed a 40 year old man because the 24 year old was driving the wrong way on interstate Route 95 in Providence, RI. Although there is no evidence yet as to intoxication or drug use, and everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, the facts of this case suggest that intoxication or drug use was indeed a factor.

Are State Workers’ Comp Plans Effective? OSHA Will Decide

  May 31, 2012     By Lanier Law Group, P.A.
For many years now, the Occupational safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has played a big role in making sure that the federal program governing workers’ compensation plans is up to par. However, it has paid far less attention to individual state plans – until now. As required by the Occupational Safety and Health Act that was established in 1970, the primary purpose of OSHA is to regulate the operation and effectiveness of state and federal workers’ compensation plans.

Nursing Home Horror Stories Come from New York State and Beyond

  May 30, 2012     By Kahn Gordon Timko & Rodriques P.C.
Some recent examples of nursing home horror stories from New York State and beyond are listed here. There are frequent news stories about the terrible conditions and treatment found in some of the nation's nursing home and assisted living facilities. Some recent examples are listed here:

The Dangers of Asbestos

  May 29, 2012     By Law Office of Mark Bush
The natural occurring mineral asbestos is a well-known human carcinogen. Despite the current knowledge of its danger, asbestos has been used prevalently throughout human history and its effects are still being felt today. People normally associate the causes of cancer with tobacco or perhaps exposure to radiation. However, there are a number of harmful materials that, after prolonged exposure, can cause cancer.

Distracted Driving: Why isn’t it Getting More Attention?

  May 29, 2012     By Kahn Gordon Timko & Rodriques P.C.
We all know the risks involved in using a cell phone or texting while driving. We even know statistics that tell us that drivers using phones are four times more likely to be involved in crashes. However, we often fool ourselves into thinking that we will not be a victim in such accidents. We believe that the numbers do not apply to us.

Arizona Workers' Compensation Attorneys Work to Ensure Injured Workers Get the Money They Deserve

  May 29, 2012     By Law Offices of Thomas C. Wilmer, P.C.
When an employee is injured on the job, it's natural for that employee to assume that workers' comp will cover his or her expenses. Arizona workers' compensation attorneys know that obtaining the benefits you deserve is not always that easy, nor is it a straightforward process. Filing for benefits is actually quite complicated, and if not done right can result in delayed payment or even denial of benefits.

New Helmet Laws in Michigan Allow Freedom for More Experienced Riders

  May 29, 2012     By Michigan Biker Law
For years, a mandatory motorcycle helmet law was in effect throughout the state of Michigan. However, recent changes have made the state slightly more lenient regarding the use of motorcycle helmets. Bikers now have the option to ride without a helmet, provided they meet certain requirements under the new law.

Arizona Car Accident Attorneys Fight for Full Compensation for Injured Victims

  May 29, 2012     By Law Offices of Thomas C. Wilmer, P.C.
Arizona car accident attorneys know that auto accidents are a leading cause of serious and even fatal injuries in the U.S. today. When you have suffered injuries in an accident that was the other driver's fault, it is important that you seek the guidance and expertise of a skilled Arizona car accident lawyer right away.

Is Hiring an Arizona Motorcycle Accident Attorney Necessary if You're a Biker Who's Been Injured?

  May 29, 2012     By Law Offices of Thomas C. Wilmer, P.C.
Although the general public seems to be of the opinion that bikers who drive motorcycles are almost always at fault when an accident occurs, experienced Arizona motorcycle accident attorneys know better. You may ride a motorcycle simply for the enjoyment of feeling free in wide open spaces, or because it's more economical.

Avoiding Soccer’s Worst Injuries

  May 29, 2012     By Demas Law Group, P.C.
Americans experience 3.5 million sports-related concussions every year. During 2009, Soccer alone was blamed for approximately 24,184 head injuries requiring emergency room treatment. Although soccer appears to be a low-contact sport, players and coaches know that looks can be deceiving. Head injuries abound, although many go unrecognized. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Americans experience 3.5 million sports-related concussions every year.

Hyperbilirubinemia, Kernicterus, and Cerebral Palsy from Medical Negligence

Hyperbilirubinemia, kernicterus, and cerebral palsy can all occur from Jaundice, which happens as a result of elevated bilirubin levels. Parents and medical professionals need to watch for the warning signs. There are many potential dangers a newborn child faces when entering this world. Examples include hyperbilirubinemia, kernicterus, and athetoid cerebral palsy just to name a few. All of these conditions can be traced to an elevated and untreated level of bilirubin in the baby’s blood.

Children Exposed to Abuse, Bullying at Risk of Premature Aging

  May 25, 2012     By Davis Levin Livingston
Any Hawaii personal injury lawyer who deals with cases of sexual abuse, knows that exposure to abuse, bullying and other forms of violent behavior in childhood dramatically affects a child’s psychological state. However, a new study finds that the effects of such exposure to violence may actually be more profound than we know.

