Think Twice before Mailing Payment for an Indiana Speeding Ticket

Why would someone charged with a traffic ticket in Indiana hire a lawyer some have asked. People who retain my services overwhelmingly are those who have been ticketed before and have learned the financial consequences that await them. For those with experience with their insurance company or the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles; skyrocketing insurance premiums and/or loss of driving privileges are foremost in their minds.

Many drivers who have been ticketed for the first time simply pay a ticket to the court by mail without any regard to the consequences. The traffic court will make it nice and convenient for you to pay by mail, credit card etc. However, this convenience in admitting to a traffic violation without you or a legal representative coming to court can come with a heavy price tag once your “minor Indiana traffic ticket” hits your driving record.

For an insurance company, any traffic violation is the golden goose they need to start their money generating machine working. Depending upon the insurance company and location, your insurance premiums can increase in ways never imagined. Even if you move out of state, these traffic ticket(s) can follow you.

As to your driver’s license, a first time Indiana speeding ticket might not be so serious so long as it’s under a certain speed level, in Indiana that would mean at 15 mph or lower over the posted speed limit. In fact, if this is the case with no prior tickets and no commercial driver’s license one may qualify for a “safe driver program” that may keep points off of a driving record. Once a driver accepts this program, it can usually not be given again for a future ticket.

For this reason, even in such a first time offense situation, people who retain me do not want to waste their “get out of points card” and will take the chance of seeing whether I will be able to get their case dismissed without resorting to using up their future safe driver eligibility.

Certain states do not operate under a points system such as Indiana. In some states an Indiana ticket(s) can serve as a basis to suspend a license in another state should you accumulate three or more traffic tickets in a certain period of time no matter the speed.

These pearls of traffic ticket information are not meant to alarm you if receiving an Indiana traffic ticket, but to cause you to think twice before simply mailing payment in just to avoid the inconvenience of traffic court.

AUTHOR: Gregg Stark - Stark Law Offices, P.C.

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