Skechers Shape-ups Injuries & Product Liability Claims

When they were first released into the athletic footwear market, Skechers Shape-ups received a lot of media coverage for the unbelievable results they promised and their unexpected popularity. Skechers success with the Shape-up toning shoes led other manufacturers like New Balance and Reebok to join the toning shoe bandwagon.

Lately, Skechers Shape-ups and similar toning shoes are on the news for an entirely different reason. The round of lawsuits and claims of Skechers related injury has revealed the potential dangers these toning shoes pose. The most prominent case is Holly Ward’s, whose hipbone injuries were so severe she is left with six screws, permanently lodged in her hips. But her case is not unique, as more and more people are reporting extreme injuries from wearing Skechers Shape-ups, Masai Barefoot Technology, Reebok Easytones, and other similar products.

What Causes Skechers Shape-ups Injuries

Skechers Shape-ups and similar toning shoes use rocker bottom soles to keep the body unstable, which Skechers touts as a good thing: “Because the rocker bottom design keeps you a little off balance, you use otherwise underutilized muscles to retain balance and proper positioning while standing or walking.” The effort to maintain balance, does force different muscles to work, but this does not necessarily translate into the miraculous weight loss results Skechers promises. In fact, the effort to keep one’s balance may overstrain the muscles; even when standing, wearers of toning shoes cannot relax their body. This not only prevents the muscles from absorbing and reducing the shock of each step, it actually puts more strain on the tendons and stress on the bones. Overtaxed muscles puts more tension on the tendons, and since the muscles are too tired to cushion the impact of walking, and the repeated pounding on the bones that bear weight can lead to stress fractures like Holly Ward’s.

Know Your Rights

In cases of severe injury due to a defective product, he manufacturer may be held liable for damages. Holly Ward was a healthy woman with no preexisting conditions, and a healthy bone density. But the repeated strain the Skechers Shape-ups forced on her body has left her with a debilitating injury. Skechers had marketed their toning shoes using the results from a small research they conducted on a handful of women without thoroughly exploring the possible dangers of their shoes. Podiatrists had always been weary of the rocker bottom soles of toning shoes. These soles had around since the 1990s, but podiatrists had carefully limited its distribution and limited its availability based on prescriptions. But, Skechers disregarded the caution reservations foot experts had on this new sole and mass marketed and mass distributed it in the form of Skechers Shape-ups.

Seek Legal Help

Companies like Skechers have to be held accountable for the serious injuries their untested products had caused. If you have been a victim of Skechers Shape-ups or similar toning shoes, you are advised to seek legal advice, as you may be able to be compensated for your medical fees and other costs the injury may have incurred. A seasoned lawyer with experience dealing with product liability and personal injuries would be best suited to advise you. Most experienced law firms will work on a contingency fee basis, meaning no up front costs to you. Seek out a Skechers injury lawyer today, to see if you are entitled to compensation for your injury.

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