Can a Lawyer Help Me Defend Against Foreclosure?

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Before someone may attempt to defend against foreclosure, it is important to understand what it is and how it affects those impacted by it. These processes are often complicated and it may be essential to ensure a foreclosure lawyer is hired to assist with these procedures in order to fight them.

When a property is undergoing foreclosures, it means the lender that provided the loan for purchase starts the method of selling the resident in order to pay debts that the owner is no longer able to allocate for concerns such as mortgages. Some states permit out of court procedures that end in a non-judicial foreclosure, but others have processes that start in the courts to produce the selling of the property.

When these processes start, the person that was contracted to purchase the property must decide if he or she is willing to part with the home without a fight and then incur additional debt or hire a lawyer and try to keep these concerns from concluding with a negative impact on the purchaser. Most homeowners are not equipped well enough to take on a foreclosure without assistance in the legal realm. This means that certain officials must be contacted, documentation is filed with correct areas and forms are filled out. All these methods are lost on those unfamiliar with how a foreclosure works with banks, lenders and creditors. It is usually imperative to hire a foreclosure lawyer for better chances of success.

The Special Skills of a Lawyer in Fighting Foreclosure

Selecting the right lawyer is not always easy. The individual should have years of training and experience in the field of foreclosures, knowledge about the laws that affect these business dealings and be the right match to the client. However, lawyers in the financial and real estate world often have other skills that rival legal representative of a general field. This may be through knowledge of which officials to contact, what laws apply to the situation and which precedents provide for a judgment in favor of the person being foreclosed on by the lender. Documentation is also important in all legal battles. A lawyer versed in foreclosure processes understands exactly what papers are needed and where to file them.

The Ever Changing Foreclosure Laws

Just as with many other aspects of law, foreclosure is evolving. New cases are being decided in courts every year that may affect individual cases whether they be through the federal government, states or local court judgments with new laws that protect homeowners in most situations. Some federal mortgage service rules were implemented since 2014. One state passed a regulation for a state mediation program for foreclosure issues. Another changed the laws in regards to the seizing and sale of homes. A bill of rights involving homeowners was implemented in three states within the last two years.

It is when the bank, lender or creditor violates these laws that have changed to assist homeowners that a defense may be brought that assists in fighting the foreclosure. Some legislation is still pending that will provide additional protections to those that own homes when they are affected by foreclosure procedures. Anyone would be hard pressed to keep up with all the changes and alterations to the laws when it involves a home or residence. It is only the experience and knowledgeable lawyer in foreclosures that understands these modifications and how they may apply to the case.

Defense to Foreclosures

To defend against a foreclosure is often difficult and filled with complications. In order to success to be possible, research is needed with documentation, statutes and court decisions of the current and past years. It takes great skill and experience in dealing with the various agencies and officials to attempt to stop a foreclosure from finalizing and causing the family to seek other accommodations. Court filing procedures must be followed, and rules regarding these processes should be fully understood. Swift action is often necessary once documentation has been received. In many situations, it takes several months to years before the judgment is made and a foreclosure concern has been resolved.

Real Estate Lawyers for Foreclosures

Because the average person that has no background in law, it is imperative to seek a lawyer that understands real estate concerns and has experience in how foreclosures work. This legal professional knows what agencies must be contacted, which paperwork they should receive and how to communicate effectively with them. Legal representation also protects the rights of the individual affected by the foreclosure process.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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