Brachial Plexus Injury Can have Long-Lasting Impact

  May 25, 2012     By Davis Levin Livingston
Brachial plexus injuries very often occur during difficult births, and can result in damage to the infant’s arms and shoulder region. Often, the damage is temporary, and there will be no lasting damage to the health of the child. However, in some cases, the condition can have a long-lasting impact, and can substantially reduce movement and mobility in this area.

$3.2 Million Dollar Judgment in Denver Nursing Home Neglect Case

  May 24, 2012     By Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C.
A jury has awarded $3.2 million dollars to the family of a man who died in hospice care after leaving a Rocky Ford, Colorado nursing home. The Pioneer Healthcare nursing home is challenging the verdict. At trial, an expert found that the deceased had acquired 16 separate infections during his stay at the nursing home, and over 30 injuries. The final cause of death was determined to be a stage-four bedsore as well as malnutrition and Parkinson’s disease.

A Car Came Out of Nowhere - Traffic Accident

  May 24, 2012     By Adams Legal Group, PLLC
Assessing who is at fault for an accident described by one driver as "the other car came out of nowhere."In my many years of practice as an attorney handling car accident cases, I can hardly begin to count the number of times that I have heard a witness say that "the other car came out of nowhere," which is then typically confidently asserted to demonstrate why they were not at fault and the other driver must have been.

On Gays Slurs and Professional Basketball

  May 23, 2012     By Mesriani Law Group
In an intense, heated basketball game, it is expected from players of both teams to express their emotions. It is considered normal for a player to express frustration on a referee’s call which he believes is contestable. In some instances, a player from the opposing team may instead keep mum whenever a heckling fan of the home team annoys him.

About Common Construction Defects

  May 23, 2012     By Manly, Stewart & Finaldi
Builders will often have to deal with alleged construction defects that can cause serious litigation issues. From problems with installed air conditioning to weak structural framing, the common defects that are seen in the construction industry can cause serious problems in real estate law.

Need for Occupational Therapists in New Jersey Will Benefit Those with Work-Related Injuries

  May 23, 2012     By Edward C. Lutz, LLC
New Jersey is one of the few states that has been privileged with a large increase in job listings in the last five years. Over 94,000 jobs were listed for New Jersey early on in 2010, and among those highest in demand were physical therapists and occupational therapists. Both physical and occupational therapists play a huge role in the physical recovery of injury victims, and they provide structured methods and ways for them to return to normal living.

Workers Compensation - Process for Injured Workers

  May 23, 2012     By Law Office of James M. Hoffmann
The Missouri Workers' Compensation law provides some relief from the financial strain of being injured on the job or if you are unable to return to work because of your injury. If you or someone you love has been injured or has been exposed to occupational diseases on the job please follow the guidelines below. These guidelines may prove beneficial in your Workers' Compensation case.

Accident Investigation and Evidence

  May 22, 2012     By Demas Law Group, P.C.
When an accident occurs, the most common source of information is a “Traffic Collision Report” prepared by the California Highway Patrol or a local police agency. If you are incapacitated by injuries at the scene of a collision, this report may later be the only way to identify and locate the other parties involved, any witnesses, and insurance information.

Junior Seau Dies of Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound – A Look at Concussions and Head Injuries in the NFL

  May 22, 2012     By S & S Legal Group
Junior Seau, a highly talented and greatly respected 19 year NFL veteran linebacker, was found dead in his home, on Wed., May 2, 2012, apparently of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. Seau, aged 43, left behind his grief-stricken mother, three teenage children and countless numbers of heartbroken friends and fans. The ongoing investigation is being conducted as a suicide, according The Oceanside Ca. Police Dept.

Junior Seau's Death - Could a Brain Injury have Lead to his Suicide?

  May 22, 2012     By Lederer & Nojima, LLP
Football great Junior Seau’s May 2, 2012 suicide, a result of a self-inflicted gunshot blast to the chest, asks many questions as family, friends, the medical profession and the NFL try to understand why this apparently robust 43 year old former San Diego linebacker – who apparently did not have a history of head injuries - would end his life.

Elements of a Wrongful Death Claim

  May 22, 2012     By The Law Office of D.J. Banovitz
If you’re filing a wrongful death claim, find out the elements of building a successful case. Consult a Denver wrongful death lawyer for help. Losing a loved one can be a terrible ordeal. If the tragic circumstances happen as a result of some kind of avoidable accident, you may have the basis for a Denver wrongful death claim. This kind of claim includes reimbursement on a number of different levels.

How to Avoid a Drowning Accident

  May 22, 2012     By Law Office of Mark Bush
While summertime in San Diego may mean fun outdoor activities, people cannot neglect safety. One of the major draws of San Diego and any beach town is the fact that there is plenty of water. In the summertime when the weather gets hot, more and more people travel to recreational pools, lakes and the ocean to cool off. Summer appears as a time where people can let their guard down and just have fun.

