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greenDrunk Driving Car Accidents

Despite decades of outreach designed to spotlight the dangers of drunk driving, approximately 28 Americans are fatally injured every day in wrecks involving alcohol. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, nearly one-third of all traffic fatalities stem from drunk driving.

greenDistracted Driving Car Accidents

Distracted driving causes more fatalities on Americaís roadways every year than speeding or even drunk driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nine people are fatally injured every day as a result of distracted drivers, and over a thousand more are injured.

greenCompany Managers on the Blacklist in Hungary

     By Jalsovszky Law Firm
Many people could be in for a nasty surprise when trying to set up a company: the company court refuses to register the majority owner or managing director on grounds that the person is subject to a ban.

blueTrademark Law in Germany: Pear Too Strong a Reminder of an Apple

     By GRP Rainer LLP
One cannot compare apples and pears, at least not according to the equivalent German expression for comparing apples and oranges. However, as demonstrated by a decision of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), things may look rather different in the field of trademark law.

greenWhen the State Can Place a Lien on Property for Back-Due Child Support

Child support is often ordered in a divorce case or paternity action so that one parent provides financial support to the other parent for the benefit of their child. In many cases, a parent gets behind on his or her child support obligation. One of the ways that a parent may be able to influence the other parent to pay is by acquiring a lien on property that the paying parent owns.

blueWhat to Do When a Commercial Tenant Vacates Before the Lease Expiration Date

It is rarely welcome news for a commercial landlord to discover that a tenant has vacated its leased premises prior to the expiration of the lease term, or that the tenant intends to do so. This is especially true when the failure of the tenantís business, and not the tenantís desire to expand or relocate, is the driving force behind the premature exit.

greenAn Unconventional Financial Settlement in a Long Drawn Out Divorce Case in England

     By Giambrone Law
The High Court has approved a highly unusual settlement arising out of a long drawn out acrimonious divorce. On Friday Sir Geoffrey Vos, chancellor of the High Court, endorsed the payment of £282 million from the Childrenís Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), a charity set up by the warring couple, Sir Christopher Hohm and his former wife Jamie Cooper, to Ms. Cooperís new project, Big Win Philanthropy.

greenBritainís Businesses Must Start Planning for Brexit

     By Giambrone Law
The think-tank Resolution Foundation commissioned a survey to clarify the preparedness of British business for the radical changes that Brexit will bring. ComRes research consultancy interviewed 500 employers who currently employ nationals from across the EU and found that practically half the businesses have a complete disconnect between their own expectations and the likely reality of the effects that Brexit will bring.

greenChina Solicits Opinions Concerning Exportation of Personal Information and Important Data

     By MMLC Group
As China's new Cyber Law kicks off, multinationals are turning their attention to compliance issues, including data transfer issues. This article looks at the current state of the law in this area.

greenInternational Arbitration of Global Legal Insights: Cyprus

There has been a large increase in the use of arbitration as a commercial dispute resolution method in Cyprus because of its development as an international business centre, but Cyprus has not yet succeeded in becoming a popular venue for international arbitrations. However, an increase in the initiation of litigation proceedings seeking interim relief of foreign arbitration procedures can also be identified.

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