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  • How to Tell if You Are Ready for a Divorce
       Provided by The Law Office of Heather Cullen, APC

    Issues to review when contemplating a dissolution of marriage.

  • Court of Appeals of Georgia Confirms the Importance of a Well-Drafted Contract
       Provided by Cobb Law Group

    In large construction projects, it is not unusual to have a joint venture between parties; when these joint venture agreements are terminated, however, the specific terms must be scrutinized. A recent Georgia Court of Appeals case discusses some important issues such as fiduciary responsibility, contract ambiguity, and indeminification.

  • Ignition Interlock Devices: What You Need to Know
       Provided by Kraut Law Group - DUI Defense

    An Ignition Interlock Device (“IID”) is a device that connects to a vehicle’s ignition and requires a breath sample from the driver in order to start the vehicle and to keep the car operating.

  • Sample Cell Phone Use While Driving Policy
       Provided by Evidence Solutions, Inc.

    Our Company recognizes that the employees are our most valuable asset, and the most important contributors to our continued growth and success. Our Company is firmly committed to the safety of our employees. Our Company will do everything possible to prevent workplace accidents and is committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees.

  • Drowsy Drivers are a Danger on Illinois Roads
       Provided by Botto Gilbert Gehris Lancaster, P.C.

    Drowsy driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving. A lack of adequate sleep can affect the brain similarly to the ways alcohol consumption can affect it, such as slowing the individual's reaction time, decreasing his or her awareness of his or her surroundings, and negatively affecting his or her judgment.

  • DWI Over State Lines: Out-of-State Residents and DWI
       Provided by Reeves, Aiken, Hightower & Burns LLP

    One complication that can make handling a DWI much harder is when the defendant is from another state. This raises numerous issues that may not have simple answers. Every state has slightly different laws, and these laws can change at any time, so it is difficult to know how some of these issues may be resolved. We will separate common types of issues that arise when cases occur across state lines.

  • New Illinois Laws Target Senior Care Complaints
       Provided by Salvi & Maher, LLC

    As medical technology makes it possible for Americans to live longer lives every year, more and more individuals and their families turn to long-term care facilities to provide assisted living and on-site medical care during their later decades. These long-term care facilities are frequently known as nursing homes and can house disabled and injured individuals alongside the elderly.

  • Can I Sue for Being Catfished?
       Provided by

    The story of Manti Te’o caught the attention of millions around the world as the professional football player’s story of his girlfriend, her death and the ultimate discovery of the falsity of it all. Similar stories that popped up in the media and in the life of the leading character in the MTV show of the same name have also brought this new phenomenon to the forefront of the public.

  • Informing Your Children About Your Divorce
       Provided by Ruvolo Law Group, LLC

    Planning a divorce? How to tell your children about your divorce.

  • How Are Crimes Charged?
       Provided by Hebets & McCallin, PC

    In order to get charged with a criminal offense in Colorado, the police are going to be involved in some way. This means any law enforcement agency.

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