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Being injured while on the job can be both a physically and emotionally draining process. Dealing with the physical pain as a result from an accident can be debilitating and frustrating—especially if it interferes with how you perform at work.

However, what do you do when you realize that the worker’s compensation coverage you counted on is either lacking or completely unavailable? Medical bills are expensive and many people don’t budget for the onslaught of expense, making a solid Las Vegas worker’s comp plan imperative.

Instead of going deeply into debt to cover expenses for an injury you experienced at work, contact
a Las Vegas worker’s compensation attorney. One of the common misconceptions about retaining a worker’s comp attorney is the expense. Injured employees feel that they are already over their head with medical bills and are worried that filing a claim with the assistance of an attorney will only add to their financial stress.

While a valid concern, consider if you can afford not to file a claim. When worker’s compensation coverage falls short, employees may not understand that they can pursue a claim for full coverage and CAN afford an attorney.

If you have been the victim of a workplace injury in Las Vegas, Nevada, consider the following:

• Was your injury due to improperly maintained equipment or workplace environment (such as slippery floors)?
• Did your employer encourage you to continue working even after you experienced an injury?
• Are you having difficulty paying medical and living expenses after your injury?
• Have you been terminated as a result of your injury?

Nevada worker’s compensation law is in place to ensure that employees cannot be terminated due to an injury. However, if you voluntarily quit your job while you are on disability leave, you must assume all remaining medical and living expenses.

Las Vegas Worker’s Comp Attorneys will help you through your injury, and you will not pay until a recovery is made.

It can cost you more in the long run by not pursuing a Las Vegas worker’s comp case. Under the worker’s compensation system you are automatically entitled to:

• Continuous medical treatment for the injury that you experienced at work (including surgery, pain management and therapy);
• 2/3 of your gross wages up to the statutory minimum;
• Evaluation for permanent impairment or disability; and
• If unable to return to your former position, you are eligible for retraining or school.

If you are missing out on these benefits, you absorb these costs, which can be financially devastating. Immediately following an injury at work, Las Vegas worker’s comp attorneys urge clients to schedule an initial free consultation with an attorney to establish a case and pursue the compensation they deserve.

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