Argentina: Tax Havens - Publication of the List of Cooperative Jurisdictions for Tax Transparency Purposes

The National Tax Authority (“AFIP”) published today in its “web” site the list of countries, jurisdictions, territories, states and special tax regimes which qualify as cooperative for tax transparency purposes (the “Cooperative Jurisdiction List”).

Therefore, the National Executive Decree No. 589/2013 is applicable as from today. Note that said decree repealed the “low or no tax” jurisdiction list which was in force in the Regulatory Decree of the Income Tax Law since November, 2000, and replaced the “black list” system by a “white list” system which includes those jurisdictions that are deemed as “cooperative on fiscal transparency purposes”, i.e., the Cooperative Jurisdiction List.

On said understanding, as from today the “low or no tax” qualification will apply to a given jurisdiction as a result of its exclusion from the Cooperative Jurisdiction List.

The Cooperative Jurisdiction List will be periodically updated by the AFIP through express approval of its highest authority and published in the AFIP’s “web” site.

AUTHOR: Sebastian Garcia Menendez

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