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Overcrowded Emergency Departments Leading to Hospital Malpractice and Doctoral Malpractice

Overcrowded emergency rooms have become a major problem with hospitals, resulting in an increase in medical negligence and medical malpractice. Overcrowding has become a serious problem in hospital emergency departments. This causes patients who need immediate medical help to sometimes wait hours for medical attention.

Painful Hip Injuries from Skechers Shape-Ups

One of the side effects of wearing uneven, rocky shoes is pain related to excessive pressure and stress. Skechers Shape-Ups and similar toning shoes can cause hip pain because its rocker bottom sole design can cause the wearer to strain more muscles and distribute their weight in an unnatural way that can cause severe hip injuries.

How Often is Road Rage a Factor in Houston Accidents?

Over the last five years, hundreds of people have been killed in auto accidents caused by angry motorists in Texas. According to a study by the Department Of Transportation, more than 900 motor vehicle accidents over the past five years were linked to enraged drivers. Those accidents ranged from minor fender benders that did not result in major damage, to fatal accidents.

Dog Bites and Liability of Parents

Dog bite accidents in the United States is a growing problem over the years. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 4.5 million Americans get bitten by dogs every year, and of these cases, at least 885,000 require medical attention. In 2006, the agency reported that more than 31,000 people needed to undergo reconstructive surgery due to severe dog bite injuries.

First PIP Lawsuit Filed in Florida and More Litigation May Be Coming

David Glatthorn discusses the repercussions of the new Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage laws and what they will mean for Florida drivers and the professionals who treat their injuries. A group of chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists have filed a lawsuit against the state of Florida regarding the new Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance coverage laws that were passed by state lawmakers this spring.

Making an Uninsured Motorist Claim in Pennsylvania after a Car Accident

Uninsured Motorist Benefits are coverage for bodily injury or damages after you were hit by another driver who either had no insurance or who left the scene and who remains unknown. Uninsured Motorist coverage is an important thing to have on your car insurance. It protects you and your family against other drivers at fault who either: (1) have no insurance or (2) flee the scene and remain unknown.

Death by Product

Product liability comes into play when a person is injured or killed as a result of a defect in a product, they have a product liability claim against the manufacturer. Such claims differ in various states. This articles explains the process of filing such a claim in Alabama. You've heard of product liability cases, but what does that actually mean?

Why Evidence in a Multi-Car Accident is Crucial

If you've been in a car accident an injury attorney in Clarksburg can assist in gathering evidence. In a multi-car crash, you’ll need it so that fault is assigned fairly. If you’ve been in a multi-car crash and need to file a claim, an injury attorney in Clarksburg can discuss with you the importance of evidence. Determining who is at fault for a car accident involving two vehicles can be tough.

Driverless Cars Slowly Becoming a Reality

Automobiles and other related means of transportation have significantly changed the way of land travel. Before, people relied on trains to get from point A to point B. With certain innovations such as roadways, motoring has experienced drastic changes. Over the 19th and 20th centuries, automobiles have become an integral part of life, as modernity slowly crept its way through society over these time periods.

Fungal Meningitis: What You Need to Know

The New England Compounding Center, has recalled more than 17,000 doses of contaminated steroid injections and experts worry that as many as 14,000 patients could be at risk of contracting meningitis. As of this week, the deadly fungal meningitis outbreak has spread to 15 states, including Ohio. It has already infected 230 victims and killed at least 15 people.

California Medical Malpractice Lawsuit from a Medical Injury

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured because of the negligence of a nurse, doctor, or hospital, you may be wondering if you meet the thresholds for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. This article will explain what thresholds are necessary to file a successful medical malpractice claim and how leading medical malpractice attorney Dr. Bruce Fagel proceeds with a medical malpractice lawsuit.

South Carolina Wrongful Death and Survival Actions

After the loss of a loved one in an accident, the last one anyone wants to think about is the law. However, the law has attempted to at least partially remedy the injustice suffered by the family. The law provides two separate causes of action: (1) wrongful death actions, and (2) survival actions. These two different bases for lawsuit are entirely separate, and without consent of both parties, the two cannot be tried in the same courtroom.

