Can You Get an Annulment in Michigan?

An annulment is an option in Michigan, but only under certain circumstances. This article discusses what those circumstances are.

Every marriage is different, and marital breakdown happens for various reasons. Similarly, thereís more than one way to dissolve a marriage. To determine which way is best for you, you should speak with an Ann Arbor divorce attorney who can counsel you regarding your options and represent your best interests in court.

An annulment is one of the options available in Michigan. Annulment is often misunderstood and can lead to confusion when people donít understand its purpose and function. In an annulment, a Michigan court declares the marriage null and void because it was never legal in the first place.

Annulment is not simply an alternative to divorce that is available to anyone. Some people may wish to have an annulment in order to avoid the religious or cultural stigmas attached to divorce, but annulment does not work that way.

In Michigan, an annulment can be granted only under circumstances where a judge can find that the marriage was not legal.

There are guidelines concerning annulment that specify certain circumstances that make a marriage null and void. In Michigan, the process and documentation required to get an annulment or divorce are similar. Therefore, one is not necessarily easier than the other.

Annulments are granted for various reasons, including cases in which:

* The parties are relatives. In Michigan, individuals are not permitted to marry first cousins and other close relatives.
* The couple married without parental permission before one or both parties were old enough to do so. Michigan minors under the age of 16 are not permitted to marry at all. Those between the ages of 16 and 18 need parental permission in order to legally marry.
* One of the parties was forced into the marriage.
* The marriage was based on fraud or deception. For example, in cases where one of the parties is already legally married to someone else.

These are basic examples of grounds for annulment. To find out if annulment is an option in your specific case, you should speak with an Ann Arbor divorce attorney.

A Michigan annulment voids a marriage, which basically means that it treats the marriage as if it never happened. This can have an impact on marital related issues such as division of property and spousal support.

Couples who obtain Michigan annulments are responsible for any children from the marriage. They can be required to pay child support and have the right to seek custody and make visitation arrangements.

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