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Auto accident personal injury attorneys can help you navigate through the confusing process of what to do after youíve been in a crash. Some important steps include:

ē Document the scene. Although you may be dazed and possibly injured, itís important that you contact the police immediately so the scene can be properly documented.
ē Avoid discussing the accident with the other driver or insurance adjusters. In the event your case ends up in court you donít want anything you say to be held against you. Also, do not agree to be filmed or taped discussing
your case.
ē Seek medical attention immediately. In many types of auto accidents, personal injury may not come to light until hours or possibly days later. The sooner you seek medical attention, the earlier you can start the healing process.

Contact An Auto Accident Personal Injury Attorney After a Crash

After a crash, contact an auto accident personal injury attorney to ensure your case is heard. An attorney can advise you about predatory outsiders who may try to influence your decisions:

ē Donít sign any agreements. The other driverís attorney may try to get you to sign over your rights or claim to pursue damages in exchange for a smaller settlement. Never sign any documents without first consulting with your personal injury attorney.
ē Avoid car accident loans. Consult with an attorney before pursuing pre-settlement financial assistance. Lenders create these loans to look very attractive when victims have experienced an injury and lost wages from not being able to go to work. However, terms and conditions should be examined to determine if this type of help is in your best interest.
ē Talk to a personal injury lawyer. Call an auto accident personal injury lawyer to handle your case. Request case histories involving accidents similar to yours and furnish your attorney with as much information and documentation as possible during the initial meeting.

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