Angry Renters, a Management Company and Damages Owed

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Angry renters are the worst possible persons to have within a rental property. They often trash the inside with left over junk, break various pieces of the interior or the walls and leave the entire property in a huge mess that takes hours to clean. When the damage affects the use of the building, this is when compensation and repairs are required. If a management company is in use to ensure the rental unit is taken care of while the owner is not local, this business should be held responsible for damages, lost rent and any problems that may arise.

It is possible to be contacted by an outside source about a problem occurring within a rented unit when a management company is being used for managing the property. This may occur when the persons responsible for looking after the unit are not performing their duties correctly, have been negligent in the work they have been contracted for or if a change within the company has caused a lack of observing the building. One of the first actions to take is to determine which issue is taking place. Once this is understood, the management company should be contacted either on the phone or in person. If they refuse to answer or cannot be communicated with, a real estate lawyer may be needed to start the litigation process.

Facing Destructive Tenants

Some tenants are destructive or so messy they cause environmental concerns such as insect infestations, noise pollution, bad smells and public nuisance problems. Any number of issues they may cause could lead back to the owner of the unit with possible legal action. While the renter is responsible for his or her own activity, the owner could be charged for any illegal acts committed within the rental property. It is important to assess the damage through a walkthrough of the unit, find out if any crimes have been committed and if additional action is necessary such as eviction. If the tenants must be removed, it is essential to file the proper paperwork and procedures to ensure this is done legally and properly.

In certain situations, destructive tenants are still around when the landlord or owner of the unit pays a visit. This could lead to a physical altercation, and sometimes the owner must bring law enforcement for protection. Handling the angry tenant in a calm and peaceful manner is often the most beneficial to reduce additional destruction, flying tempers and aggravated circumstances. It is important to identify what is occurring first. Approaching the renter in the right way may mitigate further damage. It is then essential to take control of the situation as best as possible with little time wasted in futile attempts to resolve the matter immediately. An inspection is necessary, and this should be performed within a 24 hours period after notice has been given to the tenant.

Eliminating the Threat and Emotional Control

After the property has been inspected, documented and everything has been categorized, the issue at hand must be eliminated. While eviction may be the first response, this may not be the correct one. It is vital to understand what caused the incident so that it might be removed. In some situations, there may have been a misunderstanding where a game or television show was playing too loud. However, if they are destroying the property, it is best to fix the issue first. Before the problem has been resolved, the owner must get his or her emotions in check so that he or she does not explode. This could cost him or her more in the long run.

Management Company and Real Estate Lawyer Assistance

When the owner of a unit is not living locally, he or she may hire a management company to ensure the building or unit is being managed for repairs, maintenance, upkeep and keeping the tenants monitored for potential issues. When the company fails in its duty to perform the actions it was hired to do for the owner, litigation may be necessary to recover damages. These may be lost rent, destruction of property and other costs.

A real estate lawyer should be on retainer in case any issue with the property arises. This legal representative may need to file suit against a company that was derelict in duty owed to the owner for managing the unit. This may be proven in court with evidence and a failure to communicate by the business.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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