What to Do After a Portland Hit and Run

  May 22, 2012     By Shulman DuBois LLC
Hit and Runs are among the most frustrating types of accidents because they can be difficult to prove, insurance companies won't want to pay, and there is no closure. But don't let yourself be taken advantage of - again. Read these steps for protecting your rights after a hit and run crash.

Road Safety Reminders You Need to Tell Your Teenage Son / Daughter

  May 21, 2012     By Mesriani Law Group
Road accidents can be very dangerous, especially since they do not pick their victims. Any driver, regardless of his or her age, can become a victim of traffic accident in the United States. According to statistics, even teenage drivers are in threat of sustaining minor to fatal injuries in vehicle accidents. It was estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that every day, some 18 teenagers die because of traffic accidents.

Personal Injury in Greece

  May 21, 2012     By Konstandinidis & Associates
Wrongful death actions typically involve deaths that are caused by automobile accidents, drunk driving accidents, boating accidents, drowning and medical malpractice. However, they can also include accidents in the workplace, nursing home abuse, construction site accidents, violent acts and many more. If the death was caused by accident, or if it should or could have been prevented, it can usually be considered a wrongful death.

Seeking Compensation after a Redwood City Truck Accident

  May 18, 2012     By Estey & Bomberger, LLP
A collision involving a large commercial truck typically causes much more severe injuries than accidents between two cars. Trucks can weigh up to 40 times more than the average car and are much greater in weight and size, as a result, most of the fatalities and serious injuries that occur in truck accidents are usually sustained by the occupants of the smaller car.

Preventing Bicycle Accidents

  May 17, 2012     By Meinhart, Smith, & Manning, PLLC
Though an experienced Kentucky personal injury attorney can recover bike accident compensation for a cyclist when an injury occurs, following Kentucky road rules and not having to collect in the first place is even better for a cyclist. Safety for a bicyclist requires having the right gear, understanding KY traffic laws, and keeping a bike well maintained.

Proving Negligence in an Oregon Premises Liability Claim

  May 16, 2012     By Shulman DuBois LLC
If you've been injured in a premises liability, winning your case will depend a lot on proving that the negligent party was really liable for your injuries. Your Portland premises liability attorney can help. Proving negligence in a premises liability claim can be complicated - Portland premises liability attorneys have to show several things:

Personal Injury Law: Premises Liability

  May 16, 2012     By Mulvey, Cornell & Mulvey
If you sustained an injury while on the property of another, you should not be responsible for the consequences. Under premises liability law, the property owner could be held liable for any medical expenses or pain and suffering you went through.

Benefits of Hiring an Experienced San Diego Bicycle Accident Lawyer

  May 16, 2012     By Estey & Bomberger, LLP
After sustaining severe injuries in a bicycle accident caused by another party, wrongfully injured parties are encouraged to consult a professional San Diego bicycle accident lawyer regarding their potential rights to compensation. Although most bicycle accidents do not involve motor vehicles, in an accident between a bike and a car, the bicyclist frequently suffer severe, and sometimes even fatal injuries.

Car vs. Bicycle Accidents in San Diego

  May 16, 2012     By Estey & Bomberger, LLP
When a car hits a bicyclist, the aftermath can be tragic, particularly for the cyclist. Cyclists have no barrier to buffer the impact of a 4,000-pound vehicle, which is why cyclists typically suffer severe injuries in a car vs. bicycle accident. Catastrophic injuries, which is are potentially life threatening, disabling injuries, can include spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, bone fracture injuries, amputation (severed limb) injuries, internal organ injuries, and head injuries.

Important Differences in 18 Wheeler Accident Cases and Other Automobile Accident Cases

  May 16, 2012     By Simmons and Fletcher, P.C.
There are a number of differences in 18-wheeler and run-of-the-mill auto cases. All of these are important considerations for an attorney handling a commercial motor vehicle collision case and they are good reasons why someone injured by such an accident should contact an attorney promptly.

5 Exceptions to Limited Tort in Pennsylvania Car Accident Cases

  May 15, 2012     By Wolpert Schreiber P.C.
If you have limited tort on your auto insurance and you were in an accident, it is important to find out if an "exception" is available. There are five exceptions to limited tort in Pennsylvania. When you have limited tort on your automobile insurance policy in Pennsylvania, there are a few exceptions. If you fall under one of the exceptions, then you are entitled to pursue your claim as if you had full tort.

Common Carrier Accidents - Buses, Trucks and Taxicabs

  May 14, 2012     By Law Offices of R. F. Wittmeyer, Ltd
Common carriers include buses, trucks, and taxicabs. Common carriers serve upon reasonable demand by all who seek their services; are held to a high standard of care for the persons and properties entrusted to them; and are limited to incidental damages for breach of duty. Liability is a big issue for buses, trucks, and taxicabs when collisions occur.

