Arbitration and Mediation Associations in Oceania

Arbitration and Mediation Centers in Oceania

  • Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration - ACICA

    The Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration ('ACICA') is a not-for-profit public company which was established in 1985. The objects of ACICA are to support and facilitate international arbitration and to promote Sydney and Australia as a venue for international commercial arbitrations. ACICA maintains a panel of international arbitrators and a list of experienced arbitration practitioners. It provides information on international arbitration and is involved in education through the provision of seminars.

  • Australian Commercial Disputes Centre Limited (ACDC)

    The Australian Commercial Disputes Centre Limited (ACDC) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation established in 1986, to advance in Australia the practice and quality of alternative dispute resolution services, such as mediation, conciliation and arbitration

  • Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia

    The Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia was formed in 1975 to bring people from various professions and industries into a single professional organization to exchange views and information and to promote the settlement of disputes by arbitration. The Institute has a panel of skilled and experienced arbitrators covering many commercial areas and professional disciplines. The specialist areas include construction and engineering, law, finance, accounting, industrial, real state, information technology, insurance, maritime, health service, local government and many others.

  • Leading Edge Alternative Dispute Resolvers (LEADR)

    LEADR is an Australasian, not-for-profit membership organisation formed in 1989 to serve the community by promoting and facilitating the use of consensual dispute resolution processes generally known as Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR. LEADR is a source of mediators for the business, legal and broad community sectors. LEADR provides training at all levels of skills from the basic course through to advanced workshops and continuing professional development.

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