Driver on PCP Causes Car Accident in Houston

A DUI is not exclusively for drivers who drink and get behind the wheel. A driver under the influence of drugs, either illegal or prescription, can experience impairment to the extent that it affects the ability to operate a vehicle safely. Just recently, a man and woman died as they pulled away from a Houston gas station parking lot. They were killed by a driver who was high on drugs and slammed into their vehicle after he ran a red light.

Considerations in Burn Injury Cases

We surround our lives with them every day – furniture, appliances, and toys. We trust our products to be good, properly manufactured and safe. Unfortunately, not all products are safe. Some result in life-altering burns more frequently than we’d like to admit. Polyurethane, a type of foam found in household furniture is a highly flammable material.

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) in Legal Perspective

Spinal cord injury (SCI) affects at least 11,000 Americans every year. As it is, this life-altering injury does not discriminate – anyone can become a victim. Furthermore, people with SCI face different challenges in life, which include the inability to do work and the costly hospitalization and rehabilitation expenses.

What to do After Tearing a Ligament From Wearing Skechers Shape-Ups

Up until recently, Skechers, USA has been profiting tremendously from the toning shoe craze that hit U.S. markets. With an estimated $10 million in sales from 2011 alone, the leading toning shoe manufacturer made billions in profit from the sale of potentially dangerous shoes.

What to Do After an Oregon Slip and Fall

Slip and fall accidents are among the hardest to prove of all the types of personal injury cases. A lot of people think that if they fall, and they are injured, they should be compensated - but this isn't the way the law works. To get compensation in a slip and fall accident, you will need to prove liability. This means you will need to prove that someone else's negligence caused the accident. There are several factors.

BUI (Boating Under the Influence): Your FAQs Answered

Both residents that reside in Miami, Florida and tourists just visiting the extravagant city take advantage of the beauty by taking boats out on the water. While being on a boat is great fun many act irresponsibly mixing their boating experience with alcohol and ultimately find themselves getting charged with boating under the influence. Here are answers to common questions when charged with a BUI in Florida.

Five Differences Between DUI and BUI in Florida

Learn about the differences between a DUI and a BUI in the State of Florida from a Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer. - The Operator - Unlike a motor vehicle, a boat can be operated without a driver. When it comes to DUI (driving under the influence), it’s easy to tell who is driving or operating the motor vehicle—the person behind the wheel. However, when it comes to BUI (boating under the influence), it can be a little more difficult to determine who is operating the boat.

Charged With Boating Under the Influence?

Find out what to do if you are charged with boating under the influence in the State of Florida. The Florida courts take BUI charges seriously due, in part, to the unfortunate fact that Florida has more annual recreational boating deaths than any other state and that one third of these recreational boating fatalities are alcohol related.

Prevention of Highway Construction Worker Deaths

A large number of construction workers are killed every year while they are working construction in high traffic areas or fixing roads. Exponentially more workers are injured while doing the same work. These risks can be mitigated through awareness efforts by both employers and especially motorists.

NHTSA Reports Rise in Traffic Accident Fatalities

A new report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is stating that fatalities due to traffic accidents have been increasing during the first part of 2012. This increase is possibly the largest increase in traffic fatalities on record since reports were first kept track of in 1975. Federal transportation agencies must begin asking themselves whether the past few years of declines in traffic fatalities are a thing of the past.

Kayaking and Canoeing Sea Safety Tips: What to Know Before you Hit the Water

Practicing some standard sea safety tips when canoeing or kayaking can prevent the need to contact a maritime attorney in New Orleans. Even though boaters on larger, power-operated crafts have a duty to exercise reasonable care around you on the water, it’s everyone’s job to act safely and avoid reckless behavior.

Workers' Compensation Overview

Confused about work injuries? A Workers' Comp attorney may be able to help if your claim was denied. If you have concerns about the way your Workers' Compensation claim is being handled, seek legal counsel. - What is Workers' Compensation? When an employee is injured at work, whether or not the worker was at fault, benefits may be available.

Anesthesia Errors and Injuries from Medical Negligence

Anesthesia mistakes happen with major operations as well as with common elective procedures. An anesthesia error can cause severe permanent brain damage or death to a patient. Anesthesia errors happen every day in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and surgical centers. Anesthetists and Anesthesiologists play a vital role in surgeries.

