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What's Included in a Premium Listing:

Affordable value - Full Premium Listings are only $195/year. They offer the unique ability to list each of your areas of expertise, skill sets and the services you offer.

Useful features Additional features, such as a logo or a photo; links to your website; a company title; text fields for certifications, areas served, affiliations and memberships, references, legal and professional experience, and publications; and links to other useful information about your company are included in your Premium Listing.

Editorial Services - We also offer complimentary editorial services to help you edit your Premium Listing and present your company and services in the most effective and dynamic way possible.

To list your company with a Premium Listing, please click on the button below. Your listing will be reviewed and posted online as soon as we receive your payment.

Note: Premium Listings appear in second position in our directories upon subscription. Your listing will then gradually move down in position in all these directories as it is replaced by other Premium Listing subscribers and renewals. 

Example of a Premium Listing

Free Basic Listing:

Basic Listings are free of charge. They include the name of your company, contact name, full address, phone and fax numbers.

To list your company with a Basic Listing please click on the button below, complete the registration form, click on the submit button and disregard the payment process.

We reserve the right to delete or modify free Basic listings without prior notice and do not guarantee their positioning in our directories.

We ask that you please read our Editorial Guidelines below before creating a listing for your company.

Editorial Guidelines for Basic Listings

Thank you for following our editorial guidelines:

  • Display valid information: Current address, law firm's email address, company's website, phone and fax number.
  • Please do not include your email address or website address URL in the address fields.
  • We accept listings from companies that are already found on the Internet through their website, other listings, legal articles, etc.
  • We review all listings and remove without notice any listings submitted improperly, using excessive capitalization, with incorrect information, incorrect website addresses, with emails from generic email servers (such as, or, email addresses or URLs typed in the address fields, and companies not found elsewhere on the Internet.
  • We invite you to review your free Basic Listing on a regular basis at this link, Sign In, using your User ID and Password. Updated Basic Listings are reviewed by our editors prior to being posted on directories. screens all listing applicants for validity and reserves the right to refuse to post your listing or to remove your listing, at our discretion, if you do not adhere to our editorial guidelines, or should we determine your business/company is not legitimate or misrepresents its business, services, etc. in any manner.

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  • You can create your full Premium Listing in minutes and manage it 24/7.
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  • Every word contained in your listing and company's page is monitored by our powerful search engine and is fully searchable. This feature allows prospective clients to find your information quickly and accurately.
  • Being linked to gives your own website more importance to the search engines' evaluations.
  • We deliver great services at low prices. Our full Premium Listing, with all of these extremely valuable features, is only $195/year.

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