Talcum Powder Product Liability Cases

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Talcum powder products have been proven in many cases as harmful to both pregnant mothers and babies. The powder has several health concerns that could lead to additional problems as these young ones age, and when they are older other medical conditions may be exacerbated by these powders. Several investigations have been completed finding proof that purchased items containing talcum have become serious issues for various persons.

It is important to hire a lawyer for those sustaining injuries through these materials, as medical treatment and long-term healthcare may be a reality for those affected.

Women have been specifically affected through the use of talcum products due to the rise of ovarian cancer as a direct side-effect of talcum powder products. Because many of these items have warnings that have not provided adequate information and forewarning about possible medical issues, various lawsuits have been filed against companies selling these powders. These concerns may also include numerous other products that may not highlight the use of talcum except as an ingredient. When not properly explained how a person may be affected by these products, the manufacturing business or distributor may be liable for damages.

Talcum Powder Lawsuits

Lawyers working with product liability have reviewed cases based on side-effects of ovarian cancer in women affected by talcum powder in the United States. Various companies such as Johnson & Johnson have been targeted due to products sold by the business that have directly impacted women negatively through use. A successful suit has been concluded against them with over $70 million in damages awarded to the injured personís family. With dozens more in process, several manufacturers may be in danger due to the use of one material that is leading to life-long complications. Though some persons must wait years to discover the detriment of their purchases, The problem continues to arise throughout the country.

Risks of Cancer and other Health Conditions

Talcum powder has been successfully proven to be detrimental to a personís health through the inhalation of the powder by the mouth or nose. Asthma may worsen when inhaling this product and cause a person to continue having difficulties even when taking medication. Other respiratory problems may occur when a baby has been exposed to talcum powder on his or her body. The breathing in of the molecules in the air containing the material often harm the child and expose him or her to further damage internally that may not manifest for years. Long-term medical complications may arise with prolonged exposure.

Recent Cases against Talcum Powder Products

The Cancer Prevention Research conducted a study that found women that used talcum powder products in some manner have almost one-third higher risk of developing ovarian cancer when compared to other women not using the products. The companies that manufacture and distribute these items have failed to disclose these potential dangers to those that might be affected. This has led to additional cases where compensation must be provided due to injuries sustained because of this material. Many companies may deem these claims necessary for settlement instead of a lengthy and costly court case.

What is Talcum Powder?

Talcum powder is a derivative from talc, a hydrated magnesium silicate. It is often used for a host of functions and is in many households in the United States in various forms. It is most commonly recognized as Baby Powder, which is used to avoid or treat rashes, numerous females also use this powder for personal sanitization and cosmetically. Because of the popularity, various other products have been created with talcum powder as well as other brands and companies adopting this material. This in turn has led to an increase in the cancer causing substance to injure additional women and babies.

Legal Assistance

Because of the potential health risks these products pose, it is vital to contact a lawyer as soon as possible if it appears talcum powder has caused injury to anyone that has inhaled it, had it used on him or her, or has been exposed to the powder in the air. Severe consequences often occur that require extensive medical treatment, and compensation should be sought if the victim is involved with these items. To protect against future healthcare concerns and grievous side-effects, it is important these manufactured products have adequate warning labels. Consumers purchasing these powders should be aware of what may happen when using or being exposed to talcum powder. Contacting legal representation may be the best way to protect the rights of the victim and provide the best possible means of obtaining compensatory damages.

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