Foreigners, Personal Injury Law and Compensation in Jamaica - Understanding Your Case

Compensation for personal injury in Jamaica is based on awards being made for special and general damages. In the case of general damages, the amount of compensation is based on local precedents, which are lower than those in high cost countries. Thus, a foreigner who lives in a high cost jurisdiction will get less monetary damages. Special damages are awarded as proved. In sum, foreigners from high cost jurisdictions are at a disadvantage in the amount general damages that they may receive.

Have You Lost a Loved One After a Fatal Accident in an Industrial Accident or Traffic Collision - Bahamas

The media often covers the tragic death of someone at an industrial workplace, in a traffic collision or at sea. In June this year, a US cruise passenger drowned in the Bahamas during a cruise visit whilst snorkeling; and a Carnival passenger was killed last year on a jet ski rented in Nassau.

Specific Missouri Laws That Apply to Cyclists and Bicycle Accidents

While the general motor vehicle laws apply in car accidents, there are additional Missouri statutes that may apply if the accident involves a cyclist or bicycle. The following is a list of the Missouri state statutes relevant to cyclists. 300.347. Riding bicycle on sidewalks, limitations – motorized bicycles prohibited.

Test Your Knowledge of Missouri Bicycle Laws

As a Missouri expert in bicycle law, here are the top five misconceptions about the law as it relates to cyclists. How many did you get right?

Top Ten Things to Do If you are In a Bicycle Accident

Here is a checklist to follow if you are hit while riding your bicycle and are still able to function: 1. Get out of the road to avoid being hit a second time; however, if possible, take pictures (or have someone else take pictures) before the bike or car are moved.

Supreme Court of Missouri Nominees Announced

We will have a new Supreme Court Justice in the State of Missouri come this December. The Honorable Richard B. Teitelman, chief justice of the Supreme Court of Missouri and chairman of the Appellate Judicial Commission, announced that the commission selected its panel of nominees to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court of Missouri.

If You Are a Bicyclist Hit by a Car What Are Your Rights?

What rights do I have if I am injured in a bicycle accident? This question, or some form of it, is probably the most commonly-asked question that bicycle accident attorneys hear. Those who have suffered damage or injury on a bike want to know if they can collect damages to pay for their medical bills and possibly lost wages, as well as give them some type of compensation for their pain and suffering.

Contaminated Steroid Puts Thousands at Risk for Fungal Meningitis Death

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control estimate that as many as 13,000 people may have been injected with the defective drug, leaving open the possibility that the number of people infected with fungal meningitis will increase well beyond the currently known cases.

Your Most Important Ally When You've Been Injured

You may believe that you really don't need a personal injury attorney if you have been injured, and that's easy to understand. You simply want to settle with the insurance company and put it all behind you. However, most who are injured do not realize the serious implications of settling for less than they deserve from the insurance company, until it is too late.

Securing Full Compensation for Injury Victims Due to Negligence in Dallas, TX

If you have been injured due to another party's negligence or misconduct in Dallas, it's important that you secure the support and guidance of a dedicated personal injury attorney. Most people make the mistake of assuming the responsible party's insurance company will handle things fairly, but this is not usually the case.

What are the Side Effects From the Drug Victoza?

Victoza is a prescription medication that helps lower blood sugar levels in adults with type 2 diabetes, otherwise known as adult onset diabetes. The drug is manufactured by Novo Nordisk, and it was approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in January of 2010. It functions by helping the body make more insulin and control glucose levels.

Information After a Brain Injury

Receiving a brain injury diagnosis after a car accident, birth injury or other traumatic event is devastating. Both the injured person and his or her family have many questions and the future seems very uncertain. Fortunately, many informational resources are available for people with brain injuries that can make life easier.

Few Traffic Accidents are Investigated in New York City

New York Police Department seldom investigates motor vehicle accidents. The New York City Police Department has become the object of criticism for its failure to investigate traffic accidents. Injured victims are unlikely to obtain answers from law enforcement, whether the accident involved motor vehicles, pedestrians or bicycles. The state of New York recently reported that city police investigated just 2 percent of all nonfatal traffic accidents.