More Steps Needed to Prevent Worker Fatalities in Massachusetts

  May 14, 2012     By Law Office of John J. Sheehan
A total of 58 workers died in accidents on the job in Massachusetts in 2011. That translates into approximately 1.1 worker fatalities every week. That’s not even including the number of people killed by occupational diseases. According to a new report Dying for Work in Massachusetts, approximately 580 Massachusetts workers died from occupational illnesses in 2011. At least 1,800 workers are believed to have been diagnosed with work exposure-related cancer in 2011.

Video Footage Helps Injured Woman Obtain Maximum Compensation

  May 14, 2012     By The Babcock Law Firm, LLC
The author explains the concept of negligence in relation to a slip and fall accident. Colorado personal injury lawsuits, much like in the rest of the country, hinge upon proving fault or negligence. When a person fails at fulfilling their responsibility, they can be held responsible for personal injury.

Carpal Tunnel and Workers' Compensation - Obtaining Benefits

  May 14, 2012     By The Babcock Law Firm, LLC
The author explains the concept of carpal tunnel syndrome in relation to worker´s compensation. Colorado lawsuits, much like in the rest of the country, hinge upon proving occupational disease or illness. When a person is diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, he or she might be entitled to receive worker´s compensation.

Filing a Lawsuit after Suffering Complications from Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft

  May 14, 2012     By Estey & Bomberger, LLP
The Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft has been implanted into thousands of patients for spinal fusion surgery. Although the medical device was approved for only one purpose, analysts estimate that as much as 85.2 percent of Infuse use was for off-label purposes.

Some Actos Claims Need to be Filed by June 2012

  May 14, 2012     By Maxwell S. Kennerly, Esquire
In many states, the statute of limitations for pharmaceutical injury lawsuits is one year, and we believe the manufacturer of Actos will argue that the statute of limitations began running on June 15, 2011, when the FDA issued a warning about the link between Actos and bladder cancer. Thus, patients who developed bladder cancer while on Actos should contact an attorney immediately to ensure their claims are preserved.

DUI Checkpoint Arrest? A DUI Attorney Seattle WA Can Help

  May 14, 2012     By DC Law Group
Throughout Seattle, law enforcement agencies routinely set up DUI checkpoints. These checkpoints are intended to catch people who are driving under the influence of alcohol. If you are stopped at a DUI checkpoint and you are found to be intoxicated and arrested for a DUI, it is absolutely imperative you consult with a DUI attorney Seattle WA as soon as possible. A DUI attorney Seattle WA can review the case against you and the manner in which evidence was obtained.

Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

  May 13, 2012     By Shapiro, Goldman, Babboni & Walsh
People who get in an accident are often not thinking about hiring a personal injury attorney right away. But there are several reasons why it is a good idea to get an attorney involved as soon as possible if you have been injured. The process of getting treated for an injury and then going through recovery is long and difficult. If you do not have someone speaking on your behalf, then you may find yourself going through the process alone and paying bills that you should not have to pay.

Dogs: Friendly Pet or Threat to Children?

  May 11, 2012     By Cain Firm, Attorneys
Dogs are commonly referred to as man’s best friend, yet each year 4.5 million people are bitten by the animals, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Many of the victims of these attacks are children, which leads some parents to wonder if owning dogs puts their little ones at risk of serious harm.

Avoiding Debt Settlement Scams with a Bankruptcy Attorney Seattle

  May 11, 2012     By DC Law Group
If you are drowning in debt, often the best and only real solution to your problem is to file bankruptcy with the help of a bankruptcy attorney Seattle. While you may be offered other "solutions," by companies who promise to make your debt problems go away, unfortunately you will often find yourself in a much worse position if you take advantage of these offers than you would be if you just got help from a bankruptcy attorney Seattle and filed bankruptcy in the first place.

Protecting Your Elderly Family Members -- Signs of Elder Abuse

  May 11, 2012     By The Law Offices of James A. Miller
The vast majority of us will need to entrust an elderly family member’s care to a stranger at some point in time. This may be for anything from a monthly home visit by a caregiver, to full-time, around the clock nursing home care. Unfortunately, statistics tell us that elderly Americans are also being abused, neglected and generally taken advantage of at an alarming rate.

Does a Juvenile DUI Offender Need a Seattle DUI Lawyer?

  May 11, 2012     By DC Law Group
Like all states, Seattle has strict rules when it comes to minors and driving while intoxicated or impaired by alcohol. Because the rules are so stringent when it comes to minors and DUI, it is imperative to contact a Seattle DUI lawyer if your child is charged with driving under the influence.

When Boating Goes Wrong

  May 10, 2012     By Barry Law Group
Many people think of the enjoyment and relaxation that comes along with being on a boat. There is also a negative side to the event when an act of negligence and moment of recklessness ends in an accident. Many are aware of the severity of car accidents. We see the images on the news and can even witness them firsthand when driving on the freeway. The danger of driving is clearly evident. An area that can tend to be overlooked for its dangerous tendencies is boating.

