Keeping Digital Data Safe

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Keeping digital data protected and safe from others is not always easy or possible. However, there are various methods that are employed by knowledgeable tech persons which may provide safeguards from loss of data, corruption and hacking.

Many methods utilized depend on whether the digital data is networked with others online or offline in a computer away from the internet. Another concern is that a hacker could commander the information when the computer is connected to the internet, and this is usually possible at all times of the day or night with the right type of internet connection. However, if the cables or other devices are separated from the computer, the digital items may remain safeguarded from these threats.

Most data that is available for others to peruse was created after 2015. This has been stated to be up to 90 percent of all information available in 2017. More data and information is being shared online through the world than ever before, and it has been projected that this will increase exponentially as advancements in technology progress beyond imagination. By 2020, it has been reported that 50 times more storage in data will be accessible than what was produced in 2010. This type of expanding means that protecting what is available is crucial for most persons that access the internet or use a computer.

Types of Protection

External hard drives, cloud storage, jump drives, networked sites or folders and even virtual-dedicated or dedicated servers may all be used to protect digital data. The cloud servers that have become popular for both consumers and businesses are more in use after 2015 than many internal hard drives and similar devices due to the ability to access the information from anywhere at any point as long as there is an internet connection. Cloud storage is relatively cheap, and many plans come with either an introductory period where it may be used for so many months or days, or it may be purchased separately for much less than physical hard drives. It has been observed at as little as $10 for 500 gigabytes.

External and jump drives, networking folders and servers are all possible with actual physical hardware. Some of these may be online with a corresponding drive that is rented via a plan, or purchased outright for commercial or personal use by the individual or organization. External drives are hard drives that sit outside the computer or other electronic with an ability to be carried anywhere as long as the owner is careful and does not apply any forceful motions or movements to them. The same may be said of jump drives, except these are usually the same size as a finger and smaller depending on the size, where it is manufactured and how much the owners pends on the item. Networking folders are online through some type of hosting account usually. They may only hold certain files or general items dependent upon the hosting agency. Servers may be expensive, but there are many features and abilities a server may provide the person that owns or rents them.

Other Safety Methods

It is important to keep regularly scheduled backups of all data to protect from possible corruption, loss of information and similar concerns. After the first one is completed, a schedule should be setup for automatic updates that only alter what has been changed or added. Redundancy is important more so than backups as having another source of the same information may save a company or individual from severe consequences if the data is lost or destroyed. This is best accomplished through another hard drive, a different location or outside of the usual means. Many may use the cloud for these purposes. This is often the best way to keep physical data damage to a minimum and from accidents occurring to the hardware.

Testing and Checks

Once a backup plan has been crated, it is important to test it before implementation. This is crucial to determine if there are any leaks or problems that may arise before a loss of data occurs. This may prevent problems or keep data recoverable in the future. A full backup and then a systemsí check is needed before adding any new programs, software updates, installations and similar items.

If these matters pertain to a business, it is important to contact a lawyer if any contamination, loss of data or hacks occur. The issue could be crime related that necessitates the use of a legal representative to assist in resolving.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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