NYC Traffic Deaths Spike For Motorists, Cyclists And Pedestrians

A recent Mayor's Management Report revealed a 23 percent increase in New York City traffic fatalities. The September 2012 Mayor's Management Report revealed a 23 percent increase in New York City traffic fatalities. That number - which includes deaths involving automobiles, bicycles and walkers - is particularly discouraging because it halts a trend of improved safety beginning in 2007.

Pedestrian Safety and Concerns

Failure to yield to pedestrians most often results in terrible injuries. In California, specifically Los Angeles, pedestrians are said to be in 3x more danger than the national average. If you are someone who walks the streets of Los Angeles, consider the following:

Car Accident Law - What to do if You Are in a Car Accident

Unfortunately, at some point in our lives, we will probably be involved in a car accident. Even if you do not get injured in the accident there are certain things you should do and not do. Consult with a Car Accident Lawyer if you are unsure of how to proceed.

Common Injuries in the Workplace That May Result in a Workers' Comp Claim

Possible Types of Injuries Suffered at Work - One possible type of injury is that involving the back and/or neck. This can be the result of slipping, tripping or falling. Back and neck injuries may also be a result of lifting and carrying heavy objects, or other causes.

Defenses Insurance Companies will Use in Bicycle Accident Cases

If you were injured in a bicycle accident you may think you have a clear case of driver negligence and don’t need to worry about hiring an attorney. Think again. Insurance companies can refuse to pay your claim based on the following defense, and unless you have an attorney to argue them you may be out of luck:

Equipping Your Son with the Proper Football Gear

Advice for parents on keeping your son safe during football season. When your kid heads out on the football field, you want to know that you have done everything in your power to keep him safe. One of the areas that parents have a lot of control is in the gear their boys wear on the field. Make sure that your son has everything necessary to protect him from injury.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Complications from Medical Malpractice

People considering a gastric bypass procedure need to understand that gastric bypass surgery is major abdominal surgery and with all surgeries comes risk of serious injury or even death. Gastric bypass surgery modifies a patient’s digestive system reducing the amount of food a patient can eat.

Truck Companies’ Right to Destroy Records

Although the statute of limitations in West Virginia allows you two years to file a claim, call a lawyer right away because trucking records – a potential main source of accident evidence – may be destroyed by the trucking company after a certain period of time. Waiting too long may result in the loss of evidence, which could impact your claim.

Possible Injuries Suffered in a Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian Accident Injuries - When a pedestrian is struck, he or she may suffer various injuries, which can be serious. Even when a vehicle is simply pulling out of a driveway or parking lot, the impact of hitting a walker can be significant. Of course, the potential to sustain severe, disabling or life-threatening injuries is increased if the vehicle is traveling at a higher rate of speed.

Seeking Justice for Skechers Shape-Ups Arm and Wrist Injuries

Most of the injuries reportedly caused by the Skechers Shape-Ups involve the legs and other weight-bearing parts of the body. However, there have also been dozens of reports claiming arm and wrist injuries sustained after falling in an accident caused by the Skechers Shape-Ups.

Hospital Liability for Wrongful Death

Common Types of Hospital Negligence: One common type of hospital negligence is when a patient becomes the victim of a surgical mistake. Mistakes can be the result of miscommunication, fatigue, inattention, or even rushing through a surgical procedure.

Road and Equipment Defects

Bicycle and motorcycle accidents can be caused by factors beyond your control. If your bicycle or motorcycle accident-related injury was caused by a road or equipment defect, a Rhode Island motorcycle lawyer or Rhode Island bike lawyer will take different measures to help you seek compensation for your injuries.

Will Positive Train Control Save Lives?

After the horrific train accident of 2008 in Chatsworth, CA, Congress passed an act that would require all passenger trains to be outfitted with the Positive Train Control system (PTC) by 2015. The city of Los Angeles on the other hand has taken further initiative to make that requirement come true much earlier.

Avoid Bodily Injuries by Staying Current on Auto Recalls

There’s been quite a few auto recalls recently in the news. From defective GM fuel pumps to potentially fire-hazardous power steering cords – you name it. Just recently Honda recalled 600,000 vehicles for a faulty power steering hose that has the potential of causing a fire with its leaking steering hose. To add to the list, Honda is recalling 820,000 Civic sedans to expand an earlier recall this year for a faulty headlight wiring system.

