Arthritis Warning Signs

As we get older, our bodies tend to develop specific types of medical conditions that are much more common in the elderly than they are in younger people. Even though half of all arthritis sufferers are under the age of 65,about one out of every five adults will be diagnosed with the condition at some point in their lives.

Though arthritis can differ in terms of its severity,there are some common warning signs associated with it.If you notice any of these signs you need to speak to your doctor for medical advice.

Stiffness in the Morning

A lot of people have aches and pains when they get out of bed in the morning,but arthritis sufferers have aches and pains that last much longer and are more severe.Rheumatoid arthritis can cause your joints and muscles to seize up after you've been inactive for a while.Even sitting down to watch a movie or remaining inactive for any length of time can cause you to feel stiff.However,rheumatoid arthritis symptoms tend to decrease once you move around,though often not for a half-hour or more.

Difficulty or Pain When Climbing Stairs or Falling Asleep

Unlike rheumatoid arthritis,osteoarthritis results in pain as a result of moving around or performing specific activity.For example,osteoarthritis sufferers often experience pain in the knee joints when climbing or descending stairs.Osteoarthritis results from the protective covering between bones wearing away,causing the bones to rub together directly.In severe cases of osteoarthritis,you can even experience pain when you are not moving, such as when you're preparing to fall asleep.

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