The Warranty was Voided but It Did Not Show on CarFax Report. Is that Fraud?

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Carfax reports may not reveal all the details of a vehicle that is being sold. However, if reparations are not made with the company, those managing it may be liable for damages or criminal charges such as fraud.

These situations depend on various different factors to include if those running the site are aware of the issues. If the warranty is void but this is not explained in the report, it could be an error on the site, or the information may not have been disclosed to Carfax. If the details were provided and the site manager did not include it, he or the company could be responsible for the problem.

Before seeking any type of action against the company, numerous details must be understood and examined first. This means that the person that purchased the car through the website must know if the owner of the vehicle is the reason for the incorrect information or if it is the website manager or owner. Then, the person must research other details such as how many pieces of the description were inaccurate, who else was involved and what the inaccuracies were. If the information does not change the value of the car, pursuing action may only issue criminal charges against the company or person. However, if the problem is significant, it is important to ensure the new owner is compensated appropriately.

CarFax Discrepancies

When the details on CarFax do no match the actual information when the car is received this could be fraud or it could be accomplished through honest mistakes. The history of a vehicle is usually provided by the current owner. However, more information is provided through agencies, organizations and dealerships that have had the car at some point. If a salvage or other title has been issued, this is usually in the description or other boxes so the prospective buyers are aware that of serious damage having been involved with the car. While not all details may be available, everything that occurs with the vehicle identification number is reported and placed on the website for the corresponding vehicle.

There are fewer issues with discrepancies when using websites such as CarFax because of the sheer amount of sources for material and details to place on the site. Through research and confirmation with other agencies and officials, verified descriptions are available. This means that incorrect or inaccurate data may not be the fault of the company or site manager. It is possible that the product or service on the car was current until it was last purchased. Additionally, there are other circumstances that may have occurred to cause the alteration. It is important to contact the website manager or the contact us field before seeking any action to understand the discrepancy.

Seeking Action for Discrepancy

When a warranty is void but is not listed on the website, this could be an issue with a car dealership, an individual or the report history from the website. It must first be determined where the fault lies. Once that has been established, and the responsible party has been identified, it is possible to seek action. Depending on whether the person affected wants to seek litigation or criminal charges, there are different routes to take. When compensation is needed for issues that must be repaired or purchased in addition to the car, litigation generally occurs. This means a lawyer should be hired to assist with the claim.

If the purchase was made through a dealership, the warranty may not be valid for the car itself. However, many car companies offer a limited warranty when this is the case. If neither of these is possible, and the report did not specify that the warranty is void already, it may be necessary to seek compensation through litigation. Enough evidence must be present for a lawyer to take the case, and if the damages are no more than $5000, a typical court room is not used. It is when the amount is greater than this that the claim goes through the usual court room channels and litigation becomes more important.

Litigation for Void Warranty

If there are issues with a vehicle that cause complications, financial difficulty and similar concerns to the new owner, it may be necessary to seek compensation through litigation. This means an experienced lawyer should be hired that understands car dealership and vehicle purchase issues. With a legal professionalís help, chances of success increase.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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