Florida Businesses Must Have Notice to be Held Liable for Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and falls are one of the most common types of personal injury claims that businesses face; when a customer slips and falls due to slick floor, spill, or other condition that results in injury, he may initiate legal action against the company.

Kernicterus and Severe Jaundice in Newborns from Medical Malpractice

Kernicterus is a neurological condition that happens to a newborn with severe jaundice. It involves a high level of bilirubin, a substance created from the breakdown by the liver of old red blood cells that leaves the blood and builds up in the brain tissues. When the bilirubin enters the brain tissues, it causes permanent brain damage to the infant.

Los Angeles County Traffic Accident Statistics

Every time a driver gets behind the wheel they are at risk for experiencing an accident. A car accident can affect people’s lives in several different ways. First of all, traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of deaths and injuries throughout the United States.

Pennsylvania Personal Injury Cases - Damages

In a Personal Injury claim in Pennsylvania, there are categories of damages under the law. If you have suffered injuries in a personal injury case, there are certain damages that you are permitted to seek. First, the law provides for compensation for past pain and suffering. That is, from the time of the incident up to present. Evidence of that pain and suffering includes medical treatment, photographs, witness testimony.

High Risk Pregnancy Causing a Birth Defect or Birth Injury

High risk pregnancies include premature delivery, multiple births, pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH), preeclampsia, vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), older women who are pregnant, a large infant, and other factors. Even though a woman may be in a high risk category, this does not excuse a doctor or medical professional for negligence.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Prospective Personal Injury Lawyer

There are different ways of going about choosing a lawyer. If you are not sure if the lawyer meets your requirements, ask them all the queries that you may have. Accidents occur all the time and all around us. Millions of people are injured in such accidents every year. A lot of these accidents are personal injury accidents and many of the people that are involved in such accidents are called the victims of personal injury.

Get to Know More about Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful death refers to death that was caused by negligent or deliberate behavior of another individual. if you have lost a loved one in an untimely death because of someone else’s fault, get in touch with a lawyer for filing a compensation claim. When someone dies because of the negligent, faulty or wrongful actions of someone else, it would be considered as a wrongful death case.

Oregon Hit and Run Accidents, and Getting Compensation

In Oregon, it is illegal to leave the scene of an accident - and it's not just illegal to leave an injured person. It is also immoral because your time and assistance after a car accident could help save someone's life if they are hurt. Read more about how ORS 811.705 defines the duties of the driver, and what to do if you have been the victim of a hit and run.

Birth Control And Blood Clots: The Dangers of Yaz, Yasmin, Beyaz and Ocella

By July 2012, Bayer Pharmaceuticals had spent over $400 million to settle claims that its ‘wonder drug’ Yasmin-line of birth control is actually a very dangerous drug. In 2011, Yasmin was the 4th most-prescribed oral contraceptive in the United States and brought in $1.1 billion in sales for Bayer.

Dangerous Roadside Conditions in Ft. Lauderdale

Drivers Killed After Leaving their Disabled Cars - In the past year and a half, there have been at least 11 incidents of drivers or Good Samaritans hit and killed on South Florida roadways. Victims include 2 people who stopped to help a driver and all three were hit by a car and killed. Another incident involved 4 people who were outside their car after an accident on the interstate and were struck and killed by a drunk driver who fled the scene.

How the Tort Law Protects Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Victims

Every Los Angeles motorcyclist should know how the tort law gives them protection from unnecessary expenses in case they get involved in an accident. Under the said law, motorcycle accident victims may be entitled to damages in case they get involved in an accident that was caused by another party. Definition of Torts: In order for riders to fully appreciate and understand the tort law, it is essential to define “torts.”

Damages as a Matter of Law in an Alabama Auto Accident Case

This article discusses a critical distinction between the amount of damages and the existence of damages under Alabama law. The artcile explains how this distinction can be used to a plaintiff's advantage in a motion for summary judgment in an Alabama personal injury case. Specifically, the distinction may allow an injured individual to obtain a judgment as a matter of law that he or she is entitled to damages, leaving only the amount of damages to a jury.

