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Free Basic Listing - Great Starter Option

What is Included?

  • Your Basic Listing includes: the name of your law firm, full address, phone and fax numbers, Google map of your office location, and a brief overview.
  • A Basic Listing for your main office location.
  • A short title stating your main area(s) of practice.
  • A brief law practice description/overview with your unique content.
  • Basic subscribers can now publish legal articles to our directory for no additional cost.

Where Does it Appear?

  • Your listing appears under every area of practice you select (Maximum 50 out of 260 available areas).
  • Basic Listings are listed alphabetically beneath all Premium Listings.
  • It will appear in the directory of the city, state or province, and country where your office is located.
  • Your listing will appear for every search made in for any word or word groups listed in any field of your registration form (name, address, overview, etc).

How Much Does it Cost?

Important Notice

  • reserves the right to post a firm's logo, photo and/or firm description on the free Basic Listings of selected law firms at our discretion. This information will be obtained from the firm's website. By submitting a free Basic Listing to, you are agreeing to allow this and will retain all copyrights of your website's graphics and texts.
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Editorial Guidelines

While we encourage all subscribers to take full advantage of our offer to list your law firm on, we reserve the right to delete or modify free Basic Listings without prior notice and do not guarantee their position in our directories.

Upon submission or renewal, your listing will be reviewed for compliance with our editorial guidelines prior to being posted on directories. The listing will be removed if it does not comply with the following provisions:

  • Do not submit duplicate listings. If you attempt to create a new listing with a duplicate website URL, you will not be allowed to complete the Registration Form
  • Use only standard capitalization (Example: "Law Firm Name" or "Main Street" - No excessive capitalization such as "LAW FIRM NAME" or "MAIN STREET").
  • Check the spelling of your title and other information in your listing.
  • Use correct phone format. Examples:   
    US: (123) 123-4567 Other Countries: +12 (34) 567-1234
  • Use the English spelling for your city.
  • Include a valid email address - We send a confirmation notice by email and if the email is returned we will delete the listing.
  • Use only a full physical address - No PO Boxes. Partial addresses without room or floor number, virtual offices or flex spaces will not be accepted as a valid physical address.
  • Be sure the contact info entered for your listing matches the information posted on your firm website (i.e. firm name, address, phone number(s).
  • Do not use a generic name for your firm such as "Divorce Center LLC" or a practice area instead of the name of your firm. We will not accept vanity names, DBA names or generic law firm names.
  • Enter the correct information in the appropriate fields and do not enter a website URL or email address in the address or title fields.
  • You may not list your firm if you do not have a website, or if it's still under construction - We only list law firms with valid websites including lawyers' bio. If you submit an invalid website to bypass the duplicate URL blocking feature, your listing will be deleted.
  • We must be able to locate your law firm and your lawyers on the Internet through your firm's website, other directories, legal articles, bar associations, etc.
  • provides legal information to visitors worldwide. When creating your listing, please do not copy/paste from your website; instead, we invite you to create and post unique and original content. We reserve the right to remove any duplicate content from our site.

  • Basic Listings may list a maximum of 50 areas of practice.
  • These listings are only for law firms and their lawyers. If your company is not a law firm, please review the other directories here to list your company with us.
  • All listings are reviewed by our team prior to posting them in directories.


To ensure delivery of important emails to your inbox regarding your listing, please add to your email address book or your safe list. For instructions please visit Email Whitelist Instructions.

Reviewing Process

We receive hundreds of new submissions each week and although we make every effort to review new listings as soon as possible, your listing may remain offline for some time. To help speed up the process, please follow our simple editorial guidelines, which are displayed above. See also our Terms and Conditions.

Reviewing Timeframe:
It may take up to 30 days for our team to review your Basic Listing. If your listing does not comply with our guidelines or is incomplete, we will send you an email requesting that you make the necessary corrections within 2 weeks.

Incorrect Basic Listings:
If you correct and resubmit your listing within the 2 week timeframe, it will then go back into the 30-day queue for review. If not corrected within 2 weeks your listing and account will be automatically deleted.

Deleted Basic Listings:
If your Basic Listing has been deleted because it did not comply with our editorial guidelines (Example: your firm does not have a website or you listed a PO Box instead of an address) please send us your updated information, when available, and we will restore your Basic Listing, if approved.

Update of Basic Listings:
We encourage you to review your Basic Listing regularly and keep all contact information up to date. You may Sign in anytime to edit your own listing once it has been reviewed. After any updates, your listing can still be removed from our directory if it does not follow the listing guidelines. Updated Basic Listings are reviewed by our editors prior to being posted on directories.

List Your Firm With a Free Basic Listing

To list your firm with a Basic Listing please click on the List With A Basic Listing Now button below to enter you law firm website URL and complete the Registration Form:

1. Enter your law firm website home page URL and select the "Submit" button. Do not submit a listing if your website is under construction.

2. Enter the name of the person in charge of this listing for your firm.

3. Enter a valid email address.

4. Create a User ID and password.

5. Enter your firm’s actual name and a physical address.

6. Enter your firm’s primary contact number with the correct format. Inclusion of an 800# and/or fax number is optional.

7. Enter the number of offices your law firm has; the number of lawyers in the main office you are listing, and the total number of lawyers your law firm has overall.

8. Complete the Firm Description section by choosing a title for your firm and entering an overview description in the appropriate text box. Please do not copy/paste from your website, instead create and post unique and original content.

9. Select the practice areas your firm covers, up to a maximum of 50 areas.

10. Click on the Save this Form button, once.

Your Account Management page will open, where you can manage your listing; including previewing your Basic Listing, upgrading to a Premium Listing, and adding articles.

Confirmation of Listing Process:
After filling in your information and submitting your registration form, you will receive an email confirming that your listing has been created. Please make sure you list all email addresses in your white list before completing the process. (See Email Whitelist Instructions.) It will take up to 30 days for your listing to be reviewed. If it requires minor revisions, we will send you an email asking you to review your listing and make the applicable changes. If your entry does not comply with our editorial guidelines, your listing will be removed.

User ID and Password:
Please take note of the User ID and Password and the email address you entered when registering your firm.

All listings are reviewed by our team. Basic Listings will be posted online within thirty days, subject to approval and compliance with our guidelines. Full services are available with Premium subscriptions.

Upgrade to a Premium Listing

For only $195/year you can upgrade to a Premium Listing. You will enjoy many more benefits, such as increased visibility with a higher position in the directories; inclusion of your firm logo and pictures of your lawyers; comprehensive information about your offices and services; access to your website; links to your social network pages, firm affiliations; and additional opportunities to promote your listing and your firm through Read more about Premium Listings and the advantages of upgrading. screens all listing applicants for validity and reserves the right to refuse to post your listing or to remove your listing, at our discretion, if you do not adhere to our editorial guidelines and terms and conditions, or should we determine your law practice is not legitimate or misrepresents its business, services, locations, lawyers’ bio, etc. in any manner. By submitting a listing to, you confirm that you are authorizing to publish your information and that you own the copyright of the text, logos and pictures posted on and on your own website.

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