How Revenue is Accrued without Products or Services

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Revenue is the backbone of any company. Without accruing money, the business will fail unless it is in the game for other means. Some individuals or organizations are able to stay in business through various other ways without services or products.
Some have investments that keep revenue coming in, while others have contacts and trade information.

In some instances, a person is able to become a middleman between companies that introduces and communicates with certain businessmen or businesswomen. Instead of manufacturing a product or having a service to sell, these persons are able to profit from social exchanges and charm.

Products and services may in some situations cause a problem when they do not sell, if there are defects or if employees are unable to move the items or services where they need to be. If the individual that has started accruing revenue has investments, the only actions needed are maintenance and communication with the managers of the invested item. This is often real estate where profits are earned through the business transactions that occur inside or with the property. Some investments may require additional funds to get up and running such as a restaurant. In certain cases, the investor enters into a profit-sharing scheme. Other individuals find a way to sell their own skills or abilities without selling a service. This could be through communication, advising or traveling for a company.

Forms of Revenue

There are a number of ways to accrue revenue without any products or services. However, some may be considered a service by some. It is possible to earn income from rent, investments, interest, dividends, royalties and similar items. Rent requires the use of a unit for tenants to rent from while living in the residence. This does accumulate monthly, and the more persons living in the space, the greater profit is earned. Investments may be in various projects. These are most often real estate, but there are possibilities of investing in cattle, farms and numerous other endeavors. These usually earn profit either through profit-sharing with a group or a single invested item. Interest, dividends and royalties are earned through monies allocated to certain projects. Interest may increase based on how much finances have been placed into the account or arrangement. Dividends are allocated to the person that provided funds to a company or scheme. Royalties are earned through income from something that was produced and has someone paying for the use or access to it.

Even without a product or service, it is possible to exchange certain plans or ideas for earned income. These are still affected by taxes and other regulations regarding wages, but the files needed are more complicated than simple tax forms. The same as trading information, plans or ideas may be sold depending on how lucrative they may be at increasing profits for those that are interested. If the market is in a stable condition, each of these potential forms of earning revenue has a greater chance at success and greater profits for all involved. It is still best to contact an investments or business lawyer to ensure the path chosen is valid, legitimate and legal.

The Path Less Taken

For some in the business game, it is possible to capitalize on certain trends, information or plans that are not the usual found in the market. This may mean coming up with ideas for a patent and selling them to someone with the funds to buy it, exchanging good or services for information on processes or discovering new ways to invest. It is because of alternate paths that many persons are able to accrue revenue without needing a product to sell or by distributing services to clients and customers. This also removes the need for distributors, shipping companies and manufacturers. Cutting out all these costs keeps the income earned primarily going to the individual seeking other routes of income.
Professional and Legal Services

For those that are able to ensure revenue is accruing without products and services, it is important that they are backed by professionals to provide a manner of keeping the income and profits legal and clean. This may mean the need to hire an accountant, a tax preparer and a lawyer. An accountant keeps the books for all monies going in and out. He or she is also able to provide advice, contacts for other services and investment opportunities in certain instances. A lawyer is needed to ensure everything is legitimate and that the individual is not engaging in criminal activities.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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