How Businesses Must Properly Label Food Items

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Businesses are accountable for how products are processed, canned, bottled, distributed and labeled. This means that each step in these procedures must be correct before they may be sold to the consumer. If there is a defect or problem at some point, auditors in certain departments need to catch these issues before the product is taken for retailers and grocery stores.

That means that the cans or bottles must be labeled properly in the manufacturing plant. In order to do this, the company must know the proper way to handle and ensure labels are attached. Any complications with this could later lead to problems with the item being sold.

To ensure products are labeled according to standard procedure, the company must learn these processes from the state and local official agencies. Most questions and answers may be found with these organizations, and food labeling standards are available so that the company producing the products is able to ensure proper shipping and distribution to the corresponding retailers, grocery stores and shipping warehouses. While the Food and Drug Administration does not pre-approve food labeling for consumable products, they do have standard regulations and processes to follow for these items on the shelves. This means there should be few to no problems with ensuring products and consumable goods are packed with proper labels.

Food and Drug Administration

The FDA is the authority on food and drug-related materials. If the food labels do not pass inspection, or the ingredients have not been applied to labels appropriately, the individual or company may be fined or face other penalties for these incidents. Any questions should be applied to the FDAs departments of Food Labeling and Standards Staff, any local or national Office of Nutrition, the Labeling and Dietary Supplements staff and Centers for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. Based on the problem, a different office or personnel should be contacted. Usually, the only time legal representation is necessary is if something illegal is found.

Because the FDA is responsible for ensuring sold consumable items in the United States are safe from contaminants, issues and problems, the items must be properly labeled and have ingredients as specified. Foods that are sold in the country and that are imported from foreign countries are subjected to these same standards. The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act applies with federal laws which govern consumable goods under the FDAs jurisdiction in these matters. It may be important to contact a lawyer to ensure everything completed within the business are valid, legitimate and correct so that food goods are sold according to the law.

Food Labeling

For consumable items to be properly packaged according to the FDA, they must bear food labels on the cans, bottles and other containers clearly noticeable. These labels must have nutrient content information and the health messages that correspond to the requirements specified on the tags. Regulations regarding these specifics change often, but labels and what must be placed on them are fairly standard throughout the country. However, the company must keep updated with these changes to ensure the consumables are properly tagged and all food labeling is legal. If the business does not have the nutrient and ingredient list available, this generally is available through a local agricultural testing facility in the city or town nearest the company. Label statements must be on the front, and information panels are on the right of this.

The label statements must include the identity or name of the consumable item within the package, and this must also include the amount of the product contained. This usually means an ounce or pound denomination. For liquids, this is usually in liters, gallons or quarts. Any specific statements necessary on the box, bottle or can must be on the information panel. This may include statements about allergies, what may be within the container that causes adverse reactions and similar items. The data must be easily seen, of adequate size to read and clearly labeled. The letters and tags should not be crowded with any artwork or symbols that cause it to become difficult to read.

Possible Legal Issues

If any legal issues arise where the food is not labeled properly, or regulations have changed to cause an inconsistency, it is important to hire a lawyer to assist with the matter. In certain circumstances, it may be necessary to challenge the violation issued, as packaging and distribution may have caused the problem or there could be a mistake.


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