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HG.org - Overview

HG.org was one of the very first online law and government information sites. It was founded in January of 1995 by Lex Mundi, a large network of independent law firms. The objective of HG.org is to make law, government and related professional information easily and freely accessible to the legal profession, businesses, and consumers.

HG.org’s leadership in this arena, for 21 years, has positioned it as one of the most trafficked legal sites on the Internet. Visitors come to the site seeking law-related assistance and information. 

Today, HG.org is one of the world’s largest non-subscription legal information site containing more than 4 million pages of edited content. It includes a directory of law firms and networks covering 195 countries with 5,000 cities in 260 practice areas. Its expert witness directory covers expertise in 1,500 general areas and 700 diseases and medical conditions.

There are thousands of articles, hundreds of specific law pages, information on 150 legal networks, 2,000 law schools in 130 countries, employment listings, 4,000+ videos, legal events and links to governments and agencies worldwide. All the information is easily found by searching through HG.org and online. 

Lawyers' Global Directory

Lawyers Directory - HG.org sought to change the law firm advertising model in 1995, with remarkable success. Before the advent of the Internet, law firms typically spent tens of thousands of dollars to have their information included in published directories, in order to advertise their businesses.

HG.org, realizing the power and the reach of the Internet, developed the first self-listing directories online, where lawyers can provide comprehensive information about their individual law firm and their services directly to the legal community and the public, for a nominal cost, accessible at the click of a button.

Today HG.org Legal Directory is the only global directory covering virtually every country and population center by more than 250 practice areas.

HG.org provides these listing services worldwide:

In order to make the search information as accessible as possible, HG.org allows potential customers to search by geographic area, by country and practice area, by state and city, as well as by practice area.

Today, when someone is searching for a lawyer or a law firm online, the search results from all the major search engines show the HG.org Law Firm Directory at or near the top of the page for most states and countries. This creates a remarkable presence in the market for each listed firm.

Legal Service Provider Directory

Expert Witnesses and Medical Expert Witnesses sections cover expert witness in 1,500 categories including 700 medical diseases and conditions. The pages are almost always found in the top 10 search results in Google and Bing searches for experts.

Legal Services - This section spotlights legal service providers on the HG.org website. This includes the listings from HGExperts.com, as well as those for Private Investigators and Process Servers, who may list their businesses directly on the HG.org site.

Law & Practice

This section provides extensive information about many and varied areas of law and government for the general public.

Areas of Practice - This Law Center provides information, overviews, definitions, links and more for over 70 core areas of law, which are then broken down into a number of legal subcategories, resulting in over 260 practice areas.
Business Law - The Legal Business Center includes information about businesses, including starting and forming a business, financing, different legal business structures, E-commerce, and more. 

Divorce - The U.S. Divorce Law Center presents comprehensive information about the many facets of divorce throughout the United States. Visitors may obtain an overview of divorce law and other related topics, such as legal separation and its counterparts; annulment; property division; maintenance, alimony or spousal support; child custody and visitation; child support; and domestic partnership and/or civil union dissolution on the Center's homepage.

The Divorce Law Center's State Pages reference the most recent, up-to-date statutes. These pages also provide resource links allowing visitors to pursue further independent research should they choose. Lawyer links throughout the center assist our visitors in identifying and locating local lawyers and law firms that specialize in divorce and its sub-category practice areas.

Estate Planning - The Estate Planning Center includes wide-ranging information regarding the many elements of estate planning - from the basics to some of the more complicated aspects, such as community property issues and prenuptial agreements. The topics covered include Wills, Advance Medical Directives, Medical Powers of Attorney, Trusts, Living Wills, Probate, and many other related subjects. There are also links to informative related articles, various state resources, and statutes.

U.S. Courts - The U.S. Courts section provides links to the various U.S. Federal Courts, Bankruptcy Courts, Appeals Courts and Circuit Courts, as well as Federal Court Resources.  

U.S. Law - The U.S. Federal Government section provides links to and information about the United States government’s LegislativeExecutive and Judicial branches, as well as its Independent Agencies. It also provides resources for information about the U.S. Constitution, Law and Regulation, and links to all the Titles of the U.S. Code.

U.S. States Law - The U.S. State Law and Government Center provides comprehensive information and links about the laws and governments of individual States; Uniform Laws Adopted or Proposed by States; and Associations Dealing With State and Municipal Governments.

