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  • Franchise Contract in Saudi Arabia
       Provided by Hazim Al Madani Law Firm

    In Saudi Arabia, franchise started small in the late seventies and early eighties; as it was in the form of import from outside the Kingdom, and then this phase has expanded until the number of international companies operating in the franchise field has exceeded 250 companies in the Saudi market.

  • Deal Breakers in Franchising in Egypt
       Provided by Youssry Saleh Law Firm

    Franchise is a practice of the right to run a Company’s business system and brand for a certain period of time. Therefore, when concluding franchise agreements, parties should be aware of “deal breakers” provisions such as liquidated damages clauses, insufficient start-up support, and mandatory arbitration clauses. Franchisors provide many advantages for ambitious Franchisees to start a business. However, the benefits are not for everyone.

  • Developments in the Relations between Banks and Fintech Companies in Israel
       Provided by Barnea Law Firm

    The Tel Aviv District Court recently issued its ruling in a proceeding that has been underway for several months. The proceeding concerns a fintech company who filed a motion for an injunction that would prevent a bank from unilaterally modifying the terms and conditions for the fintech company’s bank account.

  • An Introduction to Trademarks in Ghana
       Provided by Swiftlaw

    Examines what a trademark is , the validity , classifications, requirements & timelines involved in registering a trademark in Ghana

  • Trademark According to Saudi Law
       Provided by Mohammed Al Khiliwi Law Firm Attorneys and Legal Consultants

    The Saudi trademark law punishes anyone who forges a registered trademark or imitates or uses it without the consent of its owner.

  • Risks And Rewards Of Buying Property In Dubai
       Provided by Hassan Elhais

    Dubai has long been a popular location for investors, especially expatriates. According to property lawyers in Dubai the dynamics and life style of Dubai, coupled with business opportunities stemming from its superior geographical position has now made it a global choice for investors to purchase real estate in Dubai.

  • Maritime Trade in Jordan
       Provided by Abdullah & Partners Law Firm

    Maritime Law is solely applicable to sea navigation excluding domestic or river navigation.

  • Steps to File Trademark Infringement Case in UAE
       Provided by HHS Lawyers & Legal Consultants

    Trademark Infringement is indeed a worldwide concern that businesses from around the world have to face almost every day of their lives, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is not an exception to that. There are cases that are still arising from one end of the country to the other, and having as much information as you can with regard to this kind of topic is useful and knowledgeable lest you’ll be in the same shoes as the others.

  • Patent Application in Ghana
       Provided by AB LexMall & Associates

    Patent means the title granted to protect an invention. The law explains further that an invention is an idea of an inventor which permits in practice the solution to a specific problem in the field of technology. Inventions relates to the product itself or the process.

  • The Fiscal System in the UAE
       Provided by Eptalex

    Following the issuance of the UAE VAT law at the end of August 2017, and the simultaneous launch of the UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA) website, businesses and individuals can now start to make changes to their core operations, financial management and book-keeping, technology, as well as human resources and consultants if necessary.

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