Defending Against First-Degree Murder in Chicago

In the state of Illinois, criminal charges of first-degree murder are treated with especially ruthless care. For this reason, if you have recently been criminally charged or have a loved one who has been, receiving aggressive criminal defense is vastly important.

Although no criminal charge deserves to be treated flippantly, it is important to realize that there are crimes that will vary in their degrees of severity. In the state of Illinois, this is especially true for first-degree murder. Due to the violence and the damage done to both the victims and the victim’s families, law enforcement and prosecutors are ruthless in their attempts to convict.

According to the Criminal Code of 1961, 720 ILCS 5/9 1, in Illinois, first-degree murder is committed when a person unlawfully and knowingly kills with the clear intentions of killing - knowing that the actions they are committing will cause great bodily harm. It can also be defined as first-degree murder if the actions are carried out while attempting to commit another forcible felony.

There are several aggravating factors that can be added to a criminal charge of this kind which can cause the criminal to be sentenced to extreme penalties if they are successful convicted. For this reason, criminal charges of this type deserve to be taken extremely seriously. Facing penalties that could lead up to such life-altering consequences means that now, more than ever, having an experienced lawyer is of the utmost importance.

Criminal cases are complex, difficult and will place your entire future on the line. Due to this, alleged criminals should not satisfy themselves with a public defender. While these are often highly-educated and skilled lawyers, they are also given an exceedingly large task load that they are forced to upkeep. They are unable to provide the amount of personalized and tailor-made solutions that would best be able to help them defend their legal rights.

At Acosta, Batovski & Schmiege, their legal team understands the importance of these types of criminal cases and are unwaveringly devoted to helping you to protect your legal rights. If you choose to work with a Chicago criminal defense attorney at their firm, you can breathe easier knowing that your rights will be placed into competent and trustworthy hands; they strongly believe that clients deserve personalized care and will do everything possible to provide tailor-made strategies.

While a complete dismissal might be unattainable, you can trust that their firm will do everything possible to help reduce the charges and the sentencing. By working tooth and nail against the possibility of the severest of penalties, they will address every detail and every nuance to help you protect your legal rights. You can trust that when you work with them that you will have a heavyweight on your side who is completely dedicated to protecting your freedom.

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Acosta, Batovski & Schmiege is a highly-qualified and capable criminal defense firm dedicated to protecting the legal rights of clients who are currently facing criminal conviction in the Chicago area. By working closely with their clients and providing dedicated, reputable service, they have shown over the years that they have what it takes to take on the most daunting of criminal charges. If you choose to seek the legal representation of a Chicago criminal defense lawyer at their firm, you will be able to breathe easier knowing that you will not be pushed to the side or ignored. They will never run you through a legal mill – providing generic and apathetic advice. Instead, they will be vigorous in their attempts to protect you, tenaciously pursuing your just outcome in every way possible.

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