What Are the Different Child Custody Options

If you are getting divorced and thinking of child custody related matters, you would need to hire a lawyer and learn more about the different options available to you.

Are you getting divorce? Going through a divorce may be one of the most difficult times of your life and the situation may take a turn for the worse when you have children involved in the picture. Ending a marriage and getting divorced is hard enough already and it gets even more complicated when you have a child. You cannot just think about yourself. Every decision that you make, will affect your child as well. Different issues may arise that may make it more difficult on your child. Child support and child custody related matters are some of those issues that can affect your child significantly, which is why these decisions are to be taken with care and thoughtful considerations. When you are thinking about child custody, you will need to learn about the different types of child custody. Some of the common types of child custody are discussed below:

Physical custody: One of the common types of child custodies is physical custody. If the court or some other ruling body has granted you the physical custody of your child, you would get the right to have your child live with you. Some states also allow joint physical custody which means that the both parents can have their child/children for a certain period of time. Joint custody is the best option in case where the parents live closer to each other and the child spends enough time with both of his/her parents. This allows the kid to be with both the father and the mother and also maintain his regular routine.

Legal custody: If you have been granted the legal custody of your child, it means that you have the right to make all the important decisions regarding your child’s health, education and overall upbringing. Since you have the legal custody of your child, you will get to make decision like which school your child will go to, which religion he will practice, what sort of medical care he will receive and so on. A lot of states also award joint legal custody to couples who are splitting up. Being awarded joint custody means that you will have to cooperate with your ex and take his/her opinions when making any important decision regarding your child’s upbringing.

Sole custody: Judges often award joint physical or legal custody of a child to one parent. You can be awarded sole physical custody only if you can prove that your ex is not fit to be with your child or cannot take proper care of him/her. Making the other parent seem unfit is the best way to gain the sole custody of your kid. The judge may also award sole custody if the other parent has moved in with a new partner who is unfit.


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