Mistakes People Make Settling Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

  May 10, 2012     By Solnick & Levin LLC
There is a lot of work and skill that goes into settling motor vehicle accident cases. Still, some people injured in car accidents choose to handle their cases without lawyers. In most cases, it is recommended that victims injured in car accident cases hire an experienced attorney to handle the complexities that arise in car accident cases. However, there are some cases where it is not absolutely necessary to consult an attorney when you are in a motor vehicle accident.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

  May 10, 2012     By Solnick & Levin LLC
Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of auto accidents today. Distracted driving comes in many forms including talking on the cell phone while driving, texting while driving, and eating. It is any form of driving in which a driver's hands, eyes, or mental attention are distracted from their duties in driving a motor vehicle. Using a mobile device is the most common form of distracted driving, given the increased popularity of cell phone usage.

Workers' Compensation - Legal Advice

  May 10, 2012     By Law Office of James M. Hoffmann
Legal advice so that you know your rights and understand the legal procedures for a workers' compensation case. Workers' Compensation is the name given to a system of laws meant to protect injured workers. If a person is injured on the job, the goal is to make sure that the employee receives the appropriate medical care and lost wages compensation.

Wrongful Death and its Effects

  May 10, 2012     By The Law Firm of Steven I. Fried, P.C.
Throughout the day there are many occurrences that can go wrong and lead to an injury. Sometimes the extent is so severe it results in a wrongful death that takes the life of the victim and devastates their loved ones. Personal injuries are some of the most difficult situations that you can face. There are countless ways that they can affect the lives of those that are victimized by an act of carelessness.

Common Tricks Played by Insurance Companies to Claim "Pre-Existing Injuries"

  May 10, 2012     By The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC
One common trick played by insurance companies is to claim that a personal injury victim’s injuries were “pre-existing” and therefore, their insured is not responsible for any damages. In truth, there are seldom any true cases involving “pre-existing injuries” when that term is given its plain and ordinary meaning.

How to Meet Social Security Disability Qualifications

  May 9, 2012     By Brent Adams & Associates
Social Security disability qualifications will depend on your work situation and the severity of your impairment. A Social Security disability attorney in Raleigh, N.C., may be able to help. In order to obtain disability benefits, there are Social Security disability qualifications that you must meet. Even then, you will need to be able to support this with ample evidence.

Texas and Drunk Driving Accident Damages

In short, Texas drunk driving accident cases pose a significant risk to insurance companies who choose to go to trial. Over the last twenty-five years much as changed in Texas for personal injury victims. Generally, between court rulings and legislative changes, the environment in Texas has become much less plaintiff friendly and very much defense oriented.

Depression – The Side Effect of a Drunk Driver Causing Your Accident

  May 9, 2012     By Law Offices of Shane Smith
Depression may result after a drunk driver accident in Fulton County causes injuries. Depression may result from shock, coping with injuries or losing a loved one. Understand that DUI victims have legal options when it comes to seeking treatment -- and compensation -- for their condition. The days following a serious car crash can be confusing and frustrating, especially as victims try to cope with the trauma they’ve experienced.

Alabama Governmental Cap Prevents Car Wreck Victims from Recovering Full Compensation

  May 9, 2012     By Drake Law Firm
This article explores the intricacies of Alabama's governmental entity statutory damage cap and analyzes the impact of the cap on individuals injured in a car accident caused by state or local government employees. Due to the statutory cap, many car accident victims are left with substantial financial burdens and may never receive full compensation for their injuries.

Motor Vehicle Recalls: What the Statistics Tell Us

  May 9, 2012     By Demas Law Group, P.C.
Although human error and inattention play a major role in many accidents, defective vehicles are also frequently to blame. Fortunately, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regularly issues vehicle recalls when it discovers that specific autos have serious safety defects. Consumers must pay close attention to these recalls so they can avoid driving cars that can cause serious injuries or even death.

Your Boca Raton Car Accident Lawyer Warns of the Dangers of Tailgating

  May 9, 2012     By Shiner Law Group
Broward County, Florida – The Florida legislature, with the full support of Florida governor Rick Scott, recently amended the laws governing Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits under Florida’s motor vehicle No-Fault law. The changes will become effective January 13, 2013.

Securing Compensation for a Serious Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft Injury

  May 9, 2012     By Estey & Bomberger, LLP
The Medtronic Infuse bone graft is a medical device used to treat degenerative disc disease of the lower back. Despite the fact that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) do not approve the medical device for use in the cervical (neck) spine, the bone graft has been frequently used to treat disc damage in the neck.

Why Injury Victims Need a Competent Kansas City Personal Injury Attorney

  May 8, 2012     By The O'Connor Law Firm, PC
Kansas City personal injury attorneys handle far more than claims involving those injured in a car accident. Whether you or a loved one were injured in a slip and fall or workplace accident, because of a dog bite, or even due to medical negligence, you need strong legal guidance and support on your side. Why? Because without a lawyer, it's very likely that you will be offered only a small portion of what you actually deserve, which means that you could face financial issues.

