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In preparing to make important life decisions the first thing to do is to research your options. You cannot make good decisions until you know what is possible you and how effective the different choices are. This is true in estate planning, as there many different legal instruments that can be used in estate planning.

However, when you start to research estate planning, you run into problems. The best and most accurate information is often locked away on websites that you have to pay to gain access to. Many other websites will give you information for free, but it is difficult for non-attorneys to evaluate whether the freely given information is accurate. This is especially true because many of the people who give you free estate planning information online have an agenda; they want to sell you a form to use in your estate plan.

Rather than starting your research online looking for information on estate planning, start your research online looking for an estate planning attorney in your area. You do not need to make things difficult on yourself by sorting through the research on your own. Hire someone who has already been through it all.

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