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  • Divorce Discovery Lawin New York and Connecticut
       Provided by Heidi E. Opinsky, Esq.

    Issuance of Out-of-State Subpoenas and taking depositions out-of-state divorce actions.

  • Overview of Business Crime in Latin America
       Provided by Diaz Reus, LLP

    While several Latin American countries have vowed to combat corrupt practices and have enacted legislation to formalise their intentions, meaningful change requires active enforcement as well as the political will and sacrifice to exact it.

  • How to Seal a Juvenile Record
       Provided by

    Because courts and legislators recognize that minors sometimes lack judgment skills and may have indiscretions in their youth, juveniles are sometimes permitted to seal criminal juvenile records. By sealing or expunging their records, juveniles may be able to get a fresh start when they become adults.

  • Common California Family Law Questions Answered
       Provided by Pinkham & Associates, APLC

    Twelve common family law questions.

  • Divorce and the Child with Special Needs
       Provided by Kalish Law Texas

    When the parents of a child with special needs are divorcing, or are considering divorce, it is important to accurately access the emotional and financial requirements that will need to be met for the good of the child.

  • Exceptions to No Damages For Delay Clause
       Provided by Cobb Law Group

    The majority of construction contracts include a provisions referred to as the "No Damages For Delay" clause; a well-drafted clause can limit a party's exposure to damages in the event of a delay on the project's schedule. Despite these provisions, there are exceptions to their enforceability.

  • Risks of Texting and Driving for Middle Age Drivers
       Provided by Your Lawyer 4 Less

    Teen and young adult drivers are often the targets of public service campaigns aimed at reducing the number of car accidents caused by the dangerous combination of texting and driving. Despite the common perception that teen drivers are the most at risk group for distracted driving car accidents caused by texting while driving, a new study reveals that texting and driving may be more problematic for middle age drivers.

  • Firefighters Face Injuries on the Job
       Provided by Schmidt, Kirifides, Fridkin & Rassias

    Firefighters put their lives on the line every day to help keep communities safe. There is no question that the job requires one to be dedicated, focused, and brave. Firefighters are at high risk for getting injured on the job and the length of time to recover from such injuries varies from incident to incident.

  • Increased Accident Risk during Winter Storms
       Provided by Galfand Berger LLP

    Winter weather is expected to impact the Philadelphia area this week. Snow, sleet, and ice may make it difficult and dangerous to get around. Philadelphia winter storms are often followed by a brief thawing and then refreezing which creates icy roads, sidewalks, and parking lots if they are not properly treated.

  • MorningStar Farms Undeclared Peanut Allergen Recall
       Provided by Eichen, Crutchlow, Zaslow & McElroy, LLP

    MorningStar Farms has issued a recall of Spicy Black Bean Burgers and Chipotle Black Bean Burgers due to an undeclared peanut allergen that may be present in the products.

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