Environmental Laws and How They Can Protect You and Your Property

  May 8, 2012     By Arnold & Itkin LLP
Environment laws protect our natural resources by regulating businesses that have the potential to impact them. Due to the importance of these laws, the Environmental Protection Agency was formed as a federal agency whose main task is to control and decrease pollution by researching potential hazards, monitoring companies that may cause environmental harm, setting standards of practice to minimize environmental impact and enforcing punishments for those who violate environmental regulations.

Truck Accident Injuries

  May 8, 2012     By Shulman DuBois LLC
Trucks are heavy, large, and their drivers are often overworked - there are many reasons to be more wary of trucks on the road. But if you've been injured in a truck accident, you may be okay as many truck companies have commercial insurance with higher policy limits than individual drivers.

Hidden Costs of Litigation - United Kingdom

  May 8, 2012     By Carlisle Legal Costing
Not all costs involved in litigation are how much you pay your solicitor or attorney. There are hidden costs. Most people should know that when they instruct a solicitor, it will cost them money. Solicitors charges are either calculated by way of a fixed fee, a percentage of damages or the estate, or by reference to time spent multiplied by an hourly rate. In addition, clients may be asked to pay for something called disbursements – fees paid to other people, usually experts, or court fees etc.

Plavix Side Effects

  May 7, 2012     By Arias Ozzello & Gignac LLP
The Need for Stroke and Heart Attack Medication - According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. Healthy blood vessels allow oxygen and other nutrients to flow to the brain. When a clot is formed that blocks the brain’s input of blood, a stroke may result, resulting in mild, moderate or severe impairment - or death.

Pradaxa Shows Significant Side Effects

  May 7, 2012     By Arias Ozzello & Gignac LLP
Pradaxa is an anticoagulant, or blood thinner, that was approved by the FDA in Oct. 2011 to prevent blood clots in patients who experience atrial fibrillation, or irregular heartbeat. When the heart does not beat in a regular, healthy rhythm, blood may collect in the heart and clots may form as it collects. If a clot is pumped into the bloodstream and it reaches the brain, a stroke may result. Pradaxa was designed to thin the blood, allowing it to flow freely without clotting.

Distracted Driving the New Epidemic

With the explosion of smart phones, text messaging, e-mail and real-time communications came the unexpected consequence of an increase in car and truck accidents because the driver was distracted at the time or shortly before the crash. Much has changed in the last ten years and the changes have had a significant and profound impact on our ability to communicate with each other.

Importance of Settling a Car Accident Claim on Time

  May 7, 2012     By Mesriani Law Group
Aside from dealing with injuries, Los Angeles car accident victims also have to deal with filing their personal injury claim. Many accident victims are at awe when it comes to the legal rudiments and parameters of the tort law; hence, some of them are having difficulty filing a claim.

18 Wheeler Accident Lawsuits in Texas after Tort Reform

One of the major changes in the new law was how the personal injury victims are compensated for their medical expenses. The statute now requires that innocent victims can only obtain medical expenses “actually paid or incurred”.

Why You Should not Rely on a Class Action Settlement for Your Skechers Shape-ups Injuries

  May 7, 2012     By Estey & Bomberger, LLP
As more and more lawsuits are being filed against Skechers for Shape-ups related injuries and damages, a number of law firms are gathering plaintiffs for a class action suit against the shoe manufacturer. However, a class action settlement may not be in the best interests of severely injured individuals. Before you entrust your serious Skechers Shape-ups injury case to an attorney, make sure they can help you recover the full and fair compensation you deserve.

Medical Negligence and Medical Malpractice Problems in the United States

Medical negligence is defined as the act or omission in treatment of a patient by a medical professional, which deviates from the accepted medical standard of care. Medical malpractice is negligence whereby a medical professional did not take the proper action required in a reasonable amount of time and this negligence caused injuries to the patient.

Items to Collect and Bring to a Personal Injury Lawyer

  May 7, 2012     By Law Offices of Jose Noriega
This article discusses the items you should bring to the initial consultation with an attorney. Many times individuals forget to bring things, thus making the process more complicated. When you are going to meet with a Dallas personal injury lawyer regarding your injury incident be sure to bring the following items:

Medical Malpractice in Personal Injury Cases

  May 4, 2012     By Goodman Law Group, P.C.
Victims of injuries and wrongful deaths resulting from negligent or, sometimes even malicious behavior for doctors and/or other medical professionals, in general, tend to just quietly accept whatever settlement these medical professionals, and the insurance company, offer them.

Wrongful Death Claims

  May 4, 2012     By Law Offices of Barton P. Levine
When you lose a loved one, the grief is immeasurable. If you lost a loved one and you believe that someone else was at fault, it can add anger to the flood of emotions you are likely already feeling. It can also require you to do a number of legal things at the same time following the death.

