When Do You Need a Kansas City Traffic Violations Attorney?

Do you really need a Kansas City traffic violations attorney when you are issued a ticket for speeding, no insurance or other moving violations? Actually, even when you feel the violation is minor it could be to your benefit to hire a Kansas City lawyer who specializes in traffic violations.

Many people don't give it much thought, but when you pay a ticket, you are essentially pleading guilty to the offense you were written up for. This can mean accumulated points on your driver's license, which would eventually cost you your driving privileges.

In addition to accumulating points, you could be facing increased auto insurance rates. Should you receive numerous speeding tickets or be ticketed for other violations repeatedly, your insurance carrier could actually drop your coverage - meaning you cannot drive. If your employment requires you to drive (bus driver, taxi, chauffer, UPS, etc.), it could actually mean the end of your employment.

Should you plead not guilty or fight your ticket? This is where it can come in handy to consult with a Kansas City traffic violations lawyer. If you do plead not guilty, you will face a trial in which both you and the arresting officer will testify. This can be risky, as you never know whether the judge will side with the police officer or be sympathetic toward your case.

An experienced Kansas City traffic violations attorney can help you determine whether you should fight your ticket, or whether this option is even available to you. Often called "fixing" or "beating" a traffic violation, this is a situation in which your attorney will negotiate a plea agreement, which simply means he/she will negotiate with the prosecutor to have your ticket amended or changed to a lesser offense.

Be aware that if you have been ticketed for driving at excessive speeds or speeding in a school zone, you may have no option to plea; this is also true if you have several previous violations.

In any situation, the best thing you can do is talk with a Kansas City traffic violations lawyer who knows the law, and knows your options. Whether you have been ticketed for running a stop light, failing to signal at a turn or driving on a suspended license, it is in your best interest to seek skilled legal counsel. When at all possible, you want to avoid situations that will add points to your driving record, or increase the risk of your auto insurance being cancelled.

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