Animal and Wildlife Laws

What is Animal or Wildlife Law?

Animal Law and Wildlife Law refer to the body of law affecting the rights, status, and welfare of animals and/or wildlife. Many of these laws pertain to animal cruelty, animal control, laboratory animal welfare, the use of animals in education, product testing and in the laboratory.


Animal law issues encompass a broad spectrum of jurisprudential approaches, such as philosophical explorations of the rights of animals to the pragmatic discussions of animal handler rights. It also addresses questions such as who has standing to sue when an animal is harmed and what constitutes animal cruelty from a legal standpoint. Many areas of the law play a role in animal and wildlife law, such as torts, contracts, criminal, and even constitutional matters. Animals can be affected by divorces, housing disputes over pet policies and discrimination against service animals, damages for the death or injury of an animal, criminal sanctions for illegally harming or killing a wild animal, and many other circumstances.


Animal and wildlife law has grown in popularity so much that it is now taught as a specialty in over 119 United States law schools.

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