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Below are answers to common questions troubled taxpayers ask when deciding on whether or not to retain the services of a tax attorney.

Is it True You May be Able to Settle My Tax Problem for Pennies on the Dollar?

While it is true taxpayers that qualify for the Offer In Compromise program may qualify to settle their tax debt, every situation is different and will have different outcomes. An attorney would need to know all of the details of your individual tax debt problem to decide if your case would qualify for
the offer in compromise program. Even if your particular case does not meet the criteria required by the IRS to enter the OIC program, there are many other tax settlement programs available that your attorney can use to bring your tax problem down to a manageable size.

The Internal Revenue Service is Very Powerful. How Can a Tax Attorney Fight Them for My Case?

Yes it is true that the IRS is one of the most powerful government agencies, however even so, they must operate within the laws. An experienced tax attorney will know how to use the laws and tax settlement programs to negotiate on your behalf. It is also important to note that without legal counsel a troubled taxpayer can quickly be overrun by the IRS and end up in serious and lasting trouble. When taking on the IRS is is essential to have retained an experienced tax attorney.

Is it Too Late Once the IRS has Started to Garnish My Wages or Bank Accounts?

While it is certainly best to act before that happens, an experienced tax lawyer can in most cases quickly stop wage garnishment and bank levies. Under many of the tax settlement negotiation programs the IRS must stop all collection efforts during the negotiation process. An attorney will know this and be able to quickly get tax settlement negotiations under way, stopping the wage garnishments and releasing bank levies.

Can my CPA Fix My Tax Problems Rather than an Attorney?

It's crucial you know your CPA or tax preparer can be forced to testify against you in a criminal court. Only your attorney can be exempt from having to testify against you under the Attorney client privilege. It should also be noted, a tax lawyer will have years of experience in dealing with IRS cases and have a full understanding of how to move forward to settle your case.

If I Have Not Filed My Returns in Years Should I File Them Now?

It's important to note, while you cannot be jailed for owning back taxes, you can be imprisoned for not filing! Even if you have not filed your tax returns for many years and feel like you may have “gotten away with it” you should contact a qualified tax lawyer and file as soon as possible. The IRS will eventually discover the issue and pursue the issue aggressively. Parties that can show they have acted in good faith will fare better and an attorney will know how to proceed for your best interests.

Will My Attorney Explain All of My Options?

An experienced tax attorney will meet with you and review your case in detail. After learning the details of your particular tax problem they will explain the range of options available for your defense. There are many tax settlement programs available and each will have its own set of requirements and consequences. Your attorney will be able to explain everything and work with your to decide the best course of action to get your tax settlement in progress and put the IRS behind you.

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