Work-Life Balance Can Reduce Workplace Injury Risks

Studies have found that lower work-family stress can lead to more productive workers and a lowered risk of on the job accidents. According to new data, reducing workplace injury risks could be as simple as encouraging your workers to develop a better balance between work and their personal lives. The study by the National Institute of Occupation Safety and Health found that workers, who spend more time on their personal lives, could actually have a reduced risk of workplace accidents.

Filing a Wrongful Death Suit Has Strict Guidelines

Although you may have lost your favorite niece or nephew in a car crash or other accident in California, you can't file even file an amicus brief in a wrongful-death suit because you are a second-level relative, unless you can prove that you were the primary caregiver of the victim. The way the the system works in California. Not only is the time limit short in filing wrongful-death actions, but the degree of relationship to the deceased is the key.

Medical Malpractice Responsible for Birth Injuries, Including Cerebral Palsy

Two major types of birth injuries can occur as a result of medical malpractice, these include a traumatic brain injury and a lack of oxygen to the brain of the infant. If a birth injury is the result of medical malpractice, you may have a medical malpractice lawsuit. A birth injury or birth defect can be one of the most difficult and stressful situations a family may encounter.

Filing Car Accident Case Caused by Defective Product

Los Angeles car accidents are not all caused by drivers’ negligence as there are times wherein the car manufacturers are at fault. There are many causes of traffic crashes in Los Angeles and they include defective car parts. Under the tort law, a person who gets injured as a result of using defective product may be entitled to personal injury damages.

Life Insurance Benefits: Applications, Exclusions, Denial and Payment

Life insurance seems like it is handed out like flyers on the Las Vegas strip. It’s a dirty business with insurance companies collecting premiums and hoping you don’t die before the policy expires, or looking for a reason to delay or deny payment if you do die. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of life insurance claims.

What You Should Know About Obtaining Compensation for Your Personal Injuries

Introduction - Accidents resulting in personal injuries are a common occurrence in our daily lives. In addition to auto accidents, we may suffer personal injuries or property damage in accidents in the home, at business premises or on streets and sidewalks. Injuries may also be caused by carelessness of doctors, lawyers and other professionals. You can protect yourself by consulting a lawyer if you suffer an injury or property damage as a result of an accident.

New Georgia Commission on Teen Driving Being Created

In a boost to focus safety programs to teen drivers, this new commission will pull together Georgia teens to help state officials. Governor Nathan Deal recently announced the creation of the Governor’s Commission on Teen Driving. The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) will spearhead the commission, choosing 15-20 teen drivers selected from applications.

Liability of Trucking Companies in Hiring

An injury, even after a trucking accident, is alone not enough to warrant a personal injury recovery. An injured person must prove that someone is liable, whether through negligence or some other theory of liability. One common theory of liability against trucking companies after an accident is “negligent hiring.” Negligent hiring is a theory of liability where the plaintiff accuses an employer of failing to exercise reasonable care in hiring an employee or retaining an independent contractor.

Expert Witnesses in Pennsylvania Personal Injury Cases

According to a news article on expert witnesses in complicated cases, sometimes parties may not settle a lawsuit until after experts issue reports or provide testimony on what the average person knows and what the expert knows.

Pennsylvania Hospital Infections Rates Are Down

In a report released February 2012, the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council stated inpatient infection rates at hospitals are down. This will surely affect the number of medical malpractice claims relating to infections by medical care providers which can cause people to die.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect in Tennessee

When our elderly cannot care for themselves properly due to illness or due to advanced age, they may need to spend their remaining years in nursing homes. We expect them to receive the care they require and treated with dignity and compassion. In actuality, what we want to happen is often far different from what really goes on in many nursing home facilities.

Simple Medical and Legal Background on Slip and Fall Accidents in Los Angeles

Slip and fall accidents are the second leading cause of injuries in the United States, just behind road accidents. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), millions of Americans get involved and injured in slip and fall accidents. Because of the frequency of such accidents, it is necessary for all Los Angeles citizens to know the medical and legal rudiments involved in slip and fall incidents.

Laptops Can Cause Injury

College students, professionals, and writers may want to think twice about pulling all-nighters to write “A” papers or a stellar column. A recently published article in the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that chronic exposure to the heat from the underside of a laptop can lead to injuries.

