The Increasing Problem of Child Porn in Society

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More individuals are being arrested for child porn crimes through federally funded task forces. Online crimes of child pornography are a top priority, but ridding the internet of this content is difficult with advanced technology and computer experts.

When offenders have knowledge in how to disperse their IP address through routers or other software, apprehension of these offenders becomes increasingly more difficult. Though individuals may share images and video online with others, finding the source of these exchanges is often not an easy task.

News and radio have reported residents in local towns and counties being arrested for possession of child pornography in the form of images or video in a larger number than has been seen since before 2000. Convictions of these offenders have become widespread news throughout the United States through various media outlets. Because the type of crime, amount of possession and depictions cause sentence variations, a person may not be subjected to the same amount of years behind bars in another state. Additional penalties may include fines, registration as a sex offender and potential sex offender treatment programs or procedures.

Increasing Sex Crimes Statistics

The phenomenon of sexual crimes with children has become an ever present issue. When an offender is able to engage someone under sixteen years through the use of a gaming console, crimes may be discovered outside the normal means. The use of electronics allows some to promote child pornography to others, solicit media of sexual performances of a minor through online means, and distribute these photos and video to others in unconventional ways. Playing games with children in a gaming environment allows some predators to convince and persuade these children to send nude photographs when they wouldn’t do so otherwise.

A newspaper featured a story in 2009 about the arrest of an ex-member of the Bikers Against Child Abuse organization for possession of child pornography. Statistics have shown an increase of sex crimes and offenders being arrested since the early 2000’s. More publications of these crimes has transpired since then, and since 2010 news and radio have flooded the public with these stories throughout the country.

Combating the Plague of Child Sex Crimes

All law enforcement from federal to state to local agencies have created and established task forces to combat the plague that is child sex crimes. This includes investigating those found online through membership sites, those that distribute photos in person, possession accusations and when children have been discovered to be abused by another sexually. Some task forces target a large amount of people, while some target a specific section to apprehend perpetrators before abuse occurs. Some task forces work primarily with immigrants who have not become citizens of the United States. When crimes of child sex abuse are revealed, these individuals are often deported with potential other penalties invoked.

Protecting Children from Sex Crimes

Some task forces and organizations have been founded with the child in mind when arresting or discovering sex offenders. The protection of children is usually the highest responsibility of these law enforcement organizations or task forces. They often work hand in hand with prosecuting lawyers to attempt to safeguard youths from future abuse by convicting the abusers accused. Warrants for arrest are often issued to search those that possess child pornography to include those that distribute the material. Those protecting children often pursue offenders aggressively with harsh penalties for convictions. Treatment programs and medical services are organized for those minors who have sustained injuries whether they be physical, mental or psychological.

Some organizations work with federal, state and local law enforcement centers such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. They have since 2007 identified over 1,200 children in sexually explicit depictions of photo or video media across the country. Often these same images are those that appear during investigations and special operations.

Charges of Sex Crimes

Some law enforcement agencies have created operations specifically designed to protect minors from sex crimes and to arrest and charge offenders. Since 2007, some of these operations have charged over 2,000 cases that involve child pornography, coercion and enticement against over 2,200 accused offenders. This was an increase from 2006, but the numbers have increased since then, and additional crimes have been included in these numbers. These additional crimes are child exploitation, sexual assault and battery and other online crimes that other operations have been created to investigate. The numbers climb over the years, but some of these are repeat offenders. With these serious crimes increasing, more assistance in apprehending offenders may become a necessity and more defendants may require the help of a criminal defense lawyer.


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