Law Worldwide - HG.org makes it easy to locate information on law and governments throughout the world. Links to the countries are organized alphabetically. Simply select the country for which you are seeking information, choose the source(s) you would like to use and then select the links that address your questions.

The Law & Practice section also provides links to European Union institutions and entities; information about the United Nations organization; and a Guide to the Practice of Law and legal ethics.

HG.org makes a veritable world of information available to you with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Legal Employment

The Legal Employment Center is an excellent resource for both those looking for legal professionals to hire and for the legal pros looking for work. It provides valuable, relevant information and tools like resume writing, interviewing techniques, tips for changing jobs, and much more, for employers, employees and job seekers in the legal field.

With all the services and information it provides, and its place as a leader in the industry, as well as its outstanding position in search engines, HG.org is the optimum place to locate qualified legal professionals, both across the U.S. and internationally. 


The Law Student Center provides helpful information and resources for law students. The home page includes links and information on different types of law degrees; law school tuition and fees; first year student guides; Moot Court and Mock Trials; Judicial Internships; and Law Student Organizations.
Pre-Law Information - This section includes information and links to prepare students for law school, with topics like law school admission; essays; GPA and the LSAT; Pre-law Advisors Associations and more. 

Financial Aid for Law Students - includes FAFSA, Federal Eligibility, LRAP, and other financing options; links to individual state Departments of Higher Education and Financial Aid; and informations about financial aid, loans, scholarships and grants for law students.

Study Materials and Bar Exams - Law School courses and curriculum; text book links; law school exams and tests; various other study materials; bar exam prep; and law student blogs.
Law Schools Worldwide - includes worldwide law school directories; links to U.S. Law Schools by State; online law schools and courses; LSAT info; financial aid links; programs and info for studying law abroad; and U.S. top law schools.
Continuing Legal Information (CLE) - links to and information about organizations for CLE; links to individual State Bar CLE and MCLE Programs; and info and links for CLE providers.
Discussions, Resumes and Job Searches - Miscellaneous Law Student Info and Discussions for Law school prep; internships; legal careers and resumes; and legal employment directories.

Bar Admission - info and links for bar admission; links to individual state Bar Admission Offices and Boards of Law Examiners; Bar review courses; and standard bar exams.

Whether already enrolled in law school or contemplating your choices, our Law Student Center provides a wealth of knowledge and resources.


The Legal Publications Center covers a wide variety of online resources for law-related books, news and other publications, with links to Legal Publishers worldwide and other online tools covering wide-ranging legal issues and practice areas.

The Law Articles section is one of our most popular areas, with contributions from our clients covering a wide-range of legal topics and practice areas, which are relevant to both individuals and businesses.

The Books section includes a comprehensive list of links to retailers and providers of law related texts.
The Dictionaries section provides links to both free online legal dictionaries and to popular hard copy and electronic law dictionaries available for purchase.  

Forms is a great place to locate all manner of Legal Forms for a wide variety of purposes, available for free and for purchase, in the U.S. and internationally. 

Journals connects you to law reviews, law journals, newsletters and bulletins provided throughout the U.S. and worldwide. 

The Libraries section allows visitors to search for law libraries; law library associations; and law school libraries, either in the U.S. or worldwide. 

Marketing is an Online Marketing Guide for Lawyers which explains how legal professionals can effectively promote their law firms on the Internet. It covers a wide variety of tools necessary for success, from lawyer websites to blogs, videos and social networking sites, and much more.

News - The Legal News Center is composed of information about and links to law news publications, both in the U.S. and internationally.

Publishers provides a comprehensive list of Publishers of law related books, CD-ROMs, forms, studies, and other legal publications, with links to their websites.

The Legal Profession

Associations – The Legal Associations Directories provide links and information for various Associations for legal professionals in the U.S. and other countries throughout the world. These associations include Law Firm and Lawyer Associations; Bar Associations; Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Associations; Paralegal/Legal Assistant Associations; Law Student Associations; and groups for various other professionals in the legal field.

Law Firm Networks - The law firm networks sections provides information on each of 150 legal and multidisciplinary networks.

Events- The Legal Events Section provides calendars of law-related events worldwide. This includes seminars, conferences, continuing legal education (CLE) events, training, trade shows, workshops, lectures and more. Individuals may register and post legal events on our calendars free of charge.

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