Portland, Oregon's 10 Most Dangerous Intersections

If you live in Portland, OR you need to know which intersections to avoid - the most dangerous intersections for accidents and injuries. According to a study conducted by the Pamplin Media Group, these are the top 10 most dangerous areas for driving in Portland.

1. SE Powell Blvd. and SE 82nd Ave. In 2009, a woman entered the intersection incorrectly and ended up driving her car into the side of a building on the corner of this notorious junction.

2. SE Division St. and 122nd Ave. SE Division Street has been the scene of a number of fatal accidents at or near the intersection with 122nd Avenue, including in March, 2007; January, 2003, and September, 2002, and seems particularly lethal for cyclists. Two cyclists were victims of hit-and-run accidents on SE Division Street in the first five days of 2011 alone.

3. SE Division St. and SE 82nd Ave. In March, 2006, this was the scene of a fatal accident, and 82nd Avenue has a notorious record of drivers running red lights, causing multi-vehicle pile ups.

4. SE Stark St. and SE 112th Ave. Drivers beware! Nowhere along SE Stark Street can be counted on as being a safe place for people in cars, on bikes or afoot. In September, 2011, a woman ran a red light at this junction, hit a patrol car and was thrown from her own vehicle. On July 4th, 2007, a man was killed in the crosswalk of the same intersection. Less than 24 hours later, a two-car collision less than 50 feet from the intersection sent two people to the hospital.

5. NE Halsey and NE 122nd Ave. October seems to be a bad month to enter this particular intersection, with fatalities registered for both October, 2001, and October, 2003.

6. NE Glisan and NE 122nd Ave. In August of this year, a cyclist was seriously injured when his bike collided with a Kia Sportage as it entered this infamous junction. Two years ago, in August, 2009, a man driving another Kia Sportage deliberately reversed his car into a cyclist. In the same month, a cyclist was killed here.

7. SE Powell and SE 122nd Ave. Fatalities have been recorded on or near this intersection from December, 2000; March, 2004, and May, 2007.

8. SE Powell and 174th Ave. Among the many accidents which have led to serious injuries at or near this intersection was a hit-and-run in March of this year.

9. SE Powell Blvd. and 39th Ave. In February, 2010, a 93-year-old lady died trying to cross the busy intersection.

10. SE Powell and 92nd Ave. In January, 2002, a driver was killed in this intersection. In May 2008, a pedestrian crossing SE Powell was hit with such force they were thrown about 60 feet.

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