Honoring Your Last Wishes – Are You Sure Your Family Will Do So?

When it comes to honoring your last wishes regarding your funeral and burial, are you sure that your family will do so? What if you want to be buried in an Elvis costume? Or maybe you want to be cremated and your wife doesn’t believe in cremation. It could be that you have always wanted an Irish wake when you die but your family cannot imagine such a thing.

Whatever your final wishes are, they are your last wishes and should be honored. By taking some time now to plan ahead, you can all but ensure that they will be honored.

One thing you can do now is to check with local funeral homes about pre-arranging your funeral. Most offer contracts that you can enter into that provide all the details of your funeral and burial or cremation. If you pre-pay, or arrange for payment, then not only are your wishes put down in writing but your family will have one less thing to worry about when they are grieving your loss. Many people choose to fund a pre-paid funeral by creating a funeral trust and funding the trust with a life insurance policy. The policy then pays out directly to the trust when you die and the trust then pays for the funeral and any additional expenses related to your death. Make sure that you appoint someone you trust as the trustee.

By the same token, make sure that you name someone you believe will honour your wishes as the executor of your Last Will and Testament. This individual will have a great degree of control over things right after your death.

If you cannot afford to pre-pay for your funeral, make a funeral wish list. Include all the details that are important to you and attach this to your Will. Although not legally binding, it is a way to express to your family members and loved ones how important your wishes are to you.

Be sure to include copies of all funeral related documents with your other estate planning documents so that they can be easily located when needed. Purcell and Amen – Attorneys at Law can provide this list for you as part of your estate plan.

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