Is it Possible to Plagiarize Marketing?

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Plagiarism is rampant for those that are unable to create original thought or put an idea into their own words. This means that the intellectual property of someone else is stolen in essence and placed in a new document. In some instances, this theft is used for profit through commercial advertisements, marketing campaigns and personal business.

While there are many processes that are provided that may minimize these risks, those that are not skilled enough to create their own works use just as much energy to create something new as they do to copy what a hardworking individual has succeeded at with his or her own company.

Marketing is used to create a brand, entice customers to a business for goods and services and to create a loyal clientele either through manufacturing, distribution, customer purchases or product replacement. When the ideas of these processes are copied and used elsewhere, it may appear as if the original company is branching out through another mode of business. However, when this new organization is not treating clients well, it may negatively impact those that started the marketing campaign originally. In some circumstances, a business lawyer is necessary to ensure the other establishment ceases these actions and does not continue in the future.

Professional Services

There are several forms of software available that assist in detecting and analyzing work for plagiarism. These are most often employed by colleges and universities, but there are many companies in numerous industries that utilize these tools to determine if something has been copied from a previous work. When the brand or product line is duplicated, these signs are usually fairly obvious to those that created the item or marketing campaign. However, in many cases, a professional or service must be used to document the problem. After this is completed, a lawyer in business and marketing must be hired to initiate litigation if communication with the other company fails to resolve the matter.

Observance of Marketing

Many affected by a marketing campaign are spectators watching what often appears to be a digital fight between multiple companies vying for the attention and money of customers. While other business owners may see the same brand information or sales pitch used by numerous managers, the marketing strategy may be employed differently. This usually leads to dissimilar methods of acquiring new customers and clients. It is educational to discover what a company is doing with a brand, how it is trying to reach consumers and what daily activities transpire. For those that attempt to market to others, observing what strategies and campaigns are being put to use are useful to businesses in honing marketing skills for their own utilization once they are ready to launch a campaign.

Crossing the Line into Plagiarism

When observing what may be used to attract customers and keep clients loyal, owners and managers often initiate their own campaign in much the same manner. If it worked for the one business, it would work for another. However, if this ends in copying what has been done already, this could be considered plagiarism. This may mean a mirroring of strategies, marketing activities and repeating successful transactions. While there is nothing bad about reapplying and implementing what has been done before, it should not come in the same exact format. Copycats abound in the commerce world, and there is not perfect way to protect from those that cannot be original.

Original Content and Legal Protections

Even when marketing has been copied for successful effects, it should still be creative and new so that innovation occurs. While owners and managers may copy the strategy of other companies, it is still important to create new ideas that are unique to the business. Brands should also be specific to the company so that customers are aware of which organization they are buying from when products are sold. This means that reapplying what has been observed to work in the commerce world. Knowledge and understanding of how processes are successful are most beneficial in these procedures. Making the marketing apply to the situation is imperative for the brand and product as well. This cannot be done if the idea and plan was plagiarized.

The business world is full of those that want to copy an entire company to reach the same success and goals. When this occurs, an owner or manager of a company should contact a business lawyer. In certain situations, litigation must start so that the business with the original idea is still able to capitalize on these concepts and move forward.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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