Girlfriend of Painter Kinkade Presents Holographic Wills

There are a few ways to create a Last Will, one of which is a holographic Will. This sounds rather high-tech, but in fact the reverse is true. A holographic Will is simply a Will that is written entirely in the handwriting of the person creating the will and signed by them, as well. The popular painter Thomas Kinkade died recently at the age of 54 due to acute intoxication. He was living with his girlfriend Amy Pinto-Walsh at the time.

Pinto-Walsh has produced two different holographic wills that were supposedly drawn up by Kinkade.The interesting thing about these documents is the fact that experts say that the painter must have been quite intoxicated when he put pen to paper because of the poor quality of the writing.And of course we are talking about a world-renowned artist here.

These wills are not the only Kinkade estate planning documents out there.Kinkade was actually legally married at the time of his passing though his wife Nanette had filed for divorce two years previously.

The couple had executed an estate plan with the benefit of professional assistance when they were together, and it was unchanged when the artist died.

Kinkade's wife and girlfriend are not in accord with all the issues involved and this case has to be decided in court.

It is understandable that Thomas Kinkade may well have wanted to provide for his girlfriend.However,the right way to go about it is to get the appropriate legal assistance.

If your current estate plan is not fully reflective of your wishes given life changes that you may have experienced, don't hesitate to pick up the phone to arrange for a consultation with a good Northern NV estate planning lawyer.

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