Difference in Domain Names, Trademarks and Business Entity Names

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When dealing with a company, creating a business or starting a venture that may accrue revenue, it is important to know what a domain name, trademark and entity name are and how they may be used.

There are many different aspects that may be of use when attempting to start out in the business world, and these three concepts may assist in furthering the goals of everyone involved. It is often essential to also hire a lawyer to ensure everything completed is valid and not illegal or considered bad business practices. This sometimes requires an adjustment to current plans.

There is much confusion about many aspects of online business such as domain names, hosting accounts, trademarks and copyrights and entity names. This tends to lead to confusion about what type of company to create such as a limited liability company, sole proprietorship or corporation. It often takes a significant amount of time researching the best options and elements to add to a startup or growing business. It is important to understand the differences in core concepts and how to apply them so that both personal and online revenue may increase. Each of these three items has a unique purpose, and they should be used properly for a chance at a successful business presence.

Domain Name Explained

When a person goes online to purchase the name of the company that may be viewed online, he or she is purchasing a domain name. These usually end in .com, but there are many endings that could be purchased based on the needs of the website or country. An example would be .us for United States. While a domain name is useful for an online presence, it has no protections without further purchases such as a trademark or privacy features so that no one is aware of who owns the domain name. There are other ways to provide for a legal ownership, but a domain name is only the name of a website.

Trademarks Explained

Registered trademarks are used to protect the logo, symbol or brand. It is a symbol itself added to the brand of a company. There is a process that takes time to attach these to the brand, but it offers certain safeguards. When the trademark is used lawfully, it provides the protection that no other person or entity may use the brand that has been registered. With positive reinforcement, the brand of the business may become etched into the memory of the public to provide an experience that leads to increased revenue and knowledge of what the business is and stands for in general circumstances. These items must be maintained, and it is possible that a trademark may be revoked.

Business Entity Explained

The publically traded corporation throughout the world is what is considered a business entity. It is a legal organization that does business of some manner. When someone creates a company, he or she usually accomplishes this through a state or federal government, but this is often done through a secretary of state official, office or online website. A particular type of business is chosen such as a corporation, Limited Liability Company or other. While a business entity is not necessarily connected to the individual that creates it, there are often limited liability safeguards to protect the personal assets of the owner.

Differences and Similarities of Domains, Trademarks and Business Entities

Domains and business entities are often considered the same for those that are not aware of the subtle differences. While a domain is only the name of the online presence, a business entity is the legal representation and what is deemed as the valid business. A domain may be changed, but a business entity usually remains the same. Trademarks are only protections that keep the brand from being used by any other individual or entity. In certain instances, a domain may represent the full legal presence of a company by selling the products or services, providing information and detailing the statistics of the owners. Trademarks are often considered the image or memory of what an organization is by various consumers. They are often all confused for each other at one point or another.

Legal Representation for Business Concepts

When a domain name has been breached through a hacker or similar person, it is important to contact a lawyer. Trademark violations may have additional resources, but legal representation should be communicated with in these instances. Business entity offenses often lead to litigation, and they should be handled immediately.

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