Doctors Claim They Suffer Increased Stress from Worrying about Malpractice Lawsuits

Despite all of the years of education and specialized training, reports show that 225,000 people die in the United States every year from negligence on the part of medical professionals. This number is relatively small compared to the even larger number of people who are injured or permanently disabled because of errors on the part of medical professionals.

The increases in technology and continual equipment updates have done little to help or reduce the number of surgical errors and negligence, and many medical professionals claim that technology is partly to blame for their mistakes. The majority of hospitals and medical facilities now outsource their image reviews because of high-speed internet capabilities, and this may mean that someone in another state or country is evaluating your test results (MRIís, bone scans, etc.). The outsourcing of medical analyses is doing nothing to resolve the lack of clear, concise communication that causes the majority of medical malpractice incidents. Medical malpractice is an act by which a physician or health care professional has breached their duty of care, causing injury or death to a patient.

Medical malpractice includes a variety of situations and errors, including failure to diagnose illness, prescribing the wrong treatment or a misdiagnosis. Medical errors can also occur before or during any type of medical treatment or in post-operative care. Surgical errors involving the administering or monitoring of anesthesia, the unintended injuring or cutting of nerves, organs or body parts, make up a large portion of medical malpractice claims in the United States. In some cases, the patient is at fault for not conveying every symptom because of embarrassment or because they think it is irrelevant to their health. At other times, the doctor is feeling rushed or pressed for time and does not devote their full attention to a patientís concerns during a check-up appointment.

Regardless of what circumstances led to a medical malpractice incident, the outcome is always detrimental and harmful to the patient. It is for this reason that New York and other states allow the injured victims of medical malpractice to seek compensation from the medical professional or corporation responsible for their injuries. These types of lawsuits have increased so rapidly over the last decade that medical malpractice is a touchy subject to approach with doctors and hospitals, who are claiming that constant stress over possible lawsuits can hinder their ability to do their jobs properly.

However, any patient or family member who has suffered medical mistakes will be able to give a long list of expenses and health problems that are the result of medical malpractice. It seems only fair that the victims of wrongful injury caused by negligence should be able to seek protection under the law, and a Suffolk County injury lawyer can help victims seek maximum compensation from the parties responsible.

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