Social Security Disability: Check the List of Impairments to See if You Qualify

  May 3, 2012     By Brent Adams & Associates
The Social Security Administration uses the List of Impairments – or Blue Book – to determine whether or not an applicant is disabled. Consult a North Carolina disability attorney for guidance. The Social Security disability List of Impairments (also known as the “Blue Book”) plays an important role in the disability determination process.

Car Accident Attorney in Las Vegas Protects Victims of Drunk Driving

  May 2, 2012     By Greenman, Goldberg, Raby & Martinez
Innocent motorists and pedestrians should contact a top car accident attorney in Las Vegas if they’ve been a victim of drunk driving. Although numerous education and awareness campaigns are prevalent in society, drunk driving continues to kill and injure people each day. People who drink and drive face more than jail and humiliation—they will have to live with the fact that their actions have ruined another person’s life.

Personal Injury Law Firm in Las Vegas Protects Taxi Cab Victim’s Rights

  May 2, 2012     By Greenman, Goldberg, Raby & Martinez
A personal injury law firm in Las Vegas can fight for your rights should you be injured due to a negligent taxi driver’s or cab company’s actions. Some facts you should know: • Although Nevada has a seat belt law, it does not mandate seat belt use in a civil case;

Lack of Employee Training?

  May 2, 2012     By Greenman, Goldberg, Raby & Martinez
Does improper employee training warrant a call to a Las Vegas workers’ compensation lawyer? In some cases employers try to say that the employee should have known better and that training has nothing to do with why she or he was injured. However in numerous cases, injury could have been prevented if the proper training was furnished.

How Much do Oregon Medical Records Cost?

  May 2, 2012     By Shulman DuBois LLC
Medical records are one of the most important factors used to determine the worth of a personal injury claim. They show your medical treatments, what you've told the doctor and pain, and how the injury has affected your everyday life. But, medical providers can charge for those records.

Personal Animus Exception to Worker's Comp In Pennsylvania

  May 1, 2012     By Wolpert Schreiber P.C.
The personal animus exception to worker's comp allows an employee to make a personal injury claim against his or her employer. The general rule in Pennsylvania is that you cannot sue your employer for personal injury arising from your employment. There is an exception called the "personal animus" exception.

A Safer Way of Healing Some Brain Aneurysms

  April 30, 2012     By Demas Law Group, P.C.
According to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, close to six million Americans have brain aneurysms that may one day rupture and either cause severe brain damage or cost them their lives. Stated differently, about one out of every 50 Americans is currently living with a brain aneurysm. While some of these may never expand to the point that they become critical, no one really knows which ones are the most dangerous. Simply defined, and aneurysm involves a blood vessel with a bulge in it

STCW-95 Deck Exam vs. Engineering Exam: Which Do You Really Need to Take?

  April 30, 2012     By The Young Firm
Those in the maritime industry may need to obtain an updated STCW license, but depending on their job responsibilities, different courses and exams must be completed. For instance, deck officers must complete the STCW-95 deck exam, and those in the engine room, like limited deck engineers and second assistant engineers, must complete an engineering exam.

Medical Malpractice Including Surgical Errors and Surgery Mistakes in Hospitals and Doctors Offices

Every year approximately 225,000 people in the United States die from medical malpractice, making it the third leading cause of death after heart attacks and cancer. Many people are seriously injured or die each year from not only major operations but elective surgeries such as cosmetic surgery and bariatric surgery. Surgical errors and surgical malpractice is a terrifying prospect for any patient to experience.

Maximizing Your Truck Accident Injury Claim

  April 29, 2012     By Estey & Bomberger, LLP
After being a victim of a Pomona truck accident, you may be considering legal action to recover compensation related to your truck accident injuries. Successfully recovering a full and fair compensation for a truck accident claim is a two-part process: proving liability and establishing the value of your claim.

Canton Car Accident Victims Often Suffer Whiplash Injuries

  April 29, 2012     By Kalka & Baer LLC
One common injury from Canton car crashes is whiplash. Whiplash can be very painful and long-lasting, including various medical treatments. Many victims of car accidents in Canton, GA have suffered major injuries from car accidents of all kind. The most common Canton car accident injury people have to deal with is neck and shoulder area injury.

Cumming, GA Man is the Victim of a Fatal Alpharetta Car Crash

  April 29, 2012     By Kalka & Baer LLC
Kalka & Baer's Alpharetta accident lawyers discuss the impact of one recent Alpharetta car crash. A fatal Alpharetta car accident one Wednesday morning left one man dead at the crash scene. The traffic accident was reportedly caused by a seemingly innocent lane merge on the entrance ramp for Georgia 400 at the Haynes Bridge Road exit.

