Driving With A Suspended License In New Jersey

New Jersey law dictates very clearly that driving with a suspended license in their state comes with hefty fines and possible jail time. The New Jersey statute 39:3-40.1 states that driving under suspension is a punishable crime. The law also includes the offense of driving under vehicle registration suspension. There are two major categories of suspension. The first being a court ordered suspension and the second is a department of motor vehicles suspension.

The driving laws in New Jersey are strict, yet fair in the sense that the roads are quite safer by keeping driving offenders from getting behind the wheel. The penalties for driving under suspension can expect to run an offender approximately a $500 fine along with a mandatory surcharge of $250 per year for up to three years payable to the department of motor vehicles. These dollar amounts are for first time offenders.

A driver who is charged with a 2nd or subsequent offense will be held responsible for fines of $750 as well as possible prison time for up to five days. Third offenses carry with them county jail terms of up to ten days and fines in the amount of $1000. New Jersey courts tend to strictly adhere to the statutes and therefore, an offender should not expect leniency or special circumstantial treatment in regards to driving with a suspended license.

In the event that alcohol or any other mind-altering substance is involved while driving under suspension, the penalties are much steeper. An individual will be faced with additional penalties and fines beyond the original penalties of $500 plus further suspension of driving privileges for up to two years. Jail time can be expected for the offender, with imprisonment for up to 90 days in county jail. New Jersey does not bend when it comes to driving will under the influence, especially when the offense occurs under previous license suspension.

Overall, drivers should take heed when contemplating getting behind the wheel in New Jersey without a valid drivers license. The cost incurred is high, both financially for the offender as well as legally. Staying within the bounds of the driving laws is the most logical action that can be taken by New Jersey drivers.

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