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You might have heard that you can give some of your money to your heirs before you pass away without any tax consequences. While this is sometimes the case, if you do not speak to an estate planning attorney before you give your money away, you might be making a big mistake. A well-intentioned, but improperly given, gift can cause more problems and greater financial burdens than anyone wants deal with.

The IRS' gift tax exclusion of $13,000 seems like a simple rule. However, there is no such thing as a simple tax rule or law. For example, the rule only applies to how much you can give away during the course of one tax year without paying a gift tax. There is also a lifetime gift tax exemption. If you go over it during your life, you cannot take advantage of the yearly exclusion. Additionally, the amount that you do give away during your life that is under the lifetime exemption amount gets subtracted from the estate tax exemption for your estate.

The gift tax law sounds complicated because it is. If you are planning on making gifting a part of your estate plan, you should seek out an experienced attorney to make sure that you gift properly. Gifting can be a part of your estate plan, but it needs to be done right.

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