Construction Site Dangers

Construction sites are among the most dangerous places for workers. Rife with risk, there are a number of injuries that can occur on the job.

At construction sites, there are many risk factors for injury on a day to day basis for their workers. Every equipment and material that is not monitored with the utmost safety and correct precautions can lead to harmful injury. With constant improvements being made on our streets and buildings in the Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa and surrounding areas, construction sites are becoming more and more predominant.

Risks at Construction Sites

Although workers are trained to avoid and be careful with their various tasks, there are still many type of risks that can occur within only a few minutes of carelessness. These include:

Falling from dangerous heights
Crane accidents
Operating equipment run overs.
Lifiting equipment failure
Electric Shock
Loose debris
Fires and explosions
Welding accidents
Cave in's

These types of accidents can not only occur with construction workers themselves but also pedestrians or other non construction worker. In these types of cases, a construction company or worker, contractor, sub contractor may be responsible for injuries. There are even instances in which the manufacturer of the equipment that was harmful, may have been the entire cause of the accident. If your injuries are extremely serious, requiring ample recovery time and a lot of money on medical bills, there is a good reason to contact a personal injury attorney. Workers compensation in Arizona provide limited recoveries and has no award for the pain and suffering that may occur with serious injuries, therefore it is important to identify who exactly is at fault.

According the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in 2007 there were 88 fatal occupational injuries in Arizona. This may be due to the recent boom in construction site work, therefore it continues to be a risk. If you are injured at a construction site, it is important to take the following course of action.

Helpful Courses of Action to Take Once Injured

-Take pictures of the construction site of where you got hurt, or have someone else take pictures. Since construction sites are constantly changing due to its consistent work in the area.
-Write down everything that happened when the accident occurred as soon as possible.
-Write down all of the names and contact information of witnesses of who witnessed the event and who was at fault.
-You may also want to consider keeping a record of your pain and suffering due to this event, and a record of your hospital documents.
-Contact your Arizona Personal Injury lawyer to discuss your case.

All of this information will be extremely helpful to a personal injury lawyer so you can build the strongest case possible to achieve compensation for your injuries. As a construction worker or even as a non construction worker who has gotten injured at a construction site, the expectation that safety measures would be taken at all times is not something you should be surprised to expect. Responsible parties may include: coworkers, construction site managers, sub contractors, manufacturers of the devices involved, or even the architects and engineers.

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