Five FAQ's about FELA Railroad Accident Claims

Frequently Asked Questions about the Federal Employers Liability Act.

What is the FELA?

FELA stands for the Federal Employers' Liability Act. In 1908, Congress enacted this law specifically designed to protect railroad workers who suffered injuries on the job.

What's the difference between FELA vs. Workers Compensation?

FELA is the best protection a railroad worker can have as it provides comprehensive damages for the range of injuries and accidents sustained on the job. Worker's compensation benefits are often fixed and arbitrary.

What am I entitled to under the FELA?

Under FELA, injured railroad workers are provided with substantial compensatory damages including past wages and future earnings, medical expenses, future pain and suffering.

What are my rights if I am injured on the job?

If you sustain a railroad injury while on the job, you are entitled to bring a lawsuit against your employer; speak to an attorney about your injuries; and the right to hire an attorney.

How do I know I need a FELA lawyer?

If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury, broken bones, lost limbs, back and neck injuries, electrocutions, crush injuries, shoulder injuries or any other unfortunate mishap while on the job, contact a railroad accident attorney immediately. The Federal government closely regulates the railroad industry and demands that claims be filed within six months from the date of the injury.

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