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Many people think the only impressive thing about New Orleans is the jazz and the culture, but one of the underrated gems is the impressive Port of New Orleans. Located in none other than the “Big Easy” itself, the Port of New Orleans continues to be a vital component to not only Louisiana’s economy, but the entire United States economy.

While many people know interesting facts about New Orleans, many people don’t know much about what lies on its bay. It handles an impressive 62 million tons of cargo on a yearly basis. Although it isn’t Louisiana’s premiere- the Port of South Louisiana comes in first place handling a total of 193 million short tons annually. Usually, these two locations are combined statistically because
of their close proximity to each other. Together they are ranked within the top 10 ports in the world when it comes to volume handled each year.

The location lies right at the center of the Lower Mississippi, which means it is connected to the heartland of America by more than 23 thousand kilometers of inland waterways. These waterways are essential to the U.S. economy, just as much so as cargo trucks and train transportation. There truly is no other place like it. It sees vessels of all shapes and sizes from a wide variety of companies. For example, the port is also well known for handling cruise ships. It sees roughly 700,000 cruise passengers every year from lines like Carnival and Royal Caribbean. Many may think that the most interesting characteristics of New Orleans lie in its cultural history. It is fascinating to know that the genre of music Jazz originated here as well as mardis gras, for example.

What is equally as fascinating is the way that the ports in this place are so valuable to the economy. For one, many Louisiana residents would not have jobs if it were not for the Port of New Orleans. Many maritime workers are employed on barges, in shipyards and many other capacities. With the high volume of residents being employed in this capacity, there are also bound to be a high number of injuries. This is because the nature of working in these particular environments is not easy. Workers face risks on a daily basis, but sometimes these accidents can be caused by the negligence of others. For example, if you were injured because of a machine malfunction while working on a shrimp boat you may be entitled to a personal injury claim. The pristine of New Orleans needs to be upheld, which is exactly why so many people have found work here, but part of that pristine includes workers being taken care of in the way that they deserve.

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