Victims of a Mississippi Motor Home Accident Still Suffer From Injuries

  April 29, 2012     By Kalka & Baer LLC
A tragic Mississippi RV crash left many of the passengers (like our client) injured and a few of the passengers dead. In January of 2012, a crash in southern Mississippi of a motor home carrying people from Georgia to New Orleans left many passengers seriously injured and/or dead.

FDA Class I Recalls for Medtronic Drug Infusion Pumps

  April 27, 2012     By Estey & Bomberger, LLP
Last year, Medtronic issued two Class I recalls of their implantable drug infusion pumps for defects that could result in serious injuries for patients who had a defective pump. Drug pumps are implanted near the area that requires treatment and releases pre-programmed doses of medication.

Medtronic Drug Infusion Pump Recalls: Frequently Asked Questions

  April 27, 2012     By Estey & Bomberger, LLP
Medtronic Drug Infusion Pumps have been the cause of hundreds of adverse event reports to the FDA. The medical device manufacturing company recently recalled three of their devices, the SychroMed II, SynchroMed EL, and refill kits for potentially fatal defects. A few of the frequently asked questions are answered below:

Procedural Traps of an Alabama Wrongful Death Action

  April 27, 2012     By Drake Law Firm
Due to the unique nature of Alabama's wrongful death statute, a claim brought under the statute is subject to many unusual procedural traps. This article identifies and discusses some of the unusual nuances of bringing a wrongful death claim in Alabama.

General Principles and Information re: Director and Officer Liability Info. Checklist

  April 26, 2012     By Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth, P.C.
I. General Standard - With some exceptions, the general legal standard of care for business actors and agents is “prudence.” In this context “prudence” means to act as an ordinary prudent person would act under the circumstances. But, this standard can be misleading because, at law, prudent people arguably do not make common mistakes, like combing their hair or changing the radio dial while driving, let alone sending texts. So, the prudent standard.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

  April 26, 2012     By Mesriani Law Group
The United States Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) celebrates this month an advocacy campaign that focuses on the relevance of traffic safety among motorists. This festivity also educates people, young and old alike, on the dangers of distracted driving. Today marks the National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

Trucking Regulations Protect Accident Victims in Injury Claims

  April 26, 2012     By Law Offices of Shane Smith
Trucking regulations make it clear motor carriers ignoring truck driver laws may be held responsible for injury claims when negligent behavior is found. Talk to a Georgia truck accident lawyer.

Seguin Truck Accident Leaves One Dead, Two Injured

  April 26, 2012     By The Bettersworth Law Firm
On March 27, 2012 a deadly accident occurred on Highway 46 at the intersection of Court Street in Seguin, Texas at approximately 10:15 pm. The man who died, David Terry Pieper, 66-years-old from New Braunfels, was driving a Ford Ranger pick-up truck when his vehicle crashed into another pick-up truck, a Ford F-250. The front of Mr. Pieper’s truck was completely mangled. Mr. Pieper was pronounced dead at the scene.

Three Car Accident in Seguin Injures Two

  April 26, 2012     By The Bettersworth Law Firm
A multiple vehicle wreck, which occurred on Wednesday March 28, 2012 at about 4:00pm, involved three vehicles on the outskirts of Seguin on Interstate 10. According to the chain of events began when the driver of a Chevy Impala, Gabriel Trevino, a resident of San Antonio, rear ended a Toyota Avalon driven by Billy Bailey, a resident of Brownfield, Texas. The collision caused Bailey to lose control of his car and he rear-ended a Jeep Liberty driven by Kenna Schievelbein, a resident of Seguin.

Elderly Texas Woman Dies in Crash With Garbage Truck

  April 26, 2012     By The Bettersworth Law Firm
On April 3, 2012, reported that an 82-year-old woman, Refugia Moreno, died when her vehicle collided with a garbage truck. The accident happened at about 3:30 pm in San Antonio, near Bexar County at Loop 1604 and Marbach Road. Upon impact with the garbage truck, Ms. Moreno’s vehicle blew up in flames. Her husband, age 84, was also in the car. Firefighters promptly arrived at the scene and were to able to free Ms. Moreno and her husband from the burning vehicle.

Cement Truck Crashes Into New Braunfels Baseball Stadium

  April 26, 2012     By The Bettersworth Law Firm
Comal County sees many truck wrecks each year. These 18-wheeler accidents are caused by many different factors, and have a wide range of results, from no or minor injuries, to deaths and devastation. In one of New Braunfels more bizarre truck accidents, reports that a cement truck recently crashed into the New Braunfels High School baseball stadium.

Suburban San Antonio School Bus Crashes with Pontiac Grand Prix

  April 26, 2012     By The Bettersworth Law Firm
On the morning of April 3, 2012, a Harlandale Independent School Bus that had seven special needs children aboard collided with a Pontiac Grand Prix at about 7:20 am. The bus was proceeding along its daily route of transporting the children to two different schools – Leal Middle School and Collier Elementary.

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