Hospital Malpractice and Doctor Malpractice

Hospital malpractice and doctor malpractice is an alarming problem that results in hundreds of thousands of patients losing their lives each year in the United States and medication errors which results in over 1.5 million Americans being injured as well. When doctors or hospitals are negligent with the medical care they provide to their patients, serious injuries or death can occur.

Does a Severely Injured Plaintiff Have a Right to Be in the Courtroom?

Defendants in cases involving severe injuries including brain injury, spinal cord, or burn injury, often request that the injured plaintiff is not present in the courtroom during the trial. The defense’s argument is that the plaintiff cannot contribute to the proceedings in any meaningful way due to the extent of the injuries.

The Use of Subpoenas in a Pennsylvania Personal Injury Case

Subpoenas are useful tools in personal injury cases because they are a way of compelling documents, information or witnesses. A subpoena is a document issued through the Court that compels a "third-party" (that is, a person or company that is not one of the parties to a lawsuit) to either: appear and testify or give documents. Since third-parties are not part of the lawsuit, the subpoena is the way the Court has authority to require them to cooperate.

Study Reveals Startling Hospital ICU Misdiagnosis Statistics

When a Patient Dies in an Intensive Care Unit, There Is a 28 Percent Chance That a Diagnosis Was Missed - When John Hopkins University School of Medicine researchers examined diagnosis errors in hospital intensive care units (ICUs), they expected to find some room for improvement in patient care. However, the lead author of the study, Dr. Bradford Winters, described the results as “surprising and alarming.”

How to File an Illinois Nursing Home Complaint

Often, people have not filed a formal nursing home complaint simply because they are unsure how or unaware that they can. A nursing home complaint can be filed when the negligence, misconduct, or abuse of a nursing home facility or caregiver causes you or your loved one to suffer. Filing a complaint should lead to an investigation into the facility.

3 Common Practices of California Drivers that Lead to Road Accidents

California is undeniably a hotspot for auto accidents. According to available statistics for 2006, out of the total 46,642 fatal car accidents in the country, more than 4,200 happened in California – making it the deadliest among U.S. states in terms of traffic accidents. Meanwhile, there are various causes of fatal car crashes in the Golden State, and knowing them can help citizens save their own and their loved ones’ lives.

Bicycle Magazine's Top 50 Bike-Friendly American Cities

Recently, Bicycle Magazine ranked America’s cities in terms of how bicycle friendly they are. The magazine looked at cities that had a population of 95,000 or more, a robust cycling infrastructure, and a vibrant biking culture. Here are the top 10 bicycle-friendly cities:

Common Injuries from Bicycle Accidents

The common bike accident where a biker falls or is knocked to the ground tends to be followed by common accident injuries especially including wrist bone breaks/fractures. Often times we see Roswell bike accidents involving a bicycle and a car. But there are accidents that can happen between cyclists and other cyclists. Earlier this year, we had a client who was riding his bike along Riverside Road in the right shoulder of the right-hand side of the road, in accordance with Georgia traffic laws.

Medical Malpractice: Be Aware of These Common Types of Emergency Room Errors

There are some common emergency room errors that are often caused by negligence that could lead to serious or fatal injuries. Demanding and fast-paced, an emergency room’s environment can unfortunately lead to errors. You may deserve compensation through a medical malpractice claim if you or someone you love has suffered serious or fatal injuries because of a preventable mistake.

How Hospital Negligence Contributes to Blood Transfusion Errors

Hospital negligence can lead to blood transfusion errors that result in injuries and even fatalities. Blood transfusion errors include: • Mislabeled blood; • The wrong patient receiving a blood transfusion; • The patient receiving the wrong blood type; • Hospital staff failing to respond to the signs and symptoms of a blood transfusion error;...

Birth Asphyxia and Birth Hypoxia from Medical Malpractice

Birth asphyxia and birth hypoxia happens if a baby doesn’t receive an adequate supply of oxygen before, during, or immediately following birth. Depending on the amount of oxygen the infant is deprived of, how long the event lasts, and how promptly and effectively the medical staff takes corrective action to repair the problem will determine the extent of damage to the baby’s brain.

Legal Rights of Nurses Injured Wearing Skechers Work Shape-Ups

Skechers Work Shape-Ups were heavily marketed to workers as an easy and safe way to “shape up while you work.” The nonslip version of the toning shoes were especially marketed to nurses who spend most of their work day on their feet on an average workday of 12 hours.

The Perils of Distracted Driving Advice From Your Boca Raton Car Accident Attorney

Distracted driving has made nationwide headlines in recent years as cell phone usage and text messaging has skyrocketed, both for social and business purposes. Unfortunately, as your Boca Raton car accident attorney knows, distracted driving due to cell phone use has become a significant factor in many traffic-related injuries and deaths.

The Current State of Automobile Accident Law in Los Angeles

The busy roads of this city often witness car accidents, motorcycle accidents or other automobile accidents that lead to the situation of seeking help from the Automobile Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles or from the law firms. Severe and catastrophic injuries often appear after the serious accidents and when it is a place like Los Angeles, which contains a huge population and a number of vehicles on road, than it is not surprising to hear about the accident news, almost every day.

Two Types of Settlements for California Slip and Fall Accident Claim

Personal injury settlements are awarded to victims of negligence-related accidents such as slip and fall mishaps. Pursuant to tort law, when a person’s negligence caused harm or injury to another individual, he or she may be required to provide compensations to the victim. In case the case is not brought to court, the liable parties and victims may opt to agree to settle the case. This is common in many injury accidents such as slip and fall accidents.

Proper Car Seats are Best Way to Prevent Children's Injuries From Car Crash

Child Passenger Safety Week takes places nationally and locally this year from September 16-22. Learn what you can about installing car seats properly. In the past five years, more than 180 children in Georgia have been in a traffic crash and were consequently saved from serious injury and/or death by a car seat or a booster seat, according to the Newnan County Times-Herald.

How to Avoid Falling Asleep at the Wheel

Falling asleep at the wheel can be as dangerous as drunk driving, and causes several fatal crashes every year. Here's a quick guide to avoiding this common but dangerous driving error. Now, we are not advocating driving when you are tired. If you are tired, pull over. But if you feel you have to drive, here are some useful tips.

Muscle and Ligament Tears from Wearing Skechers Shape-Ups

Skechers is currently facing dozens of lawsuits filed by consumers who suffered injuries, allegedly, as a result of wearing the Skechers Shape-Ups. With more than 250 reports of adverse events have been filed by Skechers Shape-Ups consumers, the toning shoes are the cause for a variety of different types of injuries including:

Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft Complications

Spinal fusion is a surgical technique used to treat fractured or broken vertebrae. Typically, supplementary bone tissue is harvested from other areas of the body and used to stimulate bone growth in the damaged area, and fuse the vertebrae. This procedure immobilizes the spinal joints and eliminates the pain and discomfort caused by the abnormal motion of faulty vertebrae.

Auto Accident Application is of Major Help in a Serious Auto Accident

Most people are shocked and terrified after suffering an auto accident. They are confused regarding what exactly to do. If the individual possess an auto accident application job becomes much easy for the person. Just pressing few buttons it will do all major taks. Auto accident is the major cause behind serious injuries and death of many on the roads of the US.

Injuries at Work in Pennsylvania Due to an Unsafe Condition Caused by a Third-Party

If a serious injury happens at work which was caused by a person or entity other than the employer, the injury person may have a personal injury claim. In Pennsylvania, if you were injured at work due to an unsafe condition caused by a "third party" you might have a claim for personal injury. Understand that you can not sue your employer for personal injury due to the Worker's Compensation Law, you can only bring a worker's comp claim against your employer.

Responsibility of Aerodrome Operators - Bird Strikes in Malta

Nicholas Valenzia (Mamo TCV Advocates examines the judgment in Air Malta plc and Shield Insurance Company (Guernsey) Limited v. Malta International Airport plc (by Justice Raymond C. Pace presiding the First Hall of the Civil Court ) : The author was involved in this litigation as a member of the plaintiffs’ external counsel team.

Extremely Painful yet Common Spinal Disc Injuries

The human spine is made up of vertebrae stacked vertically and discs that cushion between each vertebral body. Each disc contains a tire-like outer band (annulus fibrosus) that surrounds a gel-like substance (nucleus pulposus), according to the Colorado Cooperative Spine Center. These “cushions” act like shock absorbers as the vertebra twist and bend. But, it is important to note that as you age, discs will begin to harden and become less elastic.

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