Lead Poisoning Lawsuits

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A major issue of the past has become a recurring concern over the years off and on due to various factors that are sometimes unknown but frequently are discovered after some research. This is lead poisoning. While it was a continual problem previously, safety protocols and understanding how these issues have occurred provide a manner in preventing medical injuries with adhering to particular guidelines.

When someone has been poisoned by lead, he or she may experience behavioral problems and a variety of other injuries. It has been discovered that many children have been affected by this problem. A health concern has been revealed through lead poisoning in almost 25 percent of United States youths that have not reached the age of seven.

By the removal of lead-based paint, lead dust and other lead materials from homes and schools, many children have become safer from medical concerns that have been rising from these substances. Several disorders have been linked to the ingestion and consumption of lead as well as the contamination of skin contact with lead-based materials. Some of these disorders have become permanent even with extensive medical treatment. Older homes and buildings still contain these dangers, and when children come in contact with these hazardous materials, they may experience lead poisoning.

Lead Poisoning Cases

Many programs have been implemented in removing and preventing lead poisoning from occurring in local communities and in commercial districts where persons may come in contact with materials that may be a danger. These substances have had adverse effects on the health of many individuals. Lead poisoning cases have been handled on both sides where the paint industry and the injured person have been represented by law firms to explain both sides. For those harmed due to lead-based materials, lawyers have successfully argued the case of negligence and strict liability.

In order to argue the case for the victim of lead poisoning cases, the person injured in the process must prove negligence or that the entity or person is liable for damages. Extensive medical treatment may be necessary after coming in contact with lead substances for a prolonged period of time. Concentrated doses of lead with only slight contact may also lead to severe reactions. Because negligence may be a factor, a lawyer is often a necessity to ensure everything is processed correctly and with the proper areas. Hiring legal representation is imperative when the case involves multiple victims.

History of Lead and the Perpetuation of its Use

It was revealed that the paint industry under Sherwin-Williams detailed how lead is dangerous and a poison which may lead to injury to children and adults when used. However, the use of lead-based paint has been propagated and utilized for almost 100 years in homes, commercial businesses, schools and other buildings. Thousands of youths have been exposed this hazardous material for years and healthcare programs have discovered numerous behavioral and medical disorders tied to this substance. Lawsuits have been initiated against the companies that have provided the means to paint properties with lead-based paints.

Multiple individual lawsuits were filed for single children affected by these issues, but at least one class action suit was initiated in one state that would provide a designated pool to draw from for anyone affected by these dangers. In addition to allocated funds for these youths, the passing of the judgment would also create a program to remove the remaining paint from homes that have lead-based materials so no further poisoning may take place. Because of the amount of monies requested for this severe concern, the court decision was under appeal for some time. Other states and courts have had similar concerns that require extensive time to deliberate.

Harmful Effects of Lead Poisoning to Children

When lead gets into the blood stream, there is no small amount. No matter how little of this substance is racing through a personís body, it may lead to permanent health conditions that affect both mind and body. Children may experience learning disability conditions, mental deficiencies, seizures at unpredictable times, coma and even death with certain conditions. Lead-based paint was banned in 1978, but there are many homes that are dilapidated and falling apart that become health concerns to anyone near them.

Because of lead poisoning, children and others may suffer from injuries sustained that may cause anemia, loss of hearing, mental disorders, growth stunts and various other health concerns from lead getting into the blood stream. When these issues occur, it is best to obtain a lawyer to seek compensation for all relevant issues.

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