What Can I Do If My Criminal Defense Lawyer Is Not Satisfying Me?

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Many instances arise where a criminal defense lawyer is not a good fit with the defendant. While this may not be a common occurrence, it is an important issue that should be corrected quickly.

The main concern with these matters is that if a new lawyer is necessary, he or she has enough time and sufficient information to provide the best possible defense during a trial case. The performance of a legal representative is paramount when the life of the accused hangs in the balance. Incarceration may be the likely outcome if the legal professional is not capable of sustaining the best interests of his or her client.

Successful criminal cases are often the result of a solid foundation between client and lawyer. The disclosure of all facts and relevant data are vital in these matters to ensure the professional representative may ensure there are no surprises when he or she defends the alleged perpetrator of a crime. When this relationship is not formed properly, there may be arguments that cause a rift between the two. This often shows during court proceedings as the lawyer may not listen to his or her client, and the accused individual may exhibit anxiety or other negative emotions while in the presence of the judge, jury members and loved ones. Suffering in silence may be the worst possible action to take in these situations.

Cooperation between Client and Lawyer

Without the presence of cooperation between both the client and lawyer, a successful criminal case in the favor of the accused may not occur. Close teamwork is necessary between the two to provide a more seamless court case. The alleged perpetratorís freedom is often at stake when prison sentences are a possible outcome of conviction, and it is vital the legal representative understands the gravity of these concerns with his or her hiring individual. Long-term consequences and financial impact may cause these persons to have negative outcomes for the rest of their lives. When communication is hindered in these regards, the relationship suffers and conviction is a possible conclusion of a trial.


While communication is key, trust is often the foundation of all solid relationships between individuals. This factor is used to enhance favorable results by openness and providing all possible information that may assist in the release of the accused person. When there is not enough effort put into the case on the part of the lawyer, trust cannot be given by his or her client. This aspect of the relationship may only arise when the individual feels the legal representative cares about his or her outcome, resolution and consequences. Getting to know the family and friends of the alleged perpetrator is often one way in gaining his or her trust.

Observing when the Lawyer is not Sufficiently Helping

Communication and trust are vital in any relationship, but they are especially essential in the attorney-client associations. It is when emails and phone calls are not returned or answered in a timely manner that the person may feel his or her lawyer is not providing sufficient assistance in his or her legal matters. It takes someone committed to the case to give enough help and special attention to all details involved in the case. The clientís best interests should always be on the legal professionalís mind. This means the accused personís rights should be protected, witnesses should be interviewed that may assist in exonerating the client as well as all other possible processes exhausted.

In some instances, lawyers do not update their clients on the status of pending cases or charges. This means how the issue is advancing is only known to the legal representative. When left in the dark in this manner, the individual on trial cannot provide his or her best in order to obtain a positive verdict. These situations become complicated with difficulty in moving the case into the right direction. Having to start over with a new lawyer may be the only way to end further jeopardizing the chances of the accused.

Options to Consider

As the hiring agent, it is up to the person facing potential legal consequences to ensure he or she has the best possible legal representation available. If the lawyer used is not performing adequately, it is time to fire him or her and obtain a new legal professional that may be sufficient to provide the best results. It is the greatest of risks to keep the lawyer that is underperforming.

When the case is new and fresh, it is best to obtain a lawyer that is better at protecting the individual on trial. The longer the person waits through the trialís stages, the more difficult it is to integrate a new person.

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