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Anti-Cyber Crime Law of Saudi Arabia is ny act committed related to computer or the internet violating stipulations of this law.

Why This Law has been Issued

 In 07/03/1436 H, The Board of Ministers has resolved laws fighting IT and e-transactions crimes. We hereby would like to define IT crimes as: – “Any act committed related to computer or the internet violating stipulations of this law.” These regulations are issued to limit such crimes, assigning penalties thereof and applying judgments in order
to achieve IT security, increase computer usage and internet social media, and protect privacy, public & private interest and public ethics.

 These regulations are issued to enhance cooperation concept in using e-transactions locally and internationally in order to make of them in all fields such as commerce, medicine and education, in addition to fighting using social media in Libeling, defamation and blackmail, and limiting fraud acts in e-transactions and e-signatures such as forgery, embezzlement and swindling.

The Most Important Articles in Anti-IT Crimes Regulations: –
 These rules consist of 16 Articles, I will explain some of them which are more important in our daily concerns, and the penalties are from imprisoning 1 – 10 years to a fine from SR 500,000 – 5,000,000, or one of them, whether prison of fine and these including but not limited to:-
1- Illegal action by threatening or blackmailing someone to perform an act, or restrain performing an act, even this is a legal act.
2- Illegal access to a website to change damage or amend the designs of this website.
3- Assaulting private life by misusage of mobile phones with cameras, and the same.
4- Defamation and assaulting others using different IT technologies and methods.
5- Illegal access to bank or credit data.
6- Creation, establishing, spreading or promoting materials or data related to Pornographic (Sexual) websites or activities violating public morals and ethics.
7- Establishing a website or using a computer for promoting or merchandising drugs.
8- Establishing a website or using a computer for terroristic organizations.
9- Illegal access to a website or information system directly or via the internet or by using a computer to get data relative to domestic or foreign security or to the national economy.

-The Commission of Communications and information Technology provides support to the competent security authorities in terms of controlling these kinds of crimes and investigation during litigations.

-The Bureau of Investigation & Public Prosecution is responsible for investigations and claims in these kinds of crimes.

The Most Prominent Issues in Anti-IT Crimes Regulations & Goals: –
-This regulation helps to achieve IT security.
-It keeps rights related to internet & computer usage.
-Protection of private & public rights and public moralities.
-Protection of national economy.

AUTHOR: Hassan El Fayoumi

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