Do I Have a Right to Ask the Dealer for a CarFax Report Before I Sign?

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When dealing with an auto dealership to purchase a vehicle, it may be possible to request a CarFax report. However, this may only be possible if the vehicle is registered and has a file with the website.

If no details were ever provided, the CarFax site will not have any report information about the history or other descriptions of the car being looked at through the dealership. Additionally, if the auto company does not have an account or is not signed up to receive information from the website, it may take time or may not be possible to receive a report.

Getting a report through CarFax is simple when the person or company has signed up and requested alerts or other notifications. However, this takes time, and if the company is seeking this information, there may be other considerations such as legal or other issues that may need to be ironed out before this is possible. It is possible for the individual to seek a CarFax report himself or herself when looking through the lot and deciding on a vehicle. When a car has been put aside for potential purchase, it is easier to obtain the necessary details to look through the CarFax website.

CarFax Reports

It may be possible to request a CarFax report even if the dealership is not signed up to connect to these. The history, reports and details of the vehicle may already be within the website. When a buyer is looking for a car, he or she may be able to access the report through the website with the vehicle identification number. This may be available once the process to purchase it has started. There are certain details on the contractual agreement that are provided to the person while he or she is considering the purchase. If the vehicle is placed on hold with a certain amount of monetary collateral, it is generally possible to check the history out before purchasing the car.

For those dealerships that are connected to CarFax and other auto history websites, the company may be amenable to a report being provided when the person is considering dealing with the business. This may be through a form filled out to request the details, or the person may need to place some funds up front that hold the car until either the person goes through with a deal or it is released. However, many dealerships are not required to provide these details. The state laws may not have any given rights for the buyer in these regards, and if the company does not have this connection, a report may not be possible through the dealership.

Entitled Information

Through the Federal Trade Commission and other agencies, the person purchasing a new or used vehicle has the right to know certain information. This means that the dealership must disclose details that could affect the individual and his or her decision to buy the automobile. These items may include current or void warranty, salvage titles, if serious repairs are needed and similar concerns. If this information is not disclosed, the car company could be involved in illegal activity, fraud or concealment of the facts. This means that litigation or criminal charges are possible. In order to avoid that, there are many documents that persons must sign when purchasing the car. This also means that various details could be lost in a sea of words.

Asking for a report may even be possible if the dealership is not already signed up. A report through CarFax or other websites could occur when it is requested through the car company. The dealer’s website may also have similar or the same information. However, the report through CarFax specifically may not be entitled information. Some auto businesses use other sites and are not willing to compromise on this. However, various locations online share description and history details for the customer, and this means even if it is not CarFax, the same data may be displayed or given to the potential buyer.

The Need for a Lawyer with Purchasing a Car

When going to a dealership to potentially purchase a vehicle, it is important to ensure the details given are accurate and valid. However, if the person is lied to or subject to a scam or tactic to defraud or cause harm, it is crucial to hire a lawyer to seek a resolution or compensation for the matter.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.

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