Why You Should Advise Your Michigan Drivers License Attorney of Any Addictive Prescription Medications

If you are meeting with Michigan drivers license appeal lawyers to select one to help reinstate your drivers license, make sure to disclose any medications you are currently taking. Failing to advise your Michigan drivers license appeal lawyer of the medications you are taking can be fatal to your case. This is especially important if you are taking addictive prescription medication

As part of the Michigan license restoration process, you will participate in a hearing or review in front of a hearing officer, where you must prove that your substance abuse issues are under control now and will remain under control in the future.

Aside from alcohol abuse and dependency, certain medications, even prescription medications, can be of concern to a hearing officer, and dependency on them may prevent you from restoring your license. Of particular concern are medications that can be addictive, such as painkillers or tranquilizers. Nonaddictive medications, such as high blood pressure or thyroid medications, are generally not of concern.

If it appears that you have a problem with prescription painkillers or tranquilizers, your hearing officer may be concerned that you have become addicted or may become dependent upon them. You are attending the hearing because you have or had a problem with substance abuse, so the hearing officer may be concerned that you have simply switched your addiction from, for example, alcohol to the medication at issue.

For your Michigan drivers license restoration case, the Secretary of State will require a 10 panel drug screen and two integrity variables. Consult with your Michigan drivers license appeal attorney before getting your 10 panel drug screen if you are taking any type of medication, if you have not already done so.

Ideally, Michigan drivers license appeal attorneys will ask about any medications you are using when you first meet with him or her. Do not lie or withhold any information, even if you think it will be incriminating. Depending on your situation or what medications you are taking, there is often a way to effectively handle the issue. Make sure your lawyer is able to advise you on this topic. However, also be aware that if your lawyer is never told about your use of addictive medications and you first reveal this at your drivers license hearing, you have a good chance of losing your case, which means your driving privileges will not be restored.

Michigan driver license restoration cases are winnable, but the evidence must be prepared properly. The most important element of your case is that you are able to prove that all substance issues are under control and will remain under control, and the best way to do so is to fully advise your attorney as he or she